Tuesday night’s round of voting left both political parties checking their game plans

every election 2018 last night’s round of voting across five states left both parties looking at their political game plans Republicans got serious alarm bells

Korea’s political parties gear themselves up for new administration in U.S.

We start this morning with the domestic reaction to Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election… South Korea’s political parties are agearing up for

Korea’s political parties welcome return of former UN Secretary-General…

Korea’s political circles were also quick to welcome the former UN chief back to his home country. However, they showed different stances and opinions when

Korea’s political parties closely watch situation day before court’s ruling

Turning our focus on the nation’s political parties. Some still firmly stand by the embattled president while others stake their jobs in support of impeachment.

Political parties have mixed reactions to court’s arrest warrant decision

The reactions from the nation’s political parties were mixed… in the wake of the court’s decision on the arrest warrant for arguably the most powerful

Political parties unable to agree on National Assembly speaker post

Korea’s major political parties remain locked in a bitter stalemate over which parties should hold key posts within the 20th National Assembly. The three parties

From self-mockery to theme songs, political parties get creative with campaigns

As we enter the second day of official campaigning for the April 13th general election, Korea’s main political parties have been coming up with some

S. Korea’s political parties condemn N. Korea’s nuke test after all holding emergency meetings

South Korea’s political parties also reacted promptly… each convening emergency meetings. All were on the same page that North Korea’s provocation is unacceptable,… but slighly

Political parties mired in deadlock over passage of $9.8 bil. supplementary budget

Turning our focus to the pending bill on the nation’s supplementary budget. Despite an agreement among Korea’s three major parties to pass it by today,…