1. Sardesai you deserve this..God Has delivered it's verdict…Hence forth keep your mouth shut and do your work. Karma did the Talking..Fotting Naal.

  2. Vijay ,ur finished now, ur a betrayer , u betrayed ur voters so no more confidence in u now better pack ur things n say good bye to politics. My advice to u not to contest the upcoming election bcoz u will waste ur corrupt (formalin) money please save that money for the sickness later bcoz people have cursed u

  3. You was telling parikar story of u turn and you win see it is came from your own mouth that you will join parikar that how you win, what you will take forward goa bring ghati in goa giving your land for free for your vote bank now same vote bank will kick you off they will be your fortoda MLA see for next election your ghati vote bank now will be your MlA vijay baba

  4. Vijay is great Sir. Vijay only supports bjp .not merge party goa forward. But this chor n greedy Congress mla merge Congress into bjp

  5. Vijai ek munni assa budvontak koi fatranchem xit atam kottent nak budoi ani mor. Hem sogllem godlam tem fokot tukas lagon ush ush tuca.

  6. Jaisa karni vaisa Barni , VIJAY HAAA HAAA U r the main culprit , now they kicked on your ASS very nice

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