28 thoughts on “POLITICS In Video Games – What's Behind It? Should They Exist?

  1. I gotta say, researching for this video has really done some strange things to my youtube recommendations lmao

  2. What do you mean DOOM isnt political, it is literally about how the unchecked greed of megacorporations opened a literal gateway to hell

  3. It seems as though Duke is deleting comments that he doesn't agree with. I was in a comment thread that he replied to, but when I click on the notification that comment chain doesn't exist anymore.

    I like your content Duke, but censoring people you disagree with is low.

  4. your consistency in this video is so schismatic evident when you talked about mortal combat with the women being more clothed for combat tactic fullness but the devs still have skimpy cloth options for the women an the guys advertised with more skimpy clothing options then the women do so…….

  5. The question here should be, why is a game considered "political" just for including LGBT characters, racial minorities or sometimes even women? Why is it suddenly "pushing an agenda" just for including them as characters? I can understand if the game itself is about their status as a minority etc., but the fact that they're just there simply reflects the real world. Also, I can't believe we live in a time where "don't shoot Nazis in this video game" is an actual take.

  6. Stop with pushing agendas in games and instead push ideas and good counter points or don’t bother at all, also not all games needs political crap.

  7. This "politics in video games" fiasco was kinda personal because I play a lot of wargames. In Hearts of Iron 4, you cam play as Germany, and just recreate events in ww2, like giving SS power, annexing other countries, etc. I can see how it can be viewed in a bad way, but then when I play Germany, I play it for the strategy involved. Does that make me a bad person? You can also commit other war crimes, like Marco Polo Bridge incident as Japan, press censorship and purging political enemies as Russia.
    On the flip side, you can oppose Hitler, and set up a Kaiser Reich/ a Democratic nation(my favourite way to play) which goes about seeking alliances instead of war. Does choosing that make me a good person?

  8. The discussion of politics, especially in regards to its effects on media and entertainment, is always such a touchy subject. But I gotta say this is a really well spoken, well thought out, and impressively unbiased video. It’s refreshing to hear someone taking a logical perspective to these kinds of topics in a world where most people just want their own opinions vindicated. I expected some smite content, but what I got was an excellent video with some really interesting and really well expressed view points. Thank you for this.

  9. In all honesty, the arguement is stupid. The game developers have every right to put whatever they want in the game, from nudity to radical political statements. In fact, once upon a time, we the people appreciated game developers who worked outside the box. Developers did what they wanted to bring their creative vision to life, and we loved it.

    It's up to us, the players and viewers, to not be brainless zombies and let media brainwash us into blind allegiance to any political or social ideals. And if we don't like what's in a game, then we just don't buy it, like any other reason. Or just take it with a grain of salt.

    Sometimes adding politics to a good game really make people think about the decisions they make, and the motivations behind other people's actions.

    Also, I'm disappointed in you for not mentioning Deus Ex.

  10. I dont stress about these things because I'll just buy games that I like and avoid those I dislike. Do I like cod? Not really. Do I like black nazis? No. Did I buy the game? No and Im happy with my decision

  11. The Sinking City which just recently came out is based on the works of HP Lovecraft; who we all know was a major racist. The game uses his racist thoughts and ideas in the game.

  12. Politics is in video games alllll the time tho. Any game portraying a war forexample is inherently political. This whole talking point about politics is just a right-wing snowflake talking point.

  13. The question is whether there's room for interpretation. If you give a definitive answer on moral grounds, it's propaganda. Propaganda is where I oppose it.

  14. I’m pretty far left, and I appreciate that at the very least you’re giving us a fact based, nuanced take on this topic rather than resorting to the incredibly dull “SJWs are ruining everything thing!!!1!” refrain. Especially because it’s clearly more profitable lmao.

    As to your end question, games aren’t obligated to be any kind of political in my opinion. I just personally don’t appreciate it when devs and publishers pander in an extra fashion, but then don’t even do it correctly. For example, no company is obligated to add a gay romance potential to their RPGs, but if they decide to do so and make it a big marketing point than just a half forgotten token option (i.e. the gay options in Fire Emblem Fates, not that the game was advertising it heavily). If they’re not gonna at least make a good attempt of pandering, I’d rather they just not bother altogether lol

  15. The very last point you made was a good one. If you don't like the politics of a game, just don't support it. It's the free market as these types often talk about.

  16. As long as the game and/or the creator(s) don't attack me or promote an overly negative image of my group (in my case trans or white, things like that) I don't really care about these things. I do hate oversexualization in both males and females as to me it just looks like a waste of an artwork/model/character and if I want to see tits porn is free, but that has nothing to do with politics.

  17. So why exactly do you think that putting more women characters, LGBT characters, and whatever in a videogame is political, but making a game where the majority of characters are heterosexual males is not political? And aren't they also targetting a (even more) specific audience? One thing being the norm doesn´t make it apolitical.

  18. You should probably link the primary sources in your video description. That way people can formulate their own opinions directly and it would be more structured and easier on your viewers.

    It would be nice if you could do this for your Smite content as well. Linking to the news page for god releases, your sources of leaks and sites used would be appreciated (at least by me).

  19. Me: "Oh boy, another SMITE video from Dukesloth-senpai!"

    Dukesloth: "Here's a serious video about politics in video games"

    Me: "… oh… did not expect that"

  20. Am I the only one that wants to see Duke play the game in the background more now? It was extremely therapeutic and relaxing.

  21. Good perspective on the subject! I liked that you made kind of a retrospective on politics in games, it puts a dent in the argument of "Back in the good ol'days games didn't use to have political stuff in them"!

  22. So the categories are
    -Games that let you partake in something politcal or historical but don't take a side
    -Games that are above but take a side
    -Metaphorical politics
    -Games with politics shoehorned in
    Which one does smite fall into? XD

  23. I just don't want an agenda shoved down my throat. Not saying games SHOULDN'T have politics, just dont want it to overload a game series I like, nor do I want it shoved down my throat. Im neutral, mostly. Finding issues with both sides. I just wanna have fun sometimes. Not be forced fed someones ideology. Nor do I want the devs to attack me or other fans for finding fault. Try and SPEAK to your customers. Open a nice dialogue. Don't call your fans uneducated. Thats why Battlefield 5 failed horribly. Now with Fable 3? Thats politics I enjoyed. It made it interesting and replayable.

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