100 thoughts on “On Evening Of Impeachment, Trump In The Safe Space Of A Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. It sad to know that his rally’s are just to get him out of the WH.. they don’t even want him there either… Trumputin needs to go to Russia, stay there where you are loved. Russian troll

  2. Nancy Pelosi has dirtied the office of Speaker of the House. She is absolutely not a good leader in the slightest of way. SHAME on Her and SHAME on the entire house that voted for impeachment, we will never never ever forget this awful times she put America thru.

  3. I want to see someone arrested or impeached for white supremacy, human rights abuses and sexual misconduct. They should have thrown it all in. He and his disciples are vile.

    I've seen them refuse to cede power to a duly elected president that every other duly elected president in our country’s history. The moderate democrats do NOT exist. The Democrats are not the people’s party.We the people will never forget the way the Obama Administration was corrupt and that they chose to stop this president from looking into the corruption in UKRAINE.
    There is no crime and President Trump was well within his constitutional rights to ask questions when on the phone. The Democrats are not fair minded, not rational, not fair and deeply hateful and uncaring about how the people in this country feel about anything.
    They are after power. They are under orders from George Soros. They are totalitarians. Tyrants. The people will never forget this partisan hit job on an innocent man who is seeking to ferret out corruption before sending our tax dollars. We want this cabal of people out of our government. Abuse of Power is what Democrats did in this impeachment.
    Lying Mr. Schiff is not respected and is dishonorable and violated norms and abused power to release phone records of people including a journalist. He lied and made up the transcript.
    The Democrats are not above the law! Not Congress led by Pelosi, whose son sits on the board of Ukraine oil company VISCOIL and she and schiff did business with a Ukrainian Arms Dealer.
    WE KNOW WHAT WENT ON IN UKRAINE! We will push for full disclosure of corruption by democrats and any rinos in UKRAINE where dossier was created and where Hillary’s server ended up. She is not above the law. The intel community who worked for Hillary are not above the law. DEMOCRATS are not above the law. I hope Schiff gets sued for the phone number release which is ABUSE OF POWER>

  5. Democrats: "We're going to break all the rules to impeach Trump!"

    Doesn't help to remind them what they said. They're above the law and we all know it by now. It's time to exile them all to Antarctica.


  7. Kelly said 'do not let this guy surround himself with 'yes men'.
    McConnell & Graham are NOT ADULTS, only slightly less psychotic.
    NO government can work without morality and ethics.
    Trump will double down. Again and again and again.
    This could get real ugly. This is not the end at all.
    IF Trump is threatened, he will be kicking and screaming.
    He will inspire all the violence he can.
    Is there an answer here?

  8. Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. If this sham is any indication of their abilities to get a job done properly, I have NO faith in their ability to effectively govern a one ring circus.

  9. Impeached, now remove! Why is he blocking witnesses from coming forward to testify! Innocent people don’t act this way! What is tRump hiding!

  10. This historic ploy by the democrats will go down in history as the beginning of the end for them. It all boils down to they know they are going to loose to President Trump in 2020.

  11. Trump attacked a dead man… in the state he represented. Still waiting for that first republican to say 'Have you NO decency?' Still waiting…. How about you Mitt Romney? Anyone?

  12. Nancy's threat has had me in stitches.
    "Mitch McConnell needs to recuse himself or else I'm not sending over the articles!"

  13. Okay. Forget about Trump and his desire to fight corruption in Ukraine. If that was the case, he wouldn't have just requested that they "announce an investigation", he would have wanted an investigation as well.

  14. As the guy said Trump is a 'fecal iceberg' who likes to watch sick children die alone on the floors of concrete cells.

  15. The frequency of these ego fluffing rallies are increasing. It's because it takes less and less time for TinyD to realize he impotent and limp. Reality has a habit of crushing delusions… even shared ones.

  16. I thought you were in support of safe spaces? Is this youtube channel not a safe space for you? It is. And that's fine.

  17. Huma's Lap-top ?… where did Huma and Hillary get the preteen girl ?
    DS Frazzeled ? RIP Officer Familiar and all the other NYPD officers who lost thier lives over this .

  18. Nice move, dims. Wanna see a landslide victory in 2020? This “impeachment” bit will have people turning out in DROVES for Trump. Dims truly are idiots.

  19. Anyone who stands up against Trump will forever be regarded as a hero. It takes a lot of courage to face someone so unstable, so cruel, and so evil. They are right on the frontline in making America great again in the eyes of the world. May every detail of his lifetime of corruption is revealed in the next stage of his impeachment

  20. when will the savvy media expose the fact that most if not all of his audience is a special effect this Michigan one cannot be more obvious look at the clown in the plaid shirt next to him… everything they do is staged, pathetic! Yeap they will cheat again in the next elections, get ready for fascism while the media and the Dems are tiptoeing through the tulips.

  21. come on, joe drones on and on but mika never gets to finish what she is saying in these clips, and she is a much more coherent speaker.

  22. This Impeachment Scam is the ULTIMATE election tampering. They're trying to convince voters that our President is a bad person. Unacceptable!

  23. The House impeachment vote was unconstitutional. …The constitution clearly dictates that it must be Bi partisan…
    both Dems and Republicans have to agree.
    All Republicans voted no and 3 Democrats voted No, this does not meet the constitutional requirements of Bi-Partisan vote. .

  24. Who cares how Trump feels, his feeling does not change the fact that he has been impeached, the best thing about this it will forever go down in the history books. Wow! That's big.

  25. Dont think this pep rally helped trump while he was being impeached. Think alot of his folks just got a look at trump that had them throwing questions inside their own heads and started getting a new view of him. It got weird at times, real weird, especially for his base, and that's saying alot about it. Almost unhinged. Win win win?

  26. Remember, for a year, Moscow Mitch outright REFUSED a Supreme Court nomination by Obama .. It's time for NANCY to ponder things for next year's election .. like the Senate Trial for, about, say a year. Like Moscow Mitch DID. There's no sound reason she can't ..

  27. Best thing for America would be to let Donald and his zombie audience spend the rest of their days together in a confined space where they can make each other feel happy by hating and abusing others.

  28. Come on America BLUE TSUNAMI 2020
    take America back from the RUSSIAN backed and funded paedophile trump aka
    individual one and the RUSSIAN BACKED and FUNDED republicaniski party

  29. Lexas , that’s not the first dead man he attacked , he attack John McCain, trump in the school of decency he failed miserably he got an F for character , F for decency, F for personalities, F for grammar , F for education considering his low IQ .

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