Obama-Romney 'robust America' rhetoric ahead foreign policy debate

Obama-Romney 'robust America' rhetoric ahead foreign policy debate

as we're waiting for the debate on foreign policy the last debate before the election on November the six many see it as the make-or-break point for both campaigns because President Obama and Governor Romney have so far been running neck and neck but whoever is elected America's next commander-in-chief will take on the same old foreign policy mission and that is to expend the country's influence in the world but is there that much daylight between the candidates let's try and find out the rhetoric of the Romney team leaves no doubt that he advocates a more intrusive US foreign policy we have to show strength in America that's perceived this week is one that will be despised the one thing we all fear the most is a week America what can be done is an image of a robust in America the current administration is also striving for a robust America in their own way we Came we saw he died when folks mess with Americans we go after them as the Arab Spring unfolded the Obama administration jumped on the bandwagon of the revolutions hoping to forge better alliances with the new leaders while prompting the change with airstrikes and armed supplies when anti-american protests spread across the Muslim world some asked whether it's time for the u.s. to stop meddling in the Middle East and North Africa I don't see how how we could ever talk about divorcing ourselves from the region if for no other reason given the push in US policy you still have two primary drivers in terms of national interest and that is oil and Israel President Obama has sewn allies like Israel under the bus thus raley leaders opens saber rattling towards Iran has steered some tension with the White House it's clear the American people don't want another costly and devastating war based on phony red lines but should Israel decide to attack what would the two candidates do differently if it were to happen I don't think there's going to be much difference ultimately I understand and share renascer Netanyahu's insistence that Iran should not obtain a nuclear weapon my red line is Iran may not have a nuclear weapon it honors a nuclear nation is unacceptable the united states of america obama said exactly the same thing regarding obama's pivot into asia there is not much daylight between him and romney either the policy involves expanding US military presence to act as a counterbalance against China's growing power and to advance us interest in asia-pacific candidate Romney show the willingness to take that pivot to another level ramping up the pressure on Beijing I'll crackdown in China having been stuck in this Cold War mentality he sees the world in very black-and-white terms so Russia is a foe China is a foe it's almost as if the Cold War never ended and in that regard the pivot toward Asia makes perfect sense to mr. Romney and I really don't think he would change anything in the nature rhetoric is he issued the the presence of subtlety or the lack of subtlety is a primary difference between mr. Romney and mr. Obama in relations with Russia unlike Romney for whom Russia that this is without question our number-one geopolitical foe President Obama avoids cold war rhetoric after all you don't call Russia our number one enemy not al-qaeda Russia unless you're still stuck in a cold war Mindwarp despite a more forthcoming official attitude the administration indicated that they would still forge ahead with plans to build a missile shield close to Russia it's a long-standing sore point in the relations between the two countries Moscow has many times suggested resolving the issue by building the shields together to no avail I spoke with former Bush administration official Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson and asked him whether a change in the Oval Office could mean a drastic change in the way America deals with the world it was a marvelous consistency in America and foreign policy whether it's wrongheaded which it has been much since especially 1989-90 the end of the Cold War but there is a marvelous consistency to it and that's because foreign policy is foreign policy and security policy so presidents say one thing and then come in and get briefed and they do another thing generally what they do is much like what the other party would do to well even despite the consistency that the u.s. foreign policy has shown over the years during the debate the candidates still have to outline their differences they can't just say good evening ladies and gentlemen we both agree on pretty much everything so let's call it a night we have thom hartmann here mr. harpen thanks for joining me I push the host of the big picture show and Artie when attacking Governor Romney the Obama campaign has this line and I heard it many times they say Governor Romney what would you do differently as if knowing and saying that is the president of the United States you would do exactly the same what do you think well I think that we have a choice between the Iron Fist of American Empire we have the largest military in the world it's larger than the accumulated militaries of the whole rest of the planet at least in terms of budget and it's so there's that Iron Fist which is what Romney would projector at what he has said let's go back to the Cold War let's be bellicose let's threaten people with war or do we put a velvet glove over the iron fist which has basically been the Obama policy of you know we'll help you out a little bit will be we'll talk conciliatory but get out of the way and a drone is going to drop a bomb on your head what do you expect from this debate Monday night Ronnie will basically say whatever he thinks it's going to take to get himself elected now that's the problem he's got two constituencies basically that he's been appealing to one is the basically old white male constituency people his age people in their 50s 60s 70s who remember the Cold War we still have that mentality who are who are very much in favor of the naked Iron Fist of American foreign policy and he's got to reach out to those people and Obama doesn't have to but Obama historically has not and and yet at the same time he knows it you know there's this younger generation that it at least would like the velvet glove over it Thank You mr. harpen thank you what you're going so as we watch the debate the question still stands are the two candidates different more in style than substance I'm kinase check on I'll certainly be right here after the debate try to answer that question and also every monday will be zooming into one issue one big issue in our series of pre-election reports make sure they don't miss that thanks for watching

42 thoughts on “Obama-Romney 'robust America' rhetoric ahead foreign policy debate

  1. Alien and reptilians and terrorists? None of these exists. There is the spirit and there is the man. When the man acts within the spirit is in love, and not in hate. You are acting without the spirit so you are a man without spirit; as good as a cockroach or a worm. The worm is eaten and the cockroach is crushed. They feast upon the leftovers of the man who is enlightened by spirit. Allah is the judge, there is no alien or reptile. You say these things because you lie. LIAR! Allah have mercy.

  2. usa!!!=fascist!!! state!!! all rights have been taken from her people!! what difference!! does it realy make who is there president when they have the NDAA!!!!!?=martial law!!!!!!?

  3. HAHA. I've lived in Germany, and our democracy is a joke compared to theirs. Don't even dare try and compare the two.

  4. You're out of context & place.
    Every political organization in the world, including those in the UK, has candidates that ''flip flop'' and ''promise''.
    The issue i pointed to was crystal clear. Americas most popular candidates don't act as childish, immature & ridiculous as those in the UK [which their people seem to prefer, which is shocking & scary].

  5. So your only point here is UK politicans talking offensive?

    You dont like them thats for sure but you like their promises and their flip flopping 😀

    So now what? Does this make the politicans in the US worse or better?

    Point the issues out instead of pointing with the finger at others

  6. In the vein of the below the Zionists who were armed by the Soviets all the way up and through WW II, have their own D-Day device "The Samson Option" if Russia and Israel get in a direct conflict, the D-Day devices will insure the world will be dead in nuclear flames. All rhetoric aside this is the reality of computer automated nuclear strikes.

  7. This is a surprise? Churchill and FDR said they should have teamed up with Hitler Mussolini and Emperor Tojo and murdered Stalin…. read some books about the aftermath of WW II, BTW the Soviets invented the Doomsday Device that protects the Communists from being nukes otherwise they will have the D-Day Device nuke the entire planet, RUSSIA has been holding the world NUCLEAR hostage since they acquired the bomb.

  8. 2/2
    As for the military spending, you should do some homework; allot of our military spending goes to new tech. research, and this kind of research has made us leaders in nuclear technology, is has also led us to create and dominate cyber space & outer space.
    Military Exoskeleton
    Big Dog
    These, along with many, are new ingenuity led by military interest, but that will inevitably help our private sector dominate suits for paraplegics & others, thus creating more jobs [& more gov. rev].

  9. 1/2
    You've stopped arguing, now your saying absurd premise.
    You want corporations to leave to somehow restore gov. money on social programs? Thats contradictory. If corporations leave, our biggest employers and tax contributors [top 5% of Americans] will also leave, unemployment will be above 30% EASILY & the gov. wont have $ to pay for social programs. Less jobs= less people paying income taxes & more people on coupons like has happened under obama.
    The Greeks followed your IRRATIONAL model.

  10. We, & the UK, have been through a FAR FAR worse situations the last century and we have gotten out, i haven't seen 1 reason why this wont be the same shit, different day

  11. I read the comments it's very curious. Still, Americans are not complete idiots (as is commonly believed in the world) However, leaving the rest of the US-Jewish masons behind the scenes of a world government, with their manipulative pseudo-democracy, and bloody geopolitics … Does it matter who becomes president of the United States, if the Secretary of the US Department of State may be such as Hilary Clinton))) Who chose her, people?! She has disgraced the United States to the world! Think:))

  12. i just dont understand, if your black americans hate you, if your american the world hates you, you just cant win

  13. How exactly are ''we'' fucked? You British have one of the best and highest standards of living in the world, you also have one of the highest standards of living EVER, of ANY nation in history. Us mighty Americans are the same, we have one of the highest standard of living in the world according to HDI which ranks us #4 in the world, UK is also ranked very highly. How are we fucked?
    You enjoy the internet use and free speech to criticize your gov., i dont think u know what being fucked means!

  14. I studied thoroughly law 936 of US territory PR, this law gave corporations no taxes in the island, in the 80's unemployment was almost 0 and government revenues from income tax was HUGE thanks to so many people paying [low unemployment].
    Unfortunately many people complained like you; ''those rich corporations paid no taxes!'' so the gov. got rid of the law, corp.s had to pay taxes, so the corporations left, today the island has 20% official unemployment, HUGE crime & most r on coupons.

  15. 2/2
    Af for Japan; the japanese murdered 20 million chinese civilians at that same time. You see; WW2 was a chaotic era, new technologies were tested [modern tanks, jet engine, nukes, napalm, etc] and everyone murdered tens of thousands of civilians, even UK killed more civilians then both a-bombs COMBINED.
    After WW2; USA has been the FRONT RUNNER in nuclear disarmament, why do we lecture others? Because we know nuclear weapons capabilities, we know far more then any1 else inclusing moscow.

  16. 1/2
    Their not passionate? LOL
    Listen kid; politics in the USA is not like in the UK, we don't like politicians acting like clowns; /watch?v=UCb3NlC_jEA
    Though in USA we do have some politicians with no class, we usually don't like them and they rarely get to office, unlike you peoples childish politicians; /watch?v=CnBOxkNdiIE
    We like decency, i'm sorry if thats not ''passionate'' enough for you, but in no way does that indicate that their ''sell outs''.

  17. Moron, that "tinfoil hat" thing is part of your US culture, I got nothing to do with that and had to research what that nonsense stands for…

  18. US has camps as Guantanamo and law, which allows to violate people rights, as Patriot Act, its doesnt sound democratic and I havent heard about such things in Germany.

  19. How do you keep and idiot in suspense…………………..

    Vote for Romney/Ryan and they will tell you after the election!!!!!

  20. Yeah well Iran is more Democratic than both of the. Last checked Dr.Ahmadinejad was voted in a fair election unlike U.S. Yet they still call it a regime only because they refuse to obey the U.S and Israel, anyways didn't i tell you to get a life.

  21. The corporations go overseas because taxes in USA are too high for them, everyone wants companies to pay more and more taxes, and to pay it they must make their products more expensive to survive, but the problem is no 1, not even Americans, would buy their products if they are more expensive, THUS the companies go overseas.
    1% of richest Americans account for around 30% of our gov. income from income taxes, they pay all the coupons the bottom 50% receive. Their also leaving because of high tax.

  22. 2 uninspired Israeli puppets. Sorry US but what you thought you were is long since dead, and probably never really existed at all

  23. Na, you´re still deluding yourself into thinking your lesser evil crap could raise sympathies. With Romney humanity would propably head towards WW3, with Obama it will just be an enourmous economic collapse. Keep caring about "America´s reputation".

  24. I love how people such as yourself declare over 300 million people to be "idiots" based on your shitty perception of the country from media or music or whatever! Most American's just want to live their daily lives and have no interest in politics and are just lead along by politicians! Just because they don't troll the internet for all the ugly truth's about America doesn't make them idiots just uninformed!

  25. They are not wars for Israel, they are wars for US corporate hegemony, with Israel only a proxy and an excuse.

    M.D. Nazemroaya, The Globalization of NATO (2012)

  26. Hey RT…to many of us now…they are not republican or democrates they are just War Criminals….

    Please interview Dr. Judy Wood, RT…….are you scared to expose American War Criminals?

  27. Romney is a liar like every Republican over the last 40 years who really only wants to steal your stuff with a recession cycle! All of these crooks, although they have only manipulated politics, and profited on it, should be shot by those who have lost their homes, commercial buildings, businesses, and inventory to foreclosure, or buyout at bargain prices. Although they have not officially committed a crime, they have cheated you and hurt your family, stop them by voting out all Republicans!

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