Saturday Night Politics 7/13/19 | MSNBC News Today July 13, 2019

Saturday Night Politics 7/13/19 | MSNBC News Today July 13, 2019

some of the details you were able to find on this candidates back to you it has been a very very busy afternoon and a very busy last couple of hours in fact for us I'm gonna skip the jacket because air conditioned is not working here in our studio a situation that many people throughout Manhattan are dealing with and speaker if you're still with us this is kinda scripted here at MSNBC world headquarters in New York as we come on the air at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time in New York and the remind people of what's happening right now there appears to be a massive blackout here in New York City the numbers that we're getting from con Edison right now the utility company here in New York is at least some 37,000 customers are without power the word that we got from the speaker and from other officials within the last hour here in New York City that there was some sort of explosion a transformer or type explosion on the on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and officials are still trying to deal with that in the meantime there are people who were stuck inside of elevators trapped there in the subways the Lincoln Center had to be shut down you see Times Square right now which is busy on any given Saturday afternoon but it would appear as the left-hand side of the screen which would be the west side of the city that there are some lights that are not on right now speaker I would do want you to talk to the irony of this this happening on July 13th some 42 years after the big big blackout back in 1977 to the exact date well these things you can't write a story like this that I thought they before this incident happened you know remembering that moment in New York City in the 1970s and how scary that was for folks so it is ironic and weird and a little Twilight me that it's happening you know so many years later I have another update if you want if you want me to give you some more information so the latest information that I have is and I just got this 38,000 customers without including Lincoln Center as you mentioned st. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center which is at West 59th Street Inn in Hell's Kitchen Roosevelt Hospital is reporting that power is lost but they are operating on a backup generator there's no air conditioning power and no elevator service the parks department in Manhattan is saying it's lost all power but they're on backup generators and the Port Authority is reporting that power went out at Penn Station and was immediately restored there are no reports of evacuations or industry or injuries at this times and just so people have a little bit of content how big of a hospital is st. Luke's Hospital there on the west side of Manhattan in Hell's Kitchen oh it's a major hospital I mean it's on it takes up almost almost it's just half of major city block and it's a hospital that serves the big swath of the West Side a very important place and just a key place for the neighborhood and the west side of Manhattan it's located I believe on 16 between 60s and 59 facing 11 have any facing 10th Avenue and it's an important place in mr. speaker if you don't mind please continue to hang on with us while we continue this breaking news coverage of what appears to be a major major power outage here in New York from the Midtown area to the Upper West Side this is going on some 90 minutes right now it is an 83 degree day here in Manhattan a typical summer day but the concern that we are really concerned about right now there are a lot of people who were stuck in elevators and stuck in all sort of places that rely on electricity our Kathy Park is just back she was outside there in the city I imagine Kathy that a lot of people have been out and about and talking about this what's the scene like outside yeah so I was at work the same time you were here at 30 rock when I think it was around like 6:45 in the middle of nightly news when the power went out on the seventh floor when I was at my desk and immediately you know you kind of wonder what is going on and then on the speaker a couple of minutes afterwards we were kind of figuring out exactly what the situation that's are the streets are there there are a lot of people in the streets and we did see some scenes of some lights that are out as well there were a lot of traffic lights that are out as well yeah so I was only able to kind of get a brief glimpse of the scene outside I clearly this is Times Square right now but we're at 49th and and 5th and my window kind of faces that the 50th side of the street and I just noticed that the traffic signals were off people were just kind of meandering around no no scene of chaos or anything like that but having monitored social media I know in law enforcement officials are saying you know in a situation like this obviously avoid taking the elevators because as you mentioned there are a lot of people who are stuck in them right now you want to take the stairs I was trying to figure out how to get to this level because I work on the seventh floor lights are out and obviously want to take caution in this situation as well mr. speaker what are you hearing from I imagine a lot of your constituents a lot of your folks are calling in contacting your office probably contacting you at this point do the sense that everybody as far as you know and responsible for our safe and sound right now it seems like everyone's calm they're just looking for answers so if you look on when you look on Facebook and I'm hearing directly from constituents asking for information and updates and which is why I called con Edison try to figure out what was going on but as soon as we have anything else we'll hear and I'm not I'm hearing you know small businesses restaurants someone sent me a shot from a karaoke bar that had lost power so people are just wondering what's going on it's you know in Manhattan in a densely populated city when something like this happens people get concerned and the most important thing is to stay calm give accurate information out and try to get it fixed right away and and speaking of that and let's give it the importance that it needs right now because as you mentioned it is Manhattan and whenever anything goes wrong in Manhattan we we all get a little alarmed by all of this are you able to say right now that we have no indication that this might have been something that was done on purpose or that there was any sort of terrorist linked to this sort of explosion at this station I wouldn't be I don't have information on that so I don't want to speculate it wouldn't be appropriate appropriate for me to give conjecture on something like that but carnet is on the scene they're mobilizing a number in response and we have no indication why the NYPD so you can understand why a lot of people would immediately want to make sure that that is not the case yes yeah I mean I think it's important for everyone to stay calm we want to make sure that right now it change localize those thirty blocks on the west side we want those customers to get power back as quickly as possible so cool and that's we're going to focus on I actually you know be honest I left the city about three hours ago to come to Long Island and so now I'm about to head back into the city to go to my district where this is taking place to make sure I can reassure folks at home before I even get back well good luck trying to get back into the city it is a mess on any given day but with a lot of traffic cameras not working I could imagine that it'll be even more difficult on this day Mr Speaker I appreciate your time here and appreciate your insight if you do find out anything more including about the st. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital please let us know I imagine with so many people out of power on a warm day so many elderly residents in New York City this is possibly a life-threatening situation isn't it that anyone who needs help but gets help and and it seems to me that emergency services has mobilized for the area and right now I'm not hearing of any injuries or or anything super furious and we want to make sure it continues that way all right our thanks to the speaker the City Council Speaker there appreciate your time the update that I'm just getting right here in the newsroom on in our studio from the fire department they said they are addressing the spike in call volume they say the loss of power is from Fifth Avenue to the Hudson River so basically that's about a mile I believe across and West 40s to 70 seconds so every 20 blocks is a mile in New York City so roughly a mile and a half that way so it is impacting a lot of people question to the control room I know we have a couple folks on the line right now do we have the other shot of the Rockefeller Center and Bill DeBlasio as well the soundbite all right we'll get to those a little bit because I do know that the mayor of New York City well he's in Waterloo Iowa at this hour and he addressed the situation some moments ago we'll get to that in a moment I do want to get to our friend Evan Siegfried who is a contributor here with us from MSNBC and lives on the Upper West Side Evan take me through your experience what you heard what you saw what happened and how's it looking down well around 650 I heard a pop and then every bit of power went out in my apartment and my dog looked a little bit disturbed and then went back to sleep and it was just sort of a very weird thing and then you've heard to hear your neighbors come out yeah after one another what was going on so I pulled up Twitter because thankfully my cell phone still works and saw that there was some sort of power outage in the West Side and yeah and and since that nothing no flickering no nothing and I imagine a lot of people are out on the street nope littering no nothing no indication when we're gonna have power back we've really only been getting updates from speaker Johnson and you just spoke with on Twitter and he's been doing a very good job of that but it's really from what I've seen people are in a fairly cheery mood and talking about prior blackouts including 2003 and wet and starting to ask one another the questions that when do you think stores will be giving out free beer and food it is one of those things that do bring New Yorkers together Evan why don't you hang on there for a moment because I do have with me right now the weekend anchor for NBC Nightly News so okay I I was watching my story here on your newscast right and then the lights went out I was hoping that wasn't something I said yeah so we were a anchor the broadcast normally on Sundays today's Saturday I'm filling for Jose diaz-balart and we were on the air 6:30 as usual and the lights went out in our studio as well our studio is kind of behind where you are here in 30 Rockefeller Plaza and the backup generator went on but unfortunately not enough light for us to go on television as far as the lights but luckily my mic was still on so we as we're doing right now talking over picture yeah that's what I did for the East Coast version of NBC Nightly News so people at home might have noticed that suddenly they didn't see me anymore but they heard my voice they could hear your voice and I did walk over to your studio which is right nearby here and I saw that we're kind of doing these with a little flashlight we moved to another luckily we have another studio in the hallway that's rigged up with more backup generators more lights and we have that shot taking a shot again because you can really kind of sense not to make it all about us but gives you a sense normally all of this this would all all of this would be lit up and this was one of our first indication that oh something went wrong yeah I mean it's just like when you're at home and the lights all go out for a second and then if you have a generator the backup lights come on but it's not as many as you do the hallway out there is completely dark I don't know if you guys have the picture I put up on Twitter but you can see the studio that I was in lit up in the hallway just pitch black but but look I mean we're lucky we're we're still on television be able to talk we have generators just imagine the many people who are in apartment buildings where the hallways are not lit up and a lot of people who are in the subway stations as well where it's fairly dark it's got to be a frightening scene and I have a friend who's in town from Denver a really good friend of mine bought tickets to Hamilton months ago the hit musical and she just sent me video I don't know if you guys have that yet but she just sent me video of the crowd standing outside the theater because they lost power at that theater so they had everybody go out they haven't cancelled the show yet and I know this is a minor inconvenience but think about it for people for tourists that come to that place to Times Square and they've got these theater tickets months in advance they're very hard to get there now standing outside on the street in there you know there's a whole lot of shows on Broadway that are effective and I do want to be honest with the viewers in the meantime while you may be hearing us calling for different shots and different pieces of videos and such we work here in Manhattan and we're impacted by the store by this just pull up yeah and we're having a hard time with our editing capabilities to actually get this stuff on TV right now we're still even though we have the generators we're a victim to this situation as well that image that you just saw just a moment ago was from the 6th Avenue outside our studio where a lot of people are already out there for a festival for a street fest but they're out there now because they can't be inside yeah New Yorkers are pretty resilient I would say so I mean obviously I heard you talking about for the elderly for people who are sick this could be this could be a crisis for people who were on the subway I think it could be a very big inconvenience or stuck in an elevator we're hearing some reports of that happening but for the most part I would say most most New Yorkers will just make do they'll get a little hot they'll go outside and they'll call it a Saturday night and for once we'll get to know our neighbors what do you make of the fact that this is on the 42nd anniversary to the day yeah major blackout 1977 it's you you can't make that stuff up it's an eerie coincidence isn't it yeah but and I wonder you know as the hours go by things will become clear about what's happened exactly whether it was I don't know what our reporting is at the moment transformer fire transformer fire and and you know is it just that or is there more to it we'll have to have to wait for more and in fact actually if Evan is still on the phone with us yeah Evan so you describe it the way you describe it at least on Twitter was it was a loud boom yes popping noise it sound like an explosion and I'm no expert on this but it sound like it was anything that was in any way intentional it sounded like a transformer going and something happening and then just everything went out was it fairly frightening or you just you kind of got a sense of I mean we were just one week out from the fourth of July so we're still used to hearing a lot of pops in here in the city and elsewhere it was closer to a balloon bursting from where I am and the various reports of where this transformer if this is indeed that blue put it far away from me where I live on the Upper West Side file still it was if it reached up here that means it was a pretty big or whatever happened to a transformer if indeed that is what happened well just a reminder to our viewers as we hit the quarter hour 16 after what we are covering right now there has been what appears to be a pretty big power outage in Manhattan it has impacted subways it has impacted the famed Lincoln Center Performance Center it has impacted movie theaters all up and down from Midtown to the Upper West Side our Tom winter reporting that a senior official with dimeric knowledge of the matters says that it appears to have been caused by a transformer on the west side of Manhattan 54th Street and West and West End Avenue for many of the folks who know Manhattan to that end you're getting this from the MTA they were getting reports of power outages in station complexes throughout Manhattan we're working to identify the causes and keep trains moving more information to come this we're going on well over an hour and a half of this okay yeah almost two hours now I think right now it's about six well forty look I think as this plays out you're just seeing a lot of people confused and not quite knowing what to do especially tourists I mean they're not from here there may be staying in hotels there's no air conditioning right now it's getting hotter and hotter in this studio where we're sitting so it's it's gonna be inconvenient for a lot of people as these hours we're on earlier the power company had said they were gonna try to get it fixed by later this evening I don't know what the latest is on that and you know what I got to say that that coned hasn't really said much about what is going on and the famous marquee their great leader City Music Hall is normally lit up on a night like this it is not at the moment I'm not sure who was even appearing at Radio City Music Hall tonight of folks in the control room or elsewhere it can take a look but there are a lot of these performances that were cancelled as a result of this situation you know record 7 o'clock is usually when Hamilton and many of the show's especially on a weekend like this would be popping Saturday night it's Saturday night Lincoln Center the same thing a lot of these shows would be populated by people so right now the number has gone up we're told now that for at least 42 thousand customers are without power in New York City and I do caveat that as you take a look at that number and you think oh just 42,000 customers think about that those are probably each number represents perhaps a household of two or four so you have tens of thousands if not more who are without power right there in New York City in the middle of the evening and you can see the impact that it is happening having on Times Square right now we've been watching that picture on the left of the screen you can see the lights appear to be out on that billboard that norm really carries The Lion King and has it lit up there across from my old GMA studios and also to the right that billboard as well right in the middle is usually lit up as well both of them are not at the moment so a lot of people are out in the streets a lot of cars are stuck in traffic yeah there's a lot of traffic which is not I mean there's always traffic in midtown Manhattan but right now it's particularly bad I've seen some pictures on Twitter of people trying to direct traffic regulars standing in intersections trying to sort of play police and help with traffic flow it's certainly it's certainly snarling midtown Manhattan I will say it's not all over New York City or Manhattan even for people who don't know the geography here maybe a little lesson on that Manhattan is an island it's one of five boroughs of New York City this this is impacting apparently Midtown and parts of the Upper West Side of Manhattan but I just talked to friends of mine who are downtown who are down in the West Village which is just further down the island of Manhattan and they're fine the power is on so this isn't this is isolated but as you say now 42,000 people or more all right we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna continue our rolling coverage of this blackout that's taking place here in the city of Manhattan the city of New York it started about 6:45 and at this hour there are a lot of people who are still without power many people who were trapped in elevators subway stops are shut down at this hour but a reminder we're also keeping an eye on the situation in the Gulf take a look at where tropical storm Barry is right now it is now moving faster north-northwest at 8 miles an hour it is the center's there the town there a city of Alexandria but cities like Baton Rouge expecting up to 18 inches of rain stay with us good everyone I'm Kandace Gibson here at MSNBC headquarters on a Saturday evening and it's turning out to be a very busy Saturday here's among some of the things that we're following right now you're looking at a live picture there in New York's Times Square there appears to be a blackout that has gone on for nearly two hours right now it started at 6:45 p.m. Eastern Time we are told that it's because of a transformer fire and now you have tens of thousands of people who are without power the other thing that we're following take a look at the big screen it is the very latest from tropical storm and very it has picked up speed a little bit that's the good news it is now moving north-northwest at 8 miles an hour but it is still bringing a whole lot of Gulf moisture as you can see there are some hundreds of miles of way coming into the lower lower part of Louisiana New Orleans getting a lot of rain and this is a path that storm will be with us for quite some time and then will be making its way to the Northeast if we continue to spin the camera around you can see where there are some flash flood watches and warnings that are in effect at this hour and if we continue to turn around right now you will see the other story that we're following normally all of this behind here that you see here would be lit up we are victim to this to this blackout here in Manhattan like so many people we heard a boom just about 6:45 eastern time and then the lights went out for a quick second and the generators kicked in but you can see we're still being impacted we're the lucky ones there are many other people who are out there right now who might be stuck inside of their subway stuck inside of elevators and elsewhere our own Kathy Park has made her way outside where there are many traffic lights that are not working and city officials have been out there on the street Kathy what he seen Genisys right so I'm here right in front of 30 rock at the corner of 49th and Sixth Avenue I have to point out it is a little loud right now because we have emergency responders responding to different situations happening across the city we're told that a lot of people are stuck on elevators because of this blackout as you mentioned we were also a victim of this as well right over here to my left is 30 rock and typically this kinda jizz is all lit up but also Radio City Hall is right here as well and you'll notice it's typically a bright red and blue but all of that is out traffic signals are out we have NYPD on the scene right now but I do want to point out exactly where we are standing just a couple of hours ago there was a street fair that occupied the street so barricades were up for that but now they're lifting that up officers have moved in most likely because of this ongoing powder power outage but we're told from an official that this transformer fire started on 54th and West End Avenue that was the source of this power outage and right now law enforcement has been fanned out across the city to kind of respond to any specific emergencies we had an opportunity to talk to some folks out here they said they were staying at a hotel just a couple blocks away when everything went black they heard someone on the intercom and that's when they decided to come out they weren't told to evacuate but they didn't want to stay in the hotel so they decided to come out and walk around the city but as far as a mood it's not something chaotic you know everyone is kind of going about their business this is summertime in Manhattan so you're gonna have a lot of people out and about and it's typically a busy CNN it is the case right now but you have to factor in that power outage I mean yeah we're panning the camera over we're kind of the de spectacle right here as we do this live shot but most people here are in good spirits and kind of taking the situation in stride Candace all right Kathy it is quite a scene out there it's kind of also kind of trippy to watch all those traffic lights that are out straight up and down the avenue of the americas where you are I assume most of the people that you're seeing right now are tourists but a lot of people were in the city trying to go to many of the shows that are just the Broadway shows that are taking place just a couple blocks away but might not be able to right now yeah that's right so our own Kate snow is saying that wonderful friends was actually in the middle of Hamilton a very popular show here on Broadway when the blackout happened and they were told to to to leave the building and they don't know what's gonna happen with the rest of the show for now they haven't canceled the show just yet everyone is kind of in a holding pattern until the lights come back on Kathy in the meantime as you were speaking I shouldn't mention that the mayor of New York and you see me rolling up my sleeve it's because it's really hot here in the studio I don't even have a jacket or elsewhere America Blasio is is tweeting saying New York City emergency management is working with the NYPD and FDNY and city agencies to respond to power outages in Manhattan due to a manhole fire earlier this evening disruption is significant we will have further updates soon so that is the sort of update that I don't think most New Yorkers who are impacted from this necessarily we wanted to hear I'm sure they were hoping to hear that okay the lights will be back on within a matter of whatever time but you hear right there that the mayor of New York who is right now as you know campaigning for president there in Waterloo Iowa saying that it was called by a manhole fire and the disruption is significant so significant what does that mean here's what we do know we're told from the fire department and Con Ed that the fat from 5th Avenue here in New York today Manhattan over to the Hudson River which is several several avenues and several blocks over is impacted and from 42nd Street were you looking at right there North to 70th Street so that's about a mile and a half that grid right there impacted by this black up now Con Ed the utility company is saying that 42,000 customers are the ones that are without power that said that could mean tens of thousands of additional people who are actually being impacted by this power outage so when you look at that number realize that it's probably a lot more people who are then you have many of the tourists people who were in hotels people are in elevators people who were in the subways so many people are being impacted by this we were speaking with we were speaking with the the the Speaker of the New York City Council a little bit earlier on today and he mentioned to me on air that st. Luke's Hospital which he said is about a block wide is right now working on generators and that's an important note because that is a huge Hospital on the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City and no doubt has hundreds if not more of people who were there when it comes to employees and patients but they say that they are right now operating on backup generators we've seen many movie theaters that have been evacuated as a result of this the famed Lincoln Center Performing Arts Center would normally be busy on a Saturday night it is now closed so if Cathy is still with us Cathy just wanted to give like full full picture there of exactly what is going on here at the half hour at 8:30 Eastern Time as we have this major power outage there there on the street have you seen a lot of utility officials out there are a lot of rescue officials out there hey Candace I can't say that I have there have been some ambulances that have come through we saw a fire truck that passed through can't say for sure if they were responding to an emergency related to this power outage but I can tell you that several NYPD officers have kind of created this perimeter around 30 rock I was just in 30 rock just a couple of minutes ago when this power outage happened and it was it was kind of a scary situation because it's something that I haven't experienced before at work and obviously the best piece of advice if you are in this situation is obviously to avoid the elevators because a lot of people didn't know what was going on and they took the elevator and got stuck but outside here you know it is a Saturday night the weather is fantastic so a lot of people are out and about a lot of these folks are tourists we're panning over to them right now but really the scene out here isn't very tense or chaotic one family told me that they were visiting New York City the lights went out someone came on the intercom and told them what was happening that the power was out they weren't sure what it was going to come back on so they decided to come out of the hotel and just kind of explore the city so everyone is kind of taking this minute by minute and they're kind of monitoring this situation via social media but that's also kind of what we're doing as well but it looks like we're getting the numbers seem to be growing as far as outages go because initially when we found out about this we were told that it was about 20,000 around the 6:45 p.m. mark that's when that outage initially happen and then it seemed like every half hour that the number continued to grow and you have to think that those numbers are in the conservative side when you think about how many miles of landscape in a very dense City right now without power sunset here in New York City was at 8:27 p.m. so that means the lights are going to be very very important for many people and there are a lot of people right now in Manhattan who are in the dark as the Sun Goes Down this was one of those big summer evenings for New Yorkers it was one of two so-called Manhattanhenge when the buildings and the grid aligned with the Sun set so a lot of people are probably going out to see the sunset anyway at 8:27 because it was a clear day the previous Manhattanhenge to watch that sunset was rained out in May of this year wanted a round robin in the meantime two different team members who are all over the place shave SP is joining us right now a producer here with NBC News Shea can you hear me all right say where are you what's the situation where you are [Applause] where are you what's the situation there what's going on where you are so I am currently at 64th and one cent Avenue there are a bunch of fire trucks that just drove by I am currently 101 West End which is where one of the transformer fires broke out there's a lot of people sitting around the steering look at the building I try to talk to some of the policemen though it has given me any information run exactly what is going on I'm looking at a fire truck not like a firetruck like a fire like smaller a fire pickup truck it looks like they're trying to pull out some flashlights so I don't know it looks like they're they may be going towards the elevator maybe there may be people stuck inside the elevator inside I'm not getting any information but they're currently in the area when the lights went out could you hear the boom so I actually was sleeping because I worked the overnight shift and so I actually didn't hear anything I woke up with no air condition and my dog was kind of freaking out and a little hot up there so I started going online and saw that there's a blackout and I got outside my third thing everyone kind of confused all the lights are out people were driving slowly through the doorway okay all right and say hang in there for us I do want to bring the viewers attention to really is an interesting scene for me and I don't know if I'm parsing it a little bit too much and if we're able to zoom in but as you can look straight down that Canyon that is Broadway 7th Avenue right there in New York City you kind of see and off in the distance there the lights appear to be out when the buildings that are on the back of that of the screen right there which would not be a normal thing I believe there's a the Manhattan hotel is right there the Times Square Hotel is located nearby also located nearby to the left of the screen several Broadway shows and I'm just getting this into me right now cancel tonight The Lion King due to power outage Aladdin the musical canceled frozen the musical cancelled hate is down a to fraud I can go on and on and on and on and of course finally got tickets to Hamilton and it was canceled as a result as we continue to zoom in on that camera right there we're gonna go on the phone Ryan can you hear me over there over to the generator at least a certain ground level or in public spaces there's no power sort of sparsely or sort of peppered through the blog here but you know by and large earlier sort of you know provide light even the blind throughout you know turning into a little bit more than about you know I mean like people seem to do sort of carrying on just yeah it is a troubling situation because now that the Sun has started to go down there in New York City and I should point out we're reaching the two-hour mark we believe this took place about 6:45 coming in that it was caused potentially by a transformer in midtown Manhattan we were reporting on this breaking news story coming out of Manhattan again the first power outage and in over 40 years if our historical facts are right in line but again just in to us that was caused by a senior city official telling us with direct knowledge of the matter through Tom winter from our investigations team here that this was caused by a transformer fire we're gonna continue to look into this and of course keep you updated we're also watching as I was mentioning top of the storm Barry as it does cross through the Gulf Coast and really power outages have been the story there Michelle Grossman our meteorologist is with us and I'm looking at the numbers just into us at 7:37 Michelle and they seem to have just comparing without giving all the nits and gnats here they seem like they have stabilized Texas still seeing an increase over time Tennessee as well also seeing a spike in power outages there and as you've been telling us it could get worse only because we have a lot of rain in the upcoming to a couple of days here that's right we're gonna have the wind and we're gonna also going to have the rain and the bad news is we're nearing sunset so we never want that especially with the water on the ground it's stagnate we could see some contamination so stay off the roadways some of the roadways are washed away and that will be the story overnight so please be careful tonight into tomorrow this is going to be at least the next 36 hours that we're watching this and really until the end of the week when it hits the Northeast with the remnants of what will be buried at the time so right now we're looking at the current stats 45 miles a south southwest of Alexandria did move a little bit it's decreased in terms of the wind speed 60 miles per hour is also increase in terms of the forward speeds so earlier this morning was moving in about five and then it was six seven and the latest update we're moving at 8 miles per hour we wanted to move a little bit faster but it is a very slow-moving storm this is what radar looks like right now the darker colors and yellows the oranges really have to coast at this point being the heaviest rain but we're seeing that circulation it's been an odd storm from the start we've had some very heavy rain to the south of it we're not seeing that circulation that we they deal with hurricanes and tropical storms but it's filling in a bit and we're gonna start to see these bands continue to fill and we had some heavier bands earlier then a little bit of a break now but we'll start to fill them in once again here is the track for tropical storm berry we are looking at a very slow-moving storm we're looking at a huge storm so lots of water with this and the possibility for some life threatening flash flooding so here we go as we go through our time Sunday 1:00 o'clock we're still in Louisiana not until the northern part of Alexandria until late on Monday it will eventually move into the Tennessee Valley the Ohio Valley and then eventually the Northeast the big weather headline for this storm continues to be the rain the flooding rains and the life threatening flash flooding rains again we are just starting this this is setting the stage for the next 36 hours where we're going to see some pretty extreme pictures over the next couple of days the flash flood watch that's where you're looking at your green and includes places like Memphis Tupelo Greenville Little Rock Jackson Hattiesburg Mobile Biloxi and then even down to Lafayette and Alexandria so a lot of states involved under this flash flooding we did have a warning in Biloxi and mobile that has since been lifted but we could see that inactive once again if we see that raining starting once again this flash flooding is possible through Monday we're not talking tonight not tomorrow morning through Monday so this is a long event please be patient with it and please let it let it run its course six-hour we'd like to show this because we'd like to show the banding that's going from the Gulf this storm started out in Kansas it moved to the south such a strange path kind of turned up some energy got the energy from the warm waters of the Gulf collected that moisture and is moving to the north and dropping that moisture winds right now not too bad we're looking at winds anywhere from 10 to 20 to 30 miles per hour somewhat higher gusts than that so we could see additional power outages we could see some trees down roofs ripped off and those are the pictures we're gonna see over the next couple of days we just got an advisory in this hour of Michelle and what stood out for you I'm just looking I'll just read a little bit of it that just came in this hour from no really

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  1. We've be warned for years that Putin was going to attack our grid. And it is not coincidence that this happened in Manhattan – Trump's world. Putin is sending Cadet Bone Spurs a quick reminder of who is in charge. And this is just a tiny taste of what he has planned for us, folks. You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

  2. really ? a power outtage warrents this time and space ? it's a power outtage people…happens everywhere … msnbc, stop being drama kings…get on with the real news.

    Hey Mayor, NO SOLAR. UNACCEPTABLE ! And why are their still out signs
    .Just another SELLOUT DEMOCRAT LIkE mayor Hancock , of Denver. Well out to Developers and big oil.
    Gee why isn't American number 1? Because the mayors suck up to the rich .

  4. Russia is behind it. They are also ramping up their presence on social media. VOTE πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™!

  5. We already know that both Russia and China are inside of our electrical grid they've caught them they want the sanctions removed

  6. Poor little snowflakes. Poor babies. They act like they have never had a power outage. I live in rural Arizona and the power is always going out. What is happening elsewhere in America? What is happening elsewhere in the world? I want to hear news. As far as news stories go, a power outage is nothing. Of no importance. Did you know that a hurricane is about to hit the South? Did you know that there is a war being fought in Yemen? How about those kids in cages in the concentration camps?

  7. If I were a New Yorker, I would require that everyone have a generator, just in case. We don't know if this may be a warning on the 40th aniversery, from Trumps friend, but we can't afford to let our guard down. What would happen, if they could cut off the power, in NY? So many people in large unairconditioned building, with no windows that open. Someone somewhwere, is planning the next 911. Keep your eyes and hears open, but do not get distracted from what may be around the corner.

  8. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, power outages, major flooding, kids being killed on the border, census being fucked over, impeachment hearings, pedophiles being rounded up, the mayor of NYC sitting in Waterloo,Ia., Illegals being rounded up tomorrow…. Can anything else go on!!!! This country is going through one crisis after another!!! πŸ€ͺπŸ˜ πŸš’πŸš‘πŸ€•


  10. Forty years ago this same thing happened, what a coincidence, but today, we live in a totally different world, a world of hate.

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