39 thoughts on “Malaysian Politics is Disgusting

  1. All politic is about blaming others and being unrealistic and unscientific in governance. Modern politic in most countries is shaped this way, so only ignorant selfish people get to rule, except some nordic countries, which we never try to learn from.

  2. >Vikarworld : Malaysian politics is disgusting
    >Malaysian government : I'm about to end this man's whole career

  3. What is being told is true, it shouldn't matter what you do privately. It will get some flame and attention due to possibility of cheating on S/O involved (even celebrity who cheat become flame up issue, normal la), but issue become more wide spread due to the fact Malaysia's official religion is Islam and both involved were Muslims

  4. Malaysian politicians…For these group of people that love to brag about how much of a muslim they are, they sure love getting into sex scandals every 3 years. Not even Indonesian politicians shoot themselves in the feet like Malaysian politicians.

  5. We can't see beyond our skin color, we just can't move on. Simple as that. It's time to fuck the malays, fuck the Chinese, fuck the Indians and become Malaysian.

  6. 30 years ago our economy is better than South Korea. Now even Thailand is ahead of us and soon catching up by Vietnam too. That's cuz we are still questioning (usually the first question that pops up in our mind) what race was the victim whenever a road accident happened.

  7. Vikar, aku ada permintaan ni. Boleh tak kau buat lagu dgn Caprice? Kau dgn dia ada persamaan; youtubers, rapper, kritikan sosial, kelakar, sinikal.

    Kalau korang setuju, tolong like post ni.

  8. We need more YouTubers like you in Malaysia who dare to speak up about politics. Many just busy making prank and challenge videos. We have so much yet to learn, our politics and the people are so immature. Fortunately, we are blessed with rich resources and disaster free, else we would have been a rogue nation long ago.

  9. Bro bro bro…wait… you're not talking about two Indians having sex they are both malay by The Islamic law what they did was crime. Don't talk about how it's going to affect they're work or what. Talk about people like this who have sex in private and use their religious power to cover them, to show they are perfect.
    This issue is just not about them it's about all of the humans in Malaysia.
    Plus this is Malaysia not united state remember that section 377 law is still affected in our country. By right..if what they did was evidently proved! they should be jailed … I just don't like this country for one reason they are not fair and square at all🖕🖕 trust me this issue will cool soon then the tea i make every morning.

  10. Vikarworld isn't Indian ! Infact He is a Malaysian Tamil.Indian isn't a race but a nationality of those who are citizens of India.Tamil is a race and not just a language.India is a political entity created by the British

  11. Well… malaysia i think is much better than India and China. In India.. many muslims are treated badly.. in China too… in India.. the cast system is still practised. Perhaps.. if you are more grateful.. you can see things more rationally.

  12. Can't wait for when us Chinese and Indians organize an 'Equal Rights' rally. I'd surely be a part of it.

  13. around 1998: Anwar had scandal with Azmin's wife and had a baby named Afifa Azmin. Azmin permitted it for the money. His sex and money scandal eventually get to Tun M, the PM at that time. Tun M made Anwar go to jail bcoz of other scandal, that is a gay scandal(framed or not, it's blurry). Azmin continues loyal to Anwar for two decades.

    2018-2019: Tun M and Anwar had bickered on some issue. Azmin sided on Tun M.
    Words spreaded that Azmin gonna be chosen as next PM by Tun M, instead of Anwar as maybe 'promised' by Tun M.
    Azmin's gay video 'leaked'.
    It's fucked up on so many levels though.

  14. If any mamat slams this video. They need to open the Perlembagaan book and learn that everyone has the freedom to speak out their thoughts. I am with Vikar, but not in the gay part. Maybe for other races, yes you can be what you want to be. But, Adam got Eve when he was lonely not Steve.

  15. Idk la bout the indian/chinese nak jadi pm bukan ke dulu ada perjanjian correct me if im wrong, btw love ur content bro keep it up

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