Steven Law 5 Classical Guitar Supports review

Steven Law 5 Classical Guitar Supports review

Hi, I am Steven Law. Today, I am going to review five different classical guitar supports I will share it from the most protable to the most unprotable Look at the first one In fact, what is classical guitar support? Some people playing classical guitar doesn’t want to use a footstool. Sometimes you can use this guitar support so that you can put your feet flat on the ground. The first one is the most portable Only one suction cup It should be the last year I bought at Taobao. It’s steady after sucking the guitar. But when you put your thighs on, you use a little force. It’s already falling off So this one is almost completely meaningless and can be thrown away. The second one is my Anhui students give me Also a suction cup and it’s wooden And the portability is very high, let me test it. This sucks a lot more steadily than just that one. And then when you hold the guitar, even if your body moves, it won’t fall off easily. If I need to put one in the guitar case, I’ll choose this one. Of course, it’s not too safe to perform on stage with only one suction cup. The third one is moderately portable, some of which are soft But if your guitar isn’t big enough, it may not be as steady as it is. This one has three suction cups and even if your body keeps moving, it sucks up very steadily. And can fold up easy to carry The fourth is a very common But this size is relatively large, I think it is not convenient to carry around. But when I’m practicing long hours and want to use a guitar support, I use this one. Because it is made of metal and the three suction cups are also stable. This you obviously feel very solid And then to the last one My personal favorite, and also the least portable Guitar hoop This thing was sent by my Anhui students, too. You can move your body as you like and you don’t have to worry about him falling off. If I don’t use footstool when practicing, the most common I use this one That’s all for today, see you next time

4 thoughts on “Steven Law 5 Classical Guitar Supports review

  1. The height is fix or can be adjusted for the first 4 guitar support?
    Thinking getting a support as can be tiring if practice for long hour. Or continues teaching for more than 2 hour .

  2. there is a lever in the back of the suction cup (the first one), you need to push it to the other side to lock it in place…

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