Rod Rosenstein sinks to a whole new pro-Trump low | POLITICS NEWS

Rod Rosenstein sinks to a whole new pro-Trump low | POLITICS NEWS

it must be a happy time for rod Rosenstein who ended his tenure as Deputy Attorney General while becoming one of the newest 2019 inductees into the Donald Trump fan club at least Rosen Stein seems to think so based on the way he is proudly defending his work with Attorney General William Barr in the name of confusing the public about the Mueller probe if you've been listening to Rosen Stein lately and you don't find him convincing keep in mind he is new to this SiC of fancy stuff and is still practicing the suggested tactics outlined on flashcards included in his new members welcome kid Rosen Stein's recent behavior caused former FBI director James Comey to single him out as one whose sole trump has been eating in small bites in a New York Times op-ed and how could rod Rosenstein the Deputy Attorney General after the release of mr. Mueller's report that detailed mr. Trump's determined efforts to obstruct justice give a speech quoting the President on the importance of the rule of law Comey wondered in his piece or on resigning thanked a president who relentlessly attacked both him in the Department of Justice he led for the courtesy and humor you often display in our personal conversations no longer an employee of the Department of Justice Rosen's time decided to fire back at commis characterization of him while addressing the Greater Baltimore committee at its annual meeting yesterday Rosenstein declared now the former director is a partisan pundit selling books and earning speaking fees while speculating about the strength of my character in the fate of my immortal soul I kid you not that is disappointing speculating about souls is not a job for police and prosecutors generally we base our opinions on eyewitness testimony that should be enough for Rosen's time to send away for his first Donald Trump fan club achievement man speaking at Rosen Stein's farewell ceremony on Thursday former attorney general Jeff Sessions honored Rosen's time for his service while wishing him well when it came to Rosen Stein's handling of the Mueller investigation sessions appeared to hint at a shared feeling of impotence that must come with the job as a top official in Trump's DOJ once started these things become unstoppable rod you did your duty as it fell upon you you didn't ask for it that's for sure you initiated the process you follow the regulations the system work its will and what more can a public servant do in other words welcome to the Donald Trump fan club

16 thoughts on “Rod Rosenstein sinks to a whole new pro-Trump low | POLITICS NEWS

  1. Sessions was fired by a crook because he was wanted to break the law and go to jail. So he is not to be listened to

  2. How could they have turned into Trumps puppets and do anything for this monster.
    Easy they know something we don't. Or they have been murdered and cloned………

  3. Rosenstein finally turned into a full fledged trump crook. He must be proud of his success. Retire as a low life. I'm sure his family is proud of him becoming a trump crook. He basically turned into a nobody.

  4. Why would you ruin your life to support a crooked and crazy president that is trying to end our democracy? Trump is broke so he couldn’t bribe you! Who did!

  5. Rod I trusted you why are you lying about Trump now . You are doing a great job of protecting the most dangerous corrupt evil dangerous president in American history, I’m just really disappointed in you , you know he is evil and you don’t care ,

  6. Rosenstien is a ordinary citizen now subpoena his Ass Get him to tell the truth if not THROW HIS ASS IN PRISON

  7. He’s a scumbag, a traitor, a liar and a stupid moron! He’ll face the courts for conspiracy.

  8. Rosensteins silence was deafening as he stood beside Mr Barr lying about the Mueller Report. He is a gutless wonder.

  9. He Rod weasel Rosenstein has caught insyphilides from kissing Trump's ass so much kissing . It symtems are delusional thinking . Trump an Hannity both have confirmed cases of this disease. Both showing symtems of delusional confusion . So Rod hope you used condoms when kiss Trump's fat rump. Sounds like Rod is also suffer from another disease Trumpism . Most of Gop are suffering from it . Trumpism is disease that facts don't matter, lying don't matter and cheating don't matter. The only way to irraticate it is vote 2020 vote Dem or anyone but Trump and his Senate enablers . Was life long Republican but will never do so again.

  10. He's toast in American ( history ) and I think these ( men ) protecting T. are actually forming an alliance with other wealthy ( foreigners ) and do indeed have plans to take America. T. Is really spending on military, he chose to build a wall at our southern border instead of top notch cyber security for our entire nation??? Which was a "national emergency" now we are looking at war with Iran.. This asshat is destroying everything he touches!!!!

  11. Ha ha ha! You stupid fuckers are so fucking lost! A month ago rosey was gonna save your democracy, that never existed. Now that he's scrambling, playing CYA, he's your enemy! Ha ha ha!

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