100 thoughts on “Melania Trump Gives Her Own State Of The Union

  1. Ya you are a child diddler I seen you in a not so good way Stephen no wonder you go after Trump so bad trying to hide ya you are.

  2. Well one time, two times, three times, but now it is not a comedy anymore it is just a constant mockery over this woman and her family life and her immigrant eastern european accent (which is never racist, since eastern europeans do not have a strong diaspora), not funny anymore

  3. She was on Supergirl… Too bad they replaced her as Kara's mother… I love Erica Durance but Laura was doing a very good job…

  4. Liar repent not funny .your playing with Gods People your in need of repentance. Now your show is garbage and not funny at least!

  5. I don’t care for either side of the political game but I wish you would stop saying that “all” republicans are racist, look at history the democrats were the ones who fought to keep slavery and who started the klan. Democrats run Detroit, Baltimore and many other failing cities.

  6. "A Gentleman Never Pays" they used to say…
    That was no gentleman that was my president.
    If she shows up with a black eye will he have to resign… to spend more time with his family?

  7. These clips would be so much better if that comedian understood the difference between comedy and viciously assaulting a long deceased horse. Get some ghost writers damnit. Insert a joke or two in your act.


  9. A military parade? What an excellent idea. Brilliant. Yes…Yes…Yes….Bring back all our military personnel from all over the 1000+ bases around the world and we have a grand parade in front of Trump Tower…..please include Napoleon as well…..NoKo Fat Ass have 5 million in his parade we must have 10 million because our button is bigger…..

  10. Laura Benanti is pure talent! The only problem with her impersonation of Melania Trump is that she can't hide the fact that she is so much more beautiful than Melania. Even so, she does a fantastic job!

  11. Is it just me or did the fact she showed up like that just look like a publicity decision by trump ? He is clearly semi-mad and have perpetuated that image. But I could easily see him being behind this to preserve her image in a way, by pretending(her pretending) to be strong and hurt of the whole thing. And naturally it would be trending coverage as well 🙂

  12. I died “You knew I was a snake before you took me in” blah ha ha. Plus the Japanese massage “shehatesyou” , and “oceanofloneliness” perfume 💀

  13. I love these skits for two reasons: Laura Benanti's impression and Laura Benanti being able to get Stephen to crack up. 😁

  14. funny, another good skit would be Obama and his wife Big Mike in the WH bedroom where Big Mike is bending Barack over and poking him in the back door, up the Hershey highway.

  15. You need a new jobaybe as a trash colletor,since that's all you spout. Leave the first lady alone you loser.

  16. Love how Laura Benati tries to get Stephen to corpse. Obviously not doing things that they did in rehearsal.

  17. No One believes any trash that comes out off his mouth like Obama's dick. We have real problems and these Fuck heads want to make fun.. News Flash!! We not playing!!

  18. She's brilliant !! She give her own STATE OF THE ONION speech. Some says GARLIC and CHIPOTLE made her more cute as a CUCUMBER with her sweet and cutie pie accent.

  19. Stephen is covering his mouth to keep laughing. Just do it Stephen. Got to LOVE Laura Benanti!

  20. Few can make Stephen break character, blush, and/or squirm as Laura Benanti can — several commenters have noted that "she's a national treasure."

  21. She’s got the entire personality perfect. But, the ‘😚pucker ‘ and shoulder-shake is on point! I don’t want her to go away- she’s too damn funny! No one should be “bullying de vife of de vorlds biggest bullier in da vorld “!?!! Aaaaye!!( 😛😆🥰shimmy,shimmy, shoulder-shake) Oooohh! She’s perfect and she knows it!👌😆

  22. It's o.k. If her husbands cheats, after all everyone has seen her totally naked. What part of this dysfunction family don't you get. She is over 50, she can take her child and leave when Trump leaves office.

  23. I Love Laura. She's MORE ALIVE THAN THE "REAL" MELANIA. If only the ILLEGAL One in the W.H. had a personality, she'd be as interesting

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