21 thoughts on “Reacting to Mark Cuban's comments about NBA star movement | The Jump

  1. Mark Cuban is pissed he is always pissed start spending money on superstars players u cheap ass bastard that's why the next ten years mavericks will never when a championship the west is loaded with great teams the next ten years by then maybe cuban will b gone

  2. It doesn't unintentionally hurt small market teams. If you didn't have these rules it would intentionally hurt small market teams. 8 of the 16 teams in the playoffs this year were SMALL MARKETS! I don't recall any other year where PORTLAND, MILWAUKEE, DENVER, INDIANA, ORLANDO, UTAH, OKC, and SANANTONIO were ALL in the playoffs. This was in part due to the CBA rules with caps, luxury taxes, and rewarding players to stay put. Get rid of it and you fucking have everybody playing in LA, Chicago, Boston, Miami, or NYC all over again.

  3. Liberal Democrat socialist hurt America and our community they y pretend they're doing something good like raising taxes to help poor people but what they're really doing is hurting businesses closing the business down and causing more problems.they don't want anybody to own anything that's why they're pushing this ownership bullcrap. The billionaire owns the team even after the player leaves or traded he still owns the team he does not own the players nobody ever said the owners own the players you'll have to stop this political correctness Idiocracy.all these political things you're doing that you think are helping America are really destroying your business and hurting everybody causing division

  4. I can watch anyone but Ryan Hollins lol. Even Amin running the jump is better than Ryan having a cameo on first take

  5. Some of these "Governor's" make bad decision after bad decision and expect a player to stay?? OR trade for a player that didnt want to come there and expect him to stay??

  6. I am a black man. They are owners. You buy a company you own it. There is a black man that spent his own hard earned money to buy a franchise in Michael Jordan. Sometimes the race card is played to much

  7. Mark is a mark, he is one of the main owner that blocked CP3 trade from New Orleans to the Lakers, he is full of shit!!!!

  8. There should also be rules in place to restrict trading a person who played his heart and soul for the organization like the celtics did to IT

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