24 thoughts on “On a high – The rise of Germany's populist AfD party

  1. Immigration is fine, mass migration is not. There is nothing wrong with protecting national sovereignty or limiting immigration.

  2. Putting your country first and protecting its ethnic population is not racist, anti-muslim or xenophobic! It is the duty of every government to protect the welfare of its citizens. We here in America have just dodged a bullet by preventing Hillary Clinton the globalist corrupt tyrant from taking the highest office in the free world. We all witnessed Europe being destroyed by the EU and it's open door, no borders policy. The nations of Europe have lost their sovereignty and many have now lost their homes due to the flood of Muslim immigrants. Did anyone actually believe they intended to assimilate, become productive tax payers & abide the law? It's quite embarrassing how political correctness has poisoned the hearts and minds of the European people into believing that self preservation and pride in one's culture is Racist!

    Unfortunately, It's probably too late to save Europe from the Islamic caliphate and horrific scenes of modern South Africa are now being demonstrated throughout the EU nations. How sad that there are only a few remaining that can see the big picture and are trying desperately to awaken the masses. Until the elitist are removed from power and punished for treason, the outcome remains dire. I pray every day that my European brothers and sisters wake up and realize that they still possess the power to change things. They must take a stand and fight back now. It is the only option at this point if their children are to survive.

    Our fight here in America has only just begun. We have won a major battle and the tide has turned against globalist, however this war will not be over until we rid all the corrupt traitors from our soil and only then will our posterity be guaranteed liberty and justice for many generations.

  3. Thank you lord for the AFD, finally we have some leadership via honesty, courage and logical thinking to stop the decline of Europe and Germany !

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