30 thoughts on “Naxalism in India – Ideology and Background – Internal Security GS Paper III

  1. Naxilsm ??? Why don't you call them Terrorist? What if they were Muslims or Christian? Would you still call them Naxals or with some other Fancy Name?

  2. Naxals just want their rights..just leave them alone and you will be fine…jab aag me hath daloge toh jalega hi na…

  3. 2019:– Naxals live in Park Street,Behala,Jadavpur
    RSS ideology went through the hinterland and reached Siliguri.

    This proves the way the lackadaisical attitude of our politicians tarnished the image of our State.

  4. 1) Communists and liberals are very different and to claim a Maoist or any other marxist is a liberal is a gross simplification. Liberals do identity politics, believe in free market enterprise and maintain the same status quo that helps oppress people (aka, the zamindari system of ownership for profit and a policy of non-interference with different religions even though they have horrific ideas like casteism and triple talaq which was only recently struck down in SC). This difference is important because it doesn't help explain the issue with maoists correctly and why they're such a threat to local police stations which mind you kill more innocents and rape villagers who are mostly lower castes.
    2) CPI-M party are a bunch of bourgeoisie apologists who are extremely corrupt and use new and young intellectual blood to not truly help agrarian society that suffer, and help specific grievances that the Indian population have. You would know that if you understood the entire issue with Jyoti Basu's entry into West Bengal and his inability to unify his party to eventually go to a revisionist like Buddhadeb.
    3) The guerrilla zones were initially areas of zamindari oppressed villages, and the reason why Maoists disagree and in fact take to arms against local governance without dialogue is because it's a stupid solution. Just imagine trying to reason with politicians who have vested interests in not benefiting anyone. India's democracy is plagued with crony capitalism and empowering people who abuse farmers and not truly empowering them- why would the Naxal's reason with such politicians? Which politician under the broken electorate of India actually bother really empowering these broken farmers? If that was the case- Mineral Industry companies wouldn't have helped poison the ground. Calling this a "mentality" doesn't explain why this properly came out. There is barely any context here and I really think you should attempt a better job to understand the reasons why these people thought that the revolution comes at the end of a barrel of a gun. The Dalits, Farmers and urban oppressed population in these cases aren't stupid- they aren't born with the idea that police officers must die. Capitalist democracy is flawed and they understand that. They've lived it and died under it. Please use better context!

  5. Liberal and communist and communism are different things……. And CPI(Marxist) is not extreme left… And naxalism is CPI(maoist) not Marxist and leninist

    What a shame CPI(Marxist) ruled Bengal and you calling them radical which they are not recently tripura

  6. There is a diff btw communism of George Fernandez and swara Bhaskar and jnu communism.neo communilsm is run by hypocrites and original communism was run by deprived people against injustice.that original concept is taken by neo communists hypocrites and they are degrading India as well as communist ideas who talk about justice of the deprived

  7. Just some information you missed out . Naxalism is not limited to CPI Maoist . Charu majumder formed CPI ML from CPIM. There were several major factions of CPIML after his death like the CPIML mahadev led faction, kanu sanyal led faction etc. Down the line they broke again and again and finally during 1990s there were about more than 200 Naxalite factions active in India . One of the major faction known as CPIML lal Sena of Bihar abandoned armed struggle and joined parliamentary politics . It is now known as parliamentary naxal that contests in elections everywhere . They are also known as parliamentary Mao : CPIML liberation, one of thriving democratic Communist parties in Indian parliamentary politics now. Another few wings were CPI ML new democracy , CPIML red star , red flag.. all of them are semi parliamentary i.e. they had participated in electoral politics at some states but they pursue armed struggle in some other states . During 2002 two major ML factions PWG and MCC joined hands and formed CPI Maoist . So u see this CPI Maoist came much later after they already established janatan sarkar in chhattisgarh bastar during 1995. There are other semi parliamentary forces like MASA in pan india and new ones like KNS , NBS which are active in punjab now. One more info : in today's naxalism there is no such thing as pro chinese and anti chinese . Post 1990s almost all parliamentary semi parliamentary and non parliamentary naxal parties have labelled china as an imperialist state and thus an enemy to the cause of people . Maoism has no problem in its ideology except the people's war. Mao's new democracy is a wonderful concept. To be very specific it is the people's war that is the internal security threat to the state . But concepts like NDR and other are pretty much democratic .

  8. I gather only the north Indians are good in the universal language English. . Tamil NADU wake up. Don't put your head in sand like an ostrich. Tamilans don't back down . INDIA is for all . Vajpayee and MODI can't do the job alone. Be nationalist like China MINUS failed COMMUNISM. GRTGS FM RTD cpl signal MALAYSIA.


  10. Poverty liberty solution is not a pure issue of naxal ideology,before telling something and using communist party have to research on it…Our theory and concept turn people on the wrong side..I reported this video…

  11. Greetings from Latin America. The Maoists of Latin America wish for your victory and the future alliance of economic prosperity.

  12. So naxalists are poor people who become krantikari to improve their lives and instead of elevating their poverty the govt labels them as internal threats and kills 16-17 yr olds … even young girls calling them leaders !!! Jai Ho ! Lets worry about renaming train stations and building temples and ghar wapsi cause these are what people really need in India !

  13. Liberals are not necessarily communist though communist are liberal. And Every ideology that thrives for equal opportunities for every one is not "left-extremist".

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