16 thoughts on “News anchors talk about California’s new natural hair law — CROWN Act

  1. I can finally wear my Don King hair look. A stupid racial law put in place. When you get hit by long braids you're going to know it. When they wear this long hair around certain machinery severe injuries can occur.
    Good luck to those wishing to wear your hair the way you want but that climb to the corporate ladder will be out of touch.
    Welcome back to the 60's and early 70's. While your looking back to those generations see work place Injuries.

  2. All the problems facing this cesspool state, and this is what you worry about. California is done! You get what you ask for “Golden State!”

  3. I have Euro frizz! DNA continental Europe/E.Europe. My hair is much too fine to straighten. And yes, I probably have been discriminated at jobs. It also depends what kind of job you are looking at and how much they will pay you. Office jobs are actually really uptight about square neat appearance. I got fired so many times when I was a teenager, which looking back now were all sexual harassment fires. That's probably worse than the frizz. I wonder why anyone would get breast implants, because that gets discriminated AGAINST. Now I walk, train dogs and pet sit and the pets don't care. Anyway, good luck with this act–it is a screwed up world!

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