Night Riots – Travis Hawley Talks Italy Travels, Sailing, New Album

Night Riots – Travis Hawley Talks Italy Travels, Sailing, New Album

new state of mind is the new album from
night riots and we are joined by Travis from the band but up welcome back to San
Francisco good to be here we were just chatting about this little hiatus you’ve
been done and well tell everybody what you’ve been up to did a bunch of
stuff kind of just like I went overseas I went to Italy I actually came to San
Francisco a month or so ago and I did a sailing trip around no way they stayed
at Angel Island Wow and and I didn’t know you were a sailor
yeah trying to just live life yeah well was it what was the purpose of Italy was
it just to check back in for fun yeah just do a little more today when all
over I went to of course Rome and I think we made it all the way up to yeah
we did Venice who didn’t like typical places but kind of just cruise around
had a great time he has a music fan I would be venturing off to various music
venues yeah check out the music scene do you do that at all or like it’s not I
mean I see so much so much of it yeah you know on the road it’s just every
night you’re in a new place and I feel like I’ve seen everything in the u.s.
I’ve seen a bunch of the European stuff not Italy that know so well now I got to
go back and then you were sailing around San Francisco yep
that’s went around Alcatraz and the whole little bit and yeah it’s really
beautiful you get inspiration sailing around I could imagine that that’s the
thing is sometimes you just need to when you when you tour so much it’s like what
you get into the cycle of touring and I feel like to make great art you need to
get out and you need to experience different things you need to adventure
on your own and try different avenues of inspiration three years since love gloom
yep and here have been that time flies by right I’m sorry to bring this up it’s
it’s like hey you it’s probably just like last year well and also because
we’re always sitting on song so like the new state of mind was essentially done
two years ago I mean I think most of the songs were probably done before love
glimmers really yeah we always have just a bunch it was more just about getting
it out that was you know kind of problematic so what’s
interesting is is that this album is a new sound so to speak or maturation it’s
it’s interesting because it’s kind of a new sound and it’s kind of a throwback
at the same time and again it’s one of those things where we it wasn’t really
purposeful it’s just where our mind state was while we were writing you know
and I think the only thing is I think bringing night riots into the light I
think to a certain extent was sort of part of the plan just to make something
a little bit more fun and love gloom was a very very serious album and it came at
a very serious time for us and so I think the songs that we chose for this
one were purposeful in that sense like something a little bit less serious a
little bit more as fun as we can because I do feel like there’s always this vein
of gloom and darkness comes out of at least my lyrics I don’t know where it
comes from off-camera you’re a jolly guy I mean I’ve never been God telling
you’re you’re fun to hang out with Thank You Tokyo Diamond Club yeah yeah
leave us alone or bops yeah and I think that’s what people are saying that have
heard this so far right what period of time were these written in there those
part of the love bloom days are they more recent well I guess kind of over
the span Tokyo leave us alone well Tokyo was written about a year and
a half ago maybe longer and then there they come in batches you know yeah
they’re all back they’re all bops to me yeah yeah some I mean these are a few of
the songs I’m I’m the most proud I’ve ever been a part of hmm and so lyrically
then these are just snapshots of the course of almost five years then yeah a
case so there was nothing specific in terms of a theme that you were trying to
go for yeah and again like I said this kind of going back to sort of older
stuff for us was you know love glue and we did all alive it was in a really one
of the most famous studios in the world and it was very we tried to make it
really organic and all done at once and this record definitely is a little bit
for lack of a better word like more pieces you know we were
finding things and fitting it in and and it’s more modern in that sense and I
think we wanted to give people a side of night riots they weren’t fully expecting
you know one toe and what we’ve always been kind of that 80s nostalgia thing
but then everything else into experimenting and just doing what’s
unexpected big big event in September yeah everyone’s playing in storm area 51
let’s do it are you planning on it yeah you’re going to write I’ve got my gear
now I’m not going to area 51 I want to go to one of the other places oh I think
it’s all a cover because I don’t think they have anything at area 51 anymore
really no way why would they why is it all secured at an anti record oh you
think it’s just a totally like everything is just always they show you
this but they’re doing something over here have you experienced any weird
oddities I have more on the poltergeist side
really maybe it’s alien stuff I don’t know what would please explain what do
you mean the poltergeist side story I I just had a couple very strange
experiences I’m a pretty skeptical person like I at home onto our back back
in the country out out in the on the backwoods out in the backwoods you guys
are literally in central California coast yeah there’s a head not a lot of
history there basically I went out in this area and like had all this it was
like pitch black at night and I was walking through a field started to get
this very strange feeling and then all the stars and this is not like there are
no hallucinogens involved anything and all the stars started pulsing all at
once but like really bright and I was with my girlfriend and we were both
quiet at this moment and not saying anything because I was experiencing it
but I didn’t want to scare her so I was trying to keep it inside and then and
then the next thing that happened is these lights started going around like
like flying past me and so we turned around and started just took off back to
the car and we didn’t say anything till we got into the car and like revved up
the engine and took off and then it was like we made it back into town and then
that’s when we talked about it and saw same thing experience the same thing I
don’t know it was very very wild Wow all right there you go still want a
storm whatever I don’t want to go to that’s why we looking forward to what
you guys have in store for this tour and congratulations on this album thank you
good see you again great to see you as well and best of luck with everything
yeah Travis from night riots new state of mind is out now watching b-sides on

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