Protests Spring Up Around Southland Over Trump Immigration Policies

Protests Spring Up Around Southland Over Trump Immigration Policies

undocumented immigrants are bracing for deportation sweep set to begin tomorrow in ten cities one of those cities is Los Angeles and that has many people here protesting the raids and also the treatment of migrants CBS 2's Cara finnstrom is live at Pan Pacific Park and Fairfax with a look Cara Sara people who live here in this community and use this park protested here on the playground they took action they say they're worried some of their neighbors could be among those targeted tomorrow dozens of kids and parents in Pan Pacific Park so lemonade today with political purpose we're helping people coming from like Mexico and different places to have like a safe place in the United States to actually support kids and parents and moms and dads who are in the u.s. detention camps right now protest against the Trump administration's immigration policies are being staged across the country in anticipation of nationwide ice raids today's pushback was greatest in communities with big immigrant populations like Chicago and New York City late yesterday there were rallies in dozens of other cities including Berkeley Oakland San Diego and San Francisco they're going to bring them back to their countries or they're going to take criminals out put them in prison or put them in prison in the countries they came from we're focused on criminals as much as we can president Donald Trump also spoke to reporters yesterday administration officials say roughly 2,000 people who have missed immigration court dates are being targeted local law enforcement says they won't take part and democratic area lawmakers have urged the immigrant community to be informed please know your rights and please stay safe the raids are expected to begin tomorrow and migrant advocates are raising concerns about what they call collateral arrest that's when someone who's worn a warrant has served on not just them as arrested but also other people who may be in their home family members friends who are undocumented as well and just happened to be there at the time Sarah Chris

8 thoughts on “Protests Spring Up Around Southland Over Trump Immigration Policies

  1. Legal migrants good.
    Illegal migrants bad.

    Let's invite all the immigrants locally to an anti Trump event.
    FBI …
    Yup, we are just filming 😂

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