Psychology of Political Activism: Women Changing the World | SmithX on edX

[PIANO PLAYING] LAUREN DUNCAN: What motivatesa person to become an activist. How might someone's political identitybe shaped by their personality and life experiences. Activism is

Presidential Politics | Lecture 3

this program is brought to you by Stanford University please visit us at well tonight it's my great pleasure to introduce the moderator for

How women in Pakistan are creating political change | Shad Begum

المترجم: Fatima Zahra El Hafaالمدقّق: Riyad Almubarak أنا هنا لأخبركم كيف يحدث التغيير على مستوى محلي في باكستان، لأن النساء تجدن مكانهن في العملية السياسية.