79 thoughts on “State Department Aide Overheard Trump Checking On Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. It's being reported that Trump was watching the hearings in his bedroom while feasting on a bucket of KFC, when he started choking on a whole drumstick when the news about someone overhearing his conversation with Sondland in a restaurant. Secret Service had to rush in and perform the heimlich maneuver on him. As the Secret Service was trying to dislodge the drumstick from Trump's throat,  Melania sat watching from the corner of the room, unmoved, calmly filing her nails, with a smile on her face.😆

  2. So Trumpf wanted 3 bribes: 1) Investigate Biden 2) Investigate DNC server hacking 3) Investigate why Ukraine cooperated with Mueller. All three are impeachable reasons.


  4. This call, most likely intercepted and recorded by Russia, is probably one piece of the kompromat putin uses to pressure trump into doing his bidding – this call happened in July, and what did trump do to make Russia win since then? Yea, exactly…

  5. The news has been so focused on only one topic for a week now.
    Haven't heard a word from or on candidate Biden in weeks now.

    Who was the Russian billionair/gangster who's money Parnas and Furman got into Trump's pocket?
    I honestly can't remember his name and can't understand how it hasn't been repeated often here.

  6. The office of the u.s president will never be the same again, Trump egomaniac behavior is destroying the executive branch.

  7. It's getting good PATRIOTS. It's almost over with this Demorats and their conspirators. MSM IS IN PANIC MODE🍿🍿🍿look at Madcows eye bags.

  8. GOP: David Holmes: was only a third hand witness. The phone was the only first hand witness, and we really hope that second hand witness Sondland will continue to lie for us.

  9. There should be call records which should prove this guys claims. Also further witness of this phonecall should also testify. Also why didn't he come forward earlier. Sondland told him that the president only cared about things that benefit him like the Biden investigations.

  10. No Educated Patriotic Americans still support Evil Trump.
    Not one. None.
    Just another day for the Trump Crime Family Syndicate.

  11. The fact that Trump is a crook is not in question, and hasn't been a question for many years.
    The question is, how much longer can Republicans continue to defend his crimes?
    Everything has a tipping point.

  12. I mean, if I were a Trumpist, I would just own it and say that nothing matters but winning. That's probably the truth for the president.

  13. A clear-eyed view of the evidence is that Trump repeatedly asked for the "quo" but never mentioned the "quid" or the "pro." The quo was Ukraine investigating the Bidens. The quid was the unfreezing of militsry aid to Ukraine. The quid pro quo was carried out by henchmen (Giuliani et al), and so far there's no evidence thst the mob boss knew about it. No evidence that Trump knew military aid was being withheld to pressure Ukraine to deliver the Bidens investigation that Trump wanted. Trump publicly asked Ukraine and China to investigate the Bidens and is on record in the rough transcript of his Zelensky call asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, so the Trump-Sondland call adds nothing new. Still waiting for the bombshell that shows Trump knew about the pressure being put on Ukraine to deliver the investigations. Without evidence that Trump knew about the "pro" of the quid pro quo, Pelosi's absurdly narrow impeachment effort appears doomed. Trump should instead be impesched for his many violations of the "take care that the laws are faithfully executed" clause of Article II of the Constitution, which is where the Constitution provides for the rule of law. The Take Care clause was central in two of the three articles of impeachment that the House drafted against Nixon in 1974. Failure to impeach Trump for repeatedly publicly violating the Take Care clause normalizes presidential lawlessness, undermines the Constitution, violates Congress' sworn oath to defend the Constitution, and takes us further down the road to dictatorship. Pelosi seems to be part of the problem, by limiting the impeachment inquiry to something that can't be proved unless someone in Trump's inner circle flips on him. And it's even possible that Trump isn't guilty of the extortion quid pro quo, since he may have thought the reason military aid was being withheld was to please Putin, totally unrelated to the Bidens investigation. When Mulvaney withheld aid in 2017, it was to please Putin, as Rachel explained yesterday.

  14. Subpoena phone records of the two morons talking on unsecured phones in freaking Ukraine, prove the content of the conversation, impeach, remove, arrest, and jail Trump and his cohorts.

  15. I don't understand why more is not made of the call between Bill Taylor and Alexander Danyliuk july 20. This gives us Zelensky protesting about having to get involved in US politics. So he was pressured. This links to the Phone call on 25th July and that Zelensky knew exactly what trump was asking and by the phone call on 20th, was not happy about doing it. There is your Quid Pro Quo and if not Bribery, at least it was a solicitation by the President to a foreign govt. Still impeachable. And that is being very basic and only dealing with one sentence.

  16. I live in southwest Pa and they love trump! I despise Trump and want him out of office! I will be back on Facebook Monday because right wing evangelicals threw me off because I was seeking the truth!

  17. Release your tax returns, trumplethinskin. Show Americans you have nothing to hide. Also, be a man and testify and allow your staff to testify. You can show the world you're truly fighting against corruption. ☺🙂😎

  18. You don't get a Trump as President without the aid of media and the Republicans. FOX took the lead in media, but the other news shows rarely spoke TRUTH to power. They still don't do it often when it pertains to the Republicans. It matters because far too many people do not question the information given to them via news reports. TV is like on big commercial selling us their goods be it a good or bad product is a matter we have to figure out for ourselves.
    What I appreciate most about Rachel is the details so that when I make my choices in what to believe, I feel informed with FACTS and without bias.

  19. I try to watch news from both sides of the line between mainstream and independent news. You seem to take big joy from anything that you can spin. You cant even say it with a real straight face. You sould like your telling a very well spun story. Nothing that you say is said with any level oof serious. Its only entertaining because it's laughable at how you stumble over the very obvious hypocritically things you claim about Trump and other Republicans yet ignore the demarcated doing. The media should be ASHAMED at its self for reporting such garbage while good american men and women suffer at the hands of the corruption. Will you be able. To report trumps reelection? Or Will you be foaming at the mouth wanting to start the next report on what ever made up scandals have been cooked up. I SERIOUSLY hope that those people propagating the false stuff in this coo on the President are held criminally accountable… Assessors to treason! No more…. Im done with this channel

  20. Here we go again with seventh hand hearsay. I heard a friend who told a friend, who passed it on to a bystander, who whispered to a drunk in a bar! BS!

  21. Ok when the movie is made about trump's presidency I think actor Joel Kinnaman should portray the aid, David Holmes 5:25

  22. See?? Just reading the transcript did help Trump?? No. Because the real truth was not on the surface of the transcript. Every piece of the truth was concealed, until now, under the gaslight or smokescreen created by the Trump allies. Trump created almost perfect corrupt wall, full of Trumpism loyal enablers, by eliminating "obstacles" and replacing them with incompetent and corrupt Trumpers. No more. His corrupt empire is ongoing to be crumbling. Final nail has been hammered down.

  23. There is NO BRIBERY OR EXTORTION involved during the Trump-Zelensky phone conversation. Pres. Trump DID NOT OFFER MONEY to entice Mr. Zelensky to look into the involvement of some Ukrainian officials in their interference in the 2016 US presidential elections, HRC’s server possibly being held by CrowdStrike owner, and possible corrupt dealings of the Bidens in Ukraine, following the most publicised video of former VP Biden bragging about his order to Ukrraine’s then president Poroshenko to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings where his son Hunter was sitting in its Board. Neither did Pres. Trump tell Pres. Zelensky that he was holding up the aid money until the latter do something about Pres. Trump's concerns. READ THE TRANSCRIPT. Mr. Zelensky wasn’t even aware that the US aid was being held for good reason (knowing that corruption is rampant in Ukraine and the US AID program). Many millions, billions, and even trillions of US taxpayers money have already been reported as "unaccounted for". So it has become one of the top-most agenda of POTUS to properly address and get resolved accordingly. Remember, it is the duty of POTUS to enforce our laws, and that includes rooting out corruption in government. That is why POTUS issued that Executive Order on December 21, 2017 to address just that. Meanwhile, the $400 million in aid was even released on September 11, 2019 almost two weeks prior to its due date to be released, without any commitment or investigations done by Ukraine as regards Pres. Trump’s request to Pres. Zelensky. During the public hearing, when Rep. Ratcliffe asked the two star witnesses of Adam Schiff to name the crime that Pres. Trump committed that would justify him being impeached, there was a DEAFENING SILENCE between the two. They couldn't name a crime! They presented no factual evidence, and only offered hearsay, assumptions, innuendos, conjectures and opinions that won't hold water in court. Foreign policy rests on POPTUS, not on bureaucrats who are NOT ELECTED by the people. This impeachment inquiry is all a SHAM, as Adam Schiff could not allow the suggested witnesses that the Republicans requested to be brought in. This is just a continuation of the conspiracy to kick Pres. Trump out of office by any means necessary, which is tantamount to a COUP D’ETAT.

  24. None of this matters. The republican congress and senate don't care about any of this and will protect this criminal to the very end. Let's face it, most of the American public is sleeping. Too busy stuffing their faces, watching "reality tv" and of course barely making ends meet at their slave jobs. They won't lift a finger either. Trump will likely get away with everything. He is dismantling your country as we speak and the consequences down the road, I believe will be a full frontal assault by select nations once Trump is gone from office, which will likely be blamed on the new president. Trump has probably already sold the nuclear codes and strategic defense plans to (pick your dictator). You all know he is capable as long as it benefits him or his family.

  25. Trump should be happy, at least, because his name is certainly printed not only in the American history textbook, but also in the worldwide history book, even though his name would not be to the next to other former American presidents but to the next to Hitler, or Nixon.

  26. Now the Republicans and FOX can't complain or attack that there is no the first-hand evidence. Looking back to all of the Republicans' arguments, "nothing there" or "no crime there" or "no first-hand witness" (because Trump and the WH refused to release those first-hand information or documents), or "too much" for the "incoherent" Trump to make a "coherent" decision"….. They could not say any more… Unless they bring up an "insanity" defense?

  27. Thumbs up to Trump for making the USA more secure! Why not give Trump a megaphone and drop him in the center of Moscow so they can save time getting Intel on the United States. Hello, people red flag here!!!!!!! can't wait to hear the Republicans justify that Trump is allowed to do this kind of stuff! My God Republicans where are your priorities you were more concerned about a tan suit?

  28. …me too I over heard Trump on my cellphone, Trump must be impeached.
    Also my cousins and all my friends heard Trump on the phone with the Russians.

  29. tRumpers/GOP: You haven't got ONE impeachable offense.
    Patriots/Dems: We've got four, at least!
    tRumpers/GOP: See? You haven't got ONE!!! We won't impeach.

  30. So he shouts down on an unsecured cell phone, in a restaurant, in a country where every phone call is bugged by Russian Intelligence…


  31. Patriots, there is a reason why "hear say" knowledge is NOT admissible in a court of law. Also, someone claiming to overhear comments by another person is NOT proof of anything. People LIE!!! There must be credible evidence – videos, recordings, emails, letters, etc. to back up what a person's accusations. The Democrats and lying media expect people to believe all these Trump haters OVER the numerous comments by the Pres. of Ukraine and his staff, that Pres. Trump is not guilty of the accusations made by Democrats. Remind yourselves of ALL the reports by CNN and MSNBC that were exposed as false. America has the most sophisticated investigative tools available and yet they have NOTHING on Pres. Trump. Unethical tactics and most likely criminal acts will hopefully be exposed with the IG report and Durham's report. Pres. Trump isn't perfect, who is? But he deserves due process just like we all do.

  32. Rachel! Please address the “Kardashian issue” and the Presidents attempts to manipulate the Swedish PM and justice system. If you’r smart (as you are) you can even incorporate conclusions that has do to with his “last night in Sweden” speech. If you get it right it will be a story about a moose trying to copulate with a wooden moose sculptures, a PM asking what the President has smoked, and other fine things that may be a bit to upsetting for Americans. #[email protected]

  33. Don't know how in a restaurant can hear a phone conversation from the voice inside the phone? Unless they put on speaker let everyone in the restaurant to hear Mr. president's conversation.
    That really need to held a hearing for the ones in restaurant.Ambassador is a good old man. He did not know he was used by Democrats and forget to use his common sense.

  34. The new Ukrainian prosecutor says Maria called him to her office and gave him a list of people not to investigate. Burisma was on the list. He put his papers in a briefcase and applied for a visa to talk with the State Department about it. She denied the visa requests. Is it any wonder when Ruddy showed up they wanted to talk with him? That lady was corrupt trying to protect Hunter Bidden.

  35. Traitor trump and his disgusting criminal family should be treated like Osma Bin Ladan ,, home grown terrorists , criminals and extortionist

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