35 thoughts on “Obey policies of the ruling gov't, Dr Mahathir tells civil servants

  1. Masih terdapat ramai kakitangan Kerajaan Malas kerja dan mengamalkan Sikap seperti dulu . Sila diberi perhatian Serta merta Total clean up diperlukan Tanpa buang masa sbb akan menburukkan imej kerajaan baru PH .

  2. You talk about 4th industrial revolution but you fail to mention what is our contributions are we a maker or looker as your self Dr. M

  3. Patuh lah Seperti robot 2020
    Sebab mahathir tengah Cipta kereta terbang ✈️🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬

    Siapa nak ikut..
    Dengar lah sikit cakap mahathir yang dah tak berapa lama lagi Time dah dekat dah!!!

  4. PM ask the government servant to moniter price increase frm GST n removed GST replace with SST not a single items were reduced.Ask this government officer to check all factory chicken duck n vege farm n manufacturing company why prices are high not.sit in office everyday n play wth FB

  5. One great archievement is stopping govement servants from roasting alive their own children to die in parked cars.

  6. when he was in opposition, he said that government servant are freely to support government or opposition.
    now he U-Turn again as expected.

  7. Always let policies like SST run its full course and mature in the long run. Keep changing policies will cripple the economy. Tun is correct government servants should not only make policies works, they must be committed to make it a success. If they can only critizise not knowing their own limitations and have no solutions better resign and compete in the private sector.

  8. Mereka patuh dengan 'perintah am' atau dalam bahasa inggeris general order. Tapi mereka tidak perlu menyokong parti pemerintah yang tidak selari dengan prinsip mereka, (ini negara demokrasi bukan komunis). Memilih adalah hak individu. Tun dulu kalah pilihanraya lalu fitnah Tunku, menghasut kaki tangan awam kemudian dipecat dari UMNO. Sekarang tak dapat sokongan kaki tangan awam meroyan agar disokong.

  9. Civil servants are not happy as many non malays have been made bosses..ministers…so use to being race based ..malays…during BN…Still want to maintain old thinking…and race conscious..pls leave the government service… Hope Tun balance up the race ratio so that all races can be united and leave under human race by removing religions…quotas…in Malaysia.Make schools free from religious studies…neutral.

  10. Malaysia must abolish Sales and Service Tax (SST) and replace it with 4% value added tax (VAT) in this month.

  11. The management of vehicle number plate and driving licence must be under the state and federal territory governments in this year. Not the federal government!

  12. The management of vehicle number plate and driving licence must be under the state and federal territory governments in this year.

  13. Abolish the Film Censors Board of Malaysia and merge with MCMC to become "Malaysian Communications and Media Comission" that has media age rating systems in this month. (Mansuhkan Lembaga Penapis Filem Malaysia dan gabungkan dengan SKMM untuk menjadikan "Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Media Malaysia" yang mempunyai sistem penarafan umur media pada bulan ini.)

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