Talking Normies Podcast - Episode 18 - G.O.T. A Study of Throne Politics 101!!!

Talking Normies Podcast – Episode 18 – G.O.T. A Study of Throne Politics 101!!!

and stream but thank you very much you know you talk like that you just so many times lose to me oh really yeah hey we're gonna talk about Game of Thrones now anybody wants to do a call in that's how you do it but now you gotta explain how to do a call well if you go over to our discord you see join our discord first and then if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the channels there you see all the voice channels there there should be one called the queue and if you join the queue you will be put in the waiting waiting list you will be brought into the call as soon as it is but we're not doing that to later on the podcast so let's enjoy the discussion first oh yeah everybody here's a solemn reminder from the normies it's Mother's Day I assume that all you have a mother more than likely a mama if not you know sorry for your loss but also you know go go go chat with her say hi to your mom word to your mother with that being said let us get into this very atmospheric and very dark episode super of Game of Thrones so we're gonna start off light because you know things is gonna get heavy as they tend to do people say the audio sounds immaculate oh my god that's no one said that except for me but I'm not here so the first question is this John the worst pet owner of all time in Westeros Jones happy Mother's Day it is Mother's Day and it is Mother's and yes he is the worst pet owner of all time Mother's Day is tomorrow but also have your Mother's Day shouts Izzy I say that a John is the worst pet owner in all of the Seven Kingdoms all let's just get that out of the way I don't know what's going on in the book but hopefully he doesn't just leave his wolf like that there has to be a better way to do it it better be like four pages of goodbyes Nellie in the book he has some warding abilities as just aria so the wolves are way more important in the books I think I don't even want to talk by the show has just mistreated direwolves to such a unfair extent listen and and I do want to point out to this in the background in the show in the moment I'm always like caught up in I don't know but then as I have the rest of the week to think about him I think she really brought me the wrong way now I notice because of budget but damn dose really got shafted I guess there has to be a way that that's just her way of saying like he wasn't important the dire wolves weren't important they were just here for a little bit also it seems like the show leaving goes behind is John leaving behind all the things that make him a stark because he is making a transition yeah there's a mistake I didn't like the way it happened but I understand the importance of him leaving ghosts behind so that you know he can be a Korean now but in also his fucking dragon got shot in the episode so I don't know what the fuck that's about but see the thing is is like I feel like he wants to be a Terry I feel okay so the politically speaking I feel like the reason was it was because they couldn't afford the goddamn shot cuz they couldn't CGI it so now because of that politics I feel like we're trying to give it meaning when there really is it's it was the shitty it was just shit Lee Han so here's another thing though you could literally just get a white dot for them on a box have a close-up of their faces red I mean it's I am no expert but I feel like that's an easy fix I don't understand why you wouldn't just take that little little I always hear that it's difficult to shoot with the direwolves for whatever reason I don't know why like they always says don't do with kids and animals when you shoot because you can you can reliably kind of get it but like how many shots does it take for the wolf to nail the show like bro if you can do a whole dragon and if we know that dire wolves are supposed to grow pretty fucking big night marry it was huge okay now I mean it was way bigger than ghost ever oh so like just make them big and unnatural so you don't have to use an actual wolf we could just CGI it and then I don't know fuck you fuck you for whoever made yeah alright man I didn't think we should start off come out swinging everyone else is about the rest of the show just the direwolves I'm like come on man Clem says you're repeating his words right it's the Clem he said that in when we were talking after the episode nice what'd you get a warm box on a box don't don't get yourself false hope show it's just in case I'm going in with mild expectations for these next two yeah yeah yeah I think I think this kind of things we gotta really mitigate our expectations so and mind you guys we're taking a little easy before we get into the heavy stuff so the next question was what was your Westeros Starbucks order well what's in a fury blonde uh I love that we're like dragons ooh dragons don't hesitate these they're fucking lizards but we're like dragons milk has to be a thing they don't have bloops in there my mind is a triple venti have sweet no fat Casterly Rock mojito or a castle Iraq macchiato yeah with Elena's powdered breast milk as a whipped topping please thank you I mean I've really got to get back to the wall it's really caught up there and I need the energy you know I might go with like a nasty old flea bottom blend just think so Oh God and if not then a hot pie blend you know the little hot pie cookies nice little garnish sure I'm sure he could it's the main holiday that they celebrate and in Westeros it'd be like light at the seven day or whatever they have the tourney they've got a tourney the tourney cup the tourney got like a special edition I would have some lemon cakes with mine yeah it's pretty popular in there in King's Landing what about the golden company espresso golden what it's good can we get like the lake flakes ooh a Lannister expresso would have like little flecks of gold yeah I wonder what Daenerys was drinking probably Daenerys seems like she's a straight black coffee just it really shows how important that is to Lake I mean just that tiny Lou I mean it's not a tiny mistake for a first set that size like that like how could they forget that but I mean you did we there's so many moving parts about you know there's a lot of moving parts but it's like in the shot like it's right in front of her and like to make a mistake like they just shows like how it can just like Crump like no but we're not talking about anything else especially it's just like damn good for Starbucks though I mean like what if they paid Danny like two million dollars a week you leave it out on the table and then they have to pay the editor like another two million dollars and a continuity guy like another two million Miller shot there was this cartoon I saw where it's like a cartoon of a John and Davos like on the kingsroad yeah and like they have Starbucks like cups like a tests or their horses yeah and I mean it's fucking while but yeah I am you know I've never worked on a set and I do think that at least with our workflow something like that would have happened it would've come down to the editor so as much as I want to shit talk whoever the editor was that must have passed through so many eyes even afford the editor it was the people behind the camera on the continuity person the producer like does anyone watch these after it's cause like I'm the type of person who that's a mistake I would have made so I can't and I have people like you know I mean that's why I'm Jose hey we if I like worried about a video Mike will you watch this video for me just like watch it too because like I know that but like no I'm not it didn't break my immersion I just thought it was a funny thing notice a HBO after I found out okay I also would like how cameras like so the scene was in the hall and it's lit by candlelight so like I know we're seeing it well lit in you know with how cameras work but actually on set it was probably pretty dark so and I'll give them a benefit of the doubt but that's a huge that's the gap because you're right that like after they do the tape everybody stands around the camera in there let's watch this what do you think it's not one person was like I mean that there had to be a reason for that time I'm telling you Starbucks put it because after the fact like we cannot set up for that shot again that's what I mean but they digitally removed it on the episode so like look I could have done that did remove meant I'm fuckin shit it after-effects but I could've did it so like it's not that hard yeah well I think I saw an image of someone just replaced Aria when John was hugging Aria with ghost and it looked legit oh yeah on Twitter can do this image in how long they could be dead last question start stag bugs stag bucks there must always be a Starbucks and one alright and the last silly question is is probably gonna be a legend in the North because of his three-way women talk man yeah I think kings lending or talking about someone whose eyelids got burned off I'm sure they they know about pods rod in the north yet yeah all right you can't spill Podrick without the word date pod pod pills that's right Papa pods riding your hot rod all night that was so funny how they did it's like in the backer he's like I wrote the time step if you go to 21 minutes and 34 seconds you can see young Podrick in a background put his arm around two girls and escort them out Ford is going to be the most pleasurable nights of their entire lives so far pod pod the tripod latter illusion says Oh Mickey you're getting um faster than we are over here pod is a virgin you drink one too why holy shit I thought he was drinking because he was nervous I thought he was drinking because he was nervous he was I that's why because they laughed after that cuz he didn't follow the rules he was just like drinking because it was awkward said yeah yeah don't don't fuck with me like that joy saying maybe you just paid him to be like Pat's got the ride no no I want to live vicariously through pod goddamnit we're not changing this alright right we're gonna get you a three-way setup next week just for you alright and with that what do you guys feel about Jamie and tormund and Brienne what do you feel about Izzie love triangle torment took it like a champ he he didn't you know throw a fit he was just sad for a second and you know accepted Lady brilliance or serbians choice and he just he just rolled with it I really like that I mean it's it's I like that it was Jaime and Brienne because there's always been thing with them and just because tormund is like charismatic and being nice to her every time he's made any kind of a move towards her you can see on her face she's just like she's not into it what do you do like for funny Chipping yeah because bran never reciprocated yeah also I would like to talk about the boy that Brienne was previously into was it not a motherfucking King was it not a dude adorned in gold was it not a dude from a fucking high family like Brienne she's into though she's into the whole thing she's into the celebrity shipment this is really funny cuz Brienne and Arya are so alike but whereas Arya does not want to be a lady Brienne I don't think really wants to be a lady either but that wouldn't upset like she'll be fine with that she is into the Oh real quick and guys we're not saying that pod didn't have that exchange with the prostitutes back in King's Landing we're saying that maybe he paid them or maybe there was some sort of trickery there thus by letting him keep his virgin ship so that he could just break to his friends No he sang to them but you could believe it either we won so the thing with Jamie and torment is that like Jamie's fucking prince charming he's essentially the most eligible bachelor in all of the Seven Kingdoms in of Brienne has a chance to get with him or this fucking nobody from beyond the wall and he thinks she's gonna go with and I'm not saying that her and torment wouldn't be a great couple but like come on like are you going with this nobody that you know or the dude you've been on the kingsroad with that you've been through shit with that saved you from a bear and is also fucking the most beautiful person in the Seven Kingdoms I fucked Amy Lannister once alright so I could see why Brienne would be down with the corny Lannister even with the Graham oh no I I think they got really lucky with the casting for tormund even though he's like the Capital One guy now he's funny he seemed seem like that typical dude who gets like that drunk at like torment is all right so out of anybody in the Seven Kingdoms are you gonna get a beer with his torment this motherfucker came back from the dead he's like I saw it and they were like we all saw him he was like no doorman is like which one of you shit in my past which one of you cowards shit like I think that he liked the way he talks and the way he just acted it shows he doesn't really care about what people think about him and like I find it like free and he's just like default you know I mean but he's also like willing to give people a chance like he always gave John a chance you guys first met him today even like he told John um like when I think when he was climbing a wall with Ygritte he was like I was like you know don't don't don't scream when you fall so she doesn't think of that the last thing she thinks of you like torrents always torment he doesn't have a person that would lie like he's always up front and he always was like John like I kind of think you're still a crow but like I mean what the fuck ever will kill you if you get out of line like he's always I don't know he's such a charismatic guy and I think that we want to see Brienne with somebody like that cuz we I think we can all agree that tone probably treat her right I think torment actually was fall in love with his lady and like they could have been together but that's not what Brienne wants you know yeah she never she never know man she want somebody at Kings lady in a real I can't fucking Wayne before look who's in the chat what up Sam Chowdhury a shout-out to my brother he's in the chat right now oh shit Sam I think I only met you once but what up and minx yeah as my bro he's working and holding it down right now for the fam not out you got four kids man he works hard mark hey Brooke like while we're in this timeout y'all want to order food I want to choose food and give him good orders will have to wait we can't choose food now but I'll run under like two like it still running to pick something to won't get it so the last thing I'm gonna say is that Jamie is 100% Brienne's type and that's no fault to Brianne everybody's got a type and it's just how it is fortress of Norma – yes so we're calling this place no they're calling it the Legion of Doom all right sweet what so now now what next guys the next question is I have it written down on this other piece of paper over here I wanna jump around a little bit do it well John make a good king yeah hmm I mean theoretically yes theoretically no I'm asking John Snow yes I think yes why do you think you'd be a good kid I think okay because we've seen John put everybody else's needs before his even though he doesn't want the position even though he you know would reluctantly rule I think he would suck it up and get the job done I think I think he would take put the realms needs before his as he's done throughout the show I think he would be a reluctant King but I don't think he would fuck it up I think he would just suck it up and carry on with the job oh thanks Christian Jim we're gonna get ourselves a snack let me say this about John as a king John is too naive too nice and too good to play the game of Thrones be dead within a fucking year the day he sits on that throne because he doesn't want it he's not hungry enough for it he's not greedy enough for it and he literally can't do politics John can't maneuver through he can't lie if you can't lie you can't be a politician let's just be fucking real so like I think if John comes down as the king he's gonna get rolled on and the fucking Dorner shall become the Kings slightly afterwards because John will just be like I'm only here for the honor and I'm here to talk straight and shoot from the hip and that shit don't work down in King's Landing like what does John like to do what are his interests and hobbies he wanted to be a man of the Nights Watch that that and sword fighting he's good he's good at loving in a cave I just I feel like because I was I don't know if I was watching but when he was talking to Sansa and Arya and trying to ask them not to tell the secret he's like I swore a vow please when I heard I was like I feel like Jon's been yelling this all throughout the show like at some point to someone about something about convince people to do some shit John what do you want to do what do you want John I what he does want is to be with Daenerys and not be the king everybody's like he can't possibly have it all like you can't not like you can't sell your family the truth and at the same time thinking that your relationship with Daenerys will go continue it's just like not gonna happen like you have to pick you made a choice yeah that's that's the bottom line and I feel like he's still things that there there's gonna be a way around it and they'll figure it out but like Lauren says he likes caves I like caves but yeah no I mean but we've seen John be tonight like I I do think John is gonna get himself killed on some night shift because like he especially when it comes to battle like the enemy always has him where he wants him yes every single time Doug if he manages to gets his way out of it but like he's been lucky to have survived this long he literally died and he came back because he has a part to play but there's mother for he's gonna die yeah he's gonna die on some dumb shit and like look I'm not saying he made a good move by incorporating the wildlings into the Nights Watch and I think if we would have seen him do some like fucking Littlefinger shit where he's like hey I need to get inside the castle and murder these other motherfuckers cuz they're gonna murder me first that I would be a little weary on John you know what I mean but he gave him that chance and he fucking died and lucky for him he's some sort of prince or King that was promised and he came back and the other motherfucker would have just been dead mm-hmm I'm sorry I have to reply this Funko shout out to the mods and the chat doing work I see you just a reminder to everybody you're not in trouble or anything we just like to keep the chat on topic during these so yep try not to ask about what we're reacting to suggesting shows and such we will react to the it trailer I think maybe possibly that's all that's all I'm gonna give you anyway we're gonna continue with that ASMR sorry I'm taking a business text message over here at the same time but yes what do you think you think John would actually make a good king or you're not you know weirdly I think he would make a good king but I yeah I don't think he wants it I mean he I saw him be the commander of the Nights Watch and he knows what needs to be done and I feel like he's just like Stannis but he won't be so extreme or like oh if someone needs some leeway or needs to be cut some slack he would probably be willing to to do so but then again he didn't think to legitimise Gendry as a Baratheon you know and he could have totally fucking done so he didn't think so to be competition for Stannis though yeah so I mean honestly Sansa is the only smart one actually thinking about people that need to be fed and resting and like the actual I think what's nots actually learned from all the people she was with is what not to do so yeah did what they never did which was pay attention to the small folk and being fed and keeping up the castles resources so sorry I went off topic none are you good and don't worry because we're gonna get around to talking about Danny but I want to talk about the tension in the show because the tension felt good but it also felt good to the detriment of like the characters like Viserion dying was poof and out of nowhere but really Danny fucking forgot about the iron fleet and then look I don't care if Danny forgot Jiri and forgot Varys forgot fucking the leader of our goddamn army grey worm forgot like that they literally have to make all of those characters stupid for the dragon to die couldn't the dragon have died in a way that wasn't stupid like they literally once again it's all forgot once again it's a budget-cutting like clearly it's a budget-cutting thing like we can't have two dragons in the final battle but it's like see that's what I'm saying is like the real reason I feel like is the politics and and after the fact we like try to give it meaning and it's like that's not how it's yeah but yeah I mean it was it was out of nowhere but yeah I mean like for them to literally say oh yeah she forgot about it I mean that's what like and just like what's uh like all right I thought that and I don't know why and it's good but like what I thought bran was gonna have a plan and he didn't and it's just like rhymes I'm going to go now why so like are you we creating tension by just making like bran doesn't give a fuck he's just like fucked off he just literally doesn't care he does care about the war and how things are gonna go down that's the whole point of playing but I'm saying it's like it feels like sometimes it shows building tension to the detriment of other characters and oh absolutely yeah and I don't I don't like that like how so like with bran being like I'm gonna go now so that everybody's like ah wonder what he's doing what's happening what's gonna happen and then like well nothing or like with Danny being like I'm gonna go back to Dragonstone I haven't been there in at least two months I'm not gonna send scouts ahead of me I'm not going to fucking do any of those things I'm not gonna bring the fleet over that I literally have that they mentioned in that episode they depicted the I aboard Felipe yeah yeah yeah she's just not there does varus not have little birds anymore he doesn't cuz yeah but then what uses what why tyrion gave Danny the exact same plan he gave her in season seven which caused her to lose the Dornish the fucking sand snakes bastard and killed and a lot like Elena ever in the Casterly Rock siege was a was a like don't split your army you did it literally last season she wanted to move all her forces and she had to move half of them on water and half of them I mean like on foot but like I mean they all couldn't get can be they don't have the fleet if maybe why won't you march with John the whole army I mean you want those resources there for like a two-pronged attack but yeah you would want to get them you want to take the boats because the boats can get there faster attack them just happened I know look maybe maybe in the end maybe in the very end Tyrion is a fucking snitch a snitch it's kind of starting to seem like it at this point real quick Fred Carmichael with another five thank you so much for the kind words of all the creators that support y'all are the most consistent and most professional thank you for your awesome color yeah thank you not true but thank you so much you know when the cameras go off it's literally like monkeys in the zoo hair but when they come on we perform tight for y'all all right so then here's the big fucking question all right is Danny going mad like her father is she gonna go crazy like a father yes okay so first I want acknowledge that we already have a mad queen and a story and that is Cersei Lannister she erased everybody's gaslighting Danny before she even makes any decision before she even expresses her opinion on how she feels about certain things they immediately always look at her be like please don't burn the city like you don't even know if that was her plan you know you're just assuming that that's her plan because she has dragons and I understand it it's an understandable fear to have but also you're literally putting it in her head that she will go mad your gaslighting her and you're making her lose all of her shit is like when you're trying to like stay calm like when you're stressful situation if someone tells you calm down it's the same situation and I think that if anything we should call her broken Queen not mad Queen because she's really like she's lost everything at this point she's lost her best friend and the only adviser that she actually trusts – I mean gray warm she trusts you with gray warm but like he's more military she's lost Jorah who she trusted the most she's lost two of her dragons at this point in Westeros defending the people that don t want to have anything to do with her I just really feel really really bad for her and where she's like where she is right now from where she started you know what you got Mickey um I I agree with everything you just said I think Danny is getting a lot of like a lot of hay just like people are I can't find the right words here but basically I don't have a problem with how they're writing this I don't have a problem cuz like if we think about all the clues that have been given up is she's a child of incest and and that doesn't mean that she's gonna be crazy I think she's probably the most stable Targaryen but I think her father kind of lost it later on in life and I think that she probably would have been able to hold it down if she didn't experience all those losses but there are triggers like you can experience just very sudden like I mean she's lost not just her armies like she didn't consider them armies that's her people like yeah shoot there weren't just like useless pawns to her like Oh every single one of those debts is felt for her she's lost so much and that could be a trigger to have her do some wild shit and I'm okay with that like it ya sense actually it makes sense I can I can see the beginning in the end of that and of course there is the quote you know I mean there's different levels of villainy and she's not like a Cersei villain but if she does but you know the quote the villain is just a hero for the other side yeah surge what about you when you think I think Danny could become mad and if that were to happen III don't know I I think they're just making it so we think that might happen because I think that's kind of a kind of hinted at it throughout the show with just her subtly like like burning people alive and stuff and have that she has a little Targaryen itch but yeah man she's literally Mark Keough thank you for the donation like she came with three dragons in the biggest army and now she's back same spot where she landed and has like so much less and it's all because her dumb fucking Terry and I love you but you're stupid he's been fucking shit and because she's been trying to do good yeah she's been a do-gooder and westeros don't fuck with do-gooders done so that might be the lesson like she saved the world but she fucked yourself out of what you want always wanted but you know maybe she shouldn't maybe she should take a step back and be like is this shit even worth it yeah so well but that's that's the other part of this overall conflict here because she can't go back now there's nowhere to go like what is she supposed to do after she like go back to memory no if I was in her shoes and I put my armies and my people through this hell to only be like okay well I decided that I don't want the throne anymore let's just go back to Meereen do you think those people who like Greece I think I have no I think Dario's restoring a party like Marines just like I'm hoping Dario comes with a clutch somehow that would actually that'd be pretty cool but like her decision to leave would just make everything pointless yeah it would be for nothing she's got a died on his pyre so I wanted to say this all right and I'm kind of starting to think Tyrion might have made some kind of deal with Cersei that he's being a fuck-boy purpose I don't think I look I know but I need to explain Tyrion fuck up don't know how to write it off for so long so I know he's not a monster here's what is that I like to look at my other favorite characters in this show all right I like Aria I didn't think Aria was mad when she murdered all the phrase I like John I didn't think John was mad when he fucking murdered a child I even like Tywin and I kind of loved the whole rains of castamere thing do you know what he did in the rains of castamere do you know very specifically what he did castamere was built on a fucking mind all right when they went to go attack castamere this was after they wiped out the one house already they want to attack Kasimir they hurt men women and children anyone a fucking song about him no I never called him the man lion no one ever said he was fucking crazy so listen Danny I'm sorry and I'm sorry to say this cuz this goes against everything I believe in any other show I want Danny to win she's got a burn fucking King's Landing to the goddamn ground I'm sorry yeah I was thinking that maybe Cersei would pull some shit we're like wildfire goes off and she's like oh the band Queen burn us all fuck that noise look I I need her to be the dragon we've continued to see her hold back on being a dragon there's only two more episodes Elena's advice you need to I'm sorry I don't want these people to burn to death but I know I want daddy to win I'm willing to see her reign literal hell fire from above yeah it won't be okay that she does that but I mean fuck yeah she's gonna do it bring customer as mentioned priest monarchy and then she we've seen her listening and taking advice from her advisers and she unlike the mat the actual math queen has surrounded herself with advisers that have different opinions from her not she did not surround herself with yes men who always cheer her on as she burns everything down and she continues to listen to her advisers and that is and has been her downfall shoutouts to Peter we did hear about the Brawn being a secret rain and we thought that was super interesting we all want them to make that fucking happen bran Oh real quick I wanted to say that this was probably the best acting I've seen Emilia Clarke do in the entire series yes I actually was like very convinced that her expect yeah her eyebrows are like oh my god you're so concerned but it's gonna happen John Astor yeah and I love it at King's Landing when they were having the faceoff like she didn't have any makeup on at all and it just like liked her very obvious where you have Cersei absolutely have absolutely no empathy she doesn't care about anybody but her family she lost them all everybody she said to Joffrey everybody who isn't us is an enemy is now it's only literally her left like you blast whoosh it's she is the only Queen in the history of Westeros who has never went down to talk to the common people and establish this relationship because you know like the first lady's always are the ones to like go talk to the common folks take their take you know some concerns from them bring them to the King King she's never done any of that because she just doesn't care the only people she cares about are her family on the other hand you had but she wants to kill them all and they're all dead already because she doesn't have empathy and then also she has like the psychopathic way of revenge which just goes above and beyond to make sure that you taste all this shit that you've ever given to her like Elena Delle Elena what's her name ilaria yeah el are you saying Danny wouldn't do I've never seen her like the moment her dragon burned a child she put her dragons in in a fucking cage I think the worst thing she's done was to like to slave-owners when she like crucified them yeah that was about like the worst things I think how they're similar is only how their public perception is to people that aren't there and when she asked John for advice in season seven about like what if she just went and burned everybody you know even if she's the one with better morals if he does what Cersei would do in like a wartime thing that's what the people are gonna remember like you're just more of the same like even if all the rest of her is fine that's what it's like the PR yeah and I think with her with Danny being like she wants to break the wheel that to break the wheel like I look I think if you want the throne you have to get dirty and get shitty to get it period all right I remember when even when a little finger was like Ned you could have set up on a throne or even when like when fucking Jaime sat on the throne for a second you know what I mean after he like you have to get dirty you want to get on the throne you have to get dirty and get it that's the only way I've seen anybody on the fucking show get it all right Robert Baratheon had to start a war on some bullshit he had to usurp the fucking throne and get the throne like if you want the throne I'm neither a conqueror or you're a fucking wartime madman who's gonna do your fucking shit alright he gave them up for his chest oh but goddamn Warhammer for the throne over a woman that wasn't I'm gonna do gotta go thrown I'm gonna bring a quote from a different show Vikings power is only given to those who are willing to lower themselves to pick it up I know it's like a little bit cringy some people think the mainstream like crosses over but I thought it was neat I wanted to share a little fun fact about the Brawn scene remember when he's like that's all you high bones all started out as like cut through lol like so the House Lannister was actually started by someone named Lann the clever and he actually stole Casterly Rock out from house Casterly like somehow trick I don't know how the details but he tricked them like he get in the castle casted them out they all died or something but yeah basically cleverly like this thief this little born just took the castle from these highborns and now House Lannister is this big like think so when bran has said that you know a couple any other like a cutthroat can't be in charge of Highgarden it's like that's where all Lord started Lords like you know he started his fucking cutthroats killed the right people killed a couple thousand man I have a real big like heart boner for any system that's like weird system built on morals and values and it's like your fucking system built on murder and destruction and all that other bullshit don't you ever dare pretend like you aren't and then don't you get shitty when motherfuckers are trying to attempt to be in that same part of the system with the same way that you got a fuckin part of the system because systems only protect themselves and so whenever an outsider comes in they're like shun me outsider even though the Outsiders playing the same game that they fucking play it to get into the same spot they might be a hundred years down the road from them but the outsiders just doing the same shit there were it got here because systems are usually usually there's some good systems in the world but systems usually a kind of fucked and if you got it we're never gonna be in the network something else now carry but so bran that whole scene was a little meth but I did enjoy the fact that you know Terry and his lecture will give you high guard and Jamie's like are you mad like that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard he just so easily came in fucking punched a the hand of the Queen in the face could have just killed him slip right out he's a cutthroat assassin that his thing he would come up to her when everybody's around he's like oh those two fucks are finally drinking not like why would they immediately seized him after he left or like you like because yo that guy they're the two Lannisters in a group of feel like aren't being guarded heavily like you know I mean like yeah she thinks they're important but they're all Laxus after the war everybody's guard is down and what I did want to say is that I really enjoyed in that acting that a bronze actor is breathing heavy the entire time like you can tell that one he's a little he's anxious he's frustrated and he's like just ready to get this shit done with he's like he's like go read back watch it like you can tell the tension in him like he's breathing fucking heavy and he's just like your fucking family it's got me here doing this fucking shit and like I obviously don't exactly want to kill both you motherfuckers but feeling offered me something better and he's like ready to punch deer and he's ready to shoot Jamie's like only when he motherfuckers alive like he has like it felt like he was standing outside a door Nisei yeah we got the shit but he goes in there many like he's standing up to one of the biggest houses he knows that like this ends in his demise and this is what I was saying earlier and one of the other podcasts where you said being like hand of Cersei or being in the golden company means that you would have to worry about shit because but I was like if you're working with Cersei she's eventually gonna picture as like working with serum you have to be in the same room with her if you have to be in the same room with her you can be easily murdered by her because of some foolish shit she wants you on bran was safe bran was good had his feet kicked up at whatever fucking council he was good probably getting a bj she walks in and she's like oh he was literally my bad he was with two women chilling out walks in and she's like hey I need you to go come on – fuckin brothers and you say well I can't say no so like you fight like being in Circe's like radius means that you're gonna get put us a bullshit eventually she'll have the golden company I don't know I don't even know I don't even know me so apparently there is a one more dragon next episode theory which would be dumb if there's like a secret if a secret dragon comes out or no if a dragon just suddenly pops I don't know where a secret dragon comes in to help Toby what about an army of baby dragons there's there's a theory that dragon laid eggs when he was gone from Marina yeah he's gone for Ganga tommy was away from slavers Bay you know any malaria yeah because he was he was over valerian yeah and Dragons I guess maybe this is canonical in a book with some reptiles in the real world they can swap genders based off of which gender is needed so like oh my god I'm just gonna fucking giraffes are also bisexual fun fact a teens can get pregnant okay it was a teen in season five oh this is weird I love it hey you're dead do a backflip you're dead alright so we're pretty much at the callin portion now and fun fact you guys got a little bit longer podcast than usual because of that first major hiccup of myself I will literally be cut did you know its canonical trust me alright so guys we got nobody down in the queue so y'all gonna have about a whole nother five minutes if you don't get down in the queue you know we're going to talk about in the queue well I mean before we get to the cube because you guys waiting oh I have a thing who do you think is the last oh yeah bran the tree bran is a tree a boy tree Ted pitch dark there's just you know one guy who's been floating around the castle just my understanding is that it will say Sansa Sansa yeah because I mean bran is a tree are you guys know why I can't really John is Targaryen now and everybody else is dead so you have Sansa here's another thing I kinda want to bitch about start why the fuck would Arya be like we don't need allies we only need family just to get with him Ally leave be like I'm never coming back alright she was like we're family though and he was like we need allies we don't need allies we just need family okay Arya that's reasonable for you to say I guess you're gonna be staying here forever oh no you're on with your ally the Hound to go to King's Landing and you're not coming back what the fuck in or did she literally wish he found out John's a Targaryen she was so heart Berk and she was like forget everything ever it in the past I forsake all that I'm gonna go on a suicide mission to kill the met Queen because my brother's a Targaryen and now I hate everything maybe that's the case and that is the case I would love to hear her say that in the next episode of something but for her to literally be like ten minutes ago allies are done we only need family and am like real close on the mike I am leaving with my Ally fuck all of my family I've never come back another stark now a name to live on let's say legitimize John and let's say well genome eyes John is a stark and he actually gets married with some lady I mean even like stark named wood sons is gonna pull that she was like we're keeping my name though is if the if she marries like a very low ranking Lord somebody else in Robin Arryn as well listen Robin Aaron's a little fuck boy he'll get rolled on all signs that has to do is excuse my French popper titty in his mouth and they'd be like you taking my last name yes mommy yes Fred Carmichael your Louise in the girl what up dog I'm gonna wait for you to mute us in the background so Fred hey man what's going on what do you what do you want to say yeah any questions if I have to pick to see somebody guidry Sansa yeah it's probably gonna be Sansa I think they've been subtly building the she's got the best overall knowledge of the seven kingdoms but I really think that the the break the wheel is going to be true I think the vote I think King's Landing is gonna be destroyed in the battle and I think it's gonna go back to the seven kingdoms being independently covert for a governor you call this room isn't that where they speak the French I'm Lee do from us man [Laughter] thanks friend I would have put you to the you snooze you lose we grab another caller thank you so much for the donations today donate something King King hears we need a donation from you my god before you talk to us and I also wanted to ask do you guys think that Santeria are we gonna be together you're gonna get a yeah no I don't know I'm for it you know what thank you snooze you lose that's a really good caller where we're gonna women eight on it I don't think so I'm down Oh baby cute I mean I can have cute little kid indeed finally get to marry the Lions always want it and they'll have God in hand I'd be like me he's Garvin what I just would like that Jamie is basically going to the service eat to kill her from what I can tell yeah so how do you think like do you think she would just kill Cersei or would they both die and what do you think about a ghost on tournament series dosam torment series I would watch it 100% although like it's like a survival like documentary cartoon that would be so awesome I would definitely be behind less to fuck a bear you know I guess it could be kind of poetic like I think it would be hard for Jamie to like straight up like kill her cuz like even though he's hateful now he's swish I think there he stood she lied about the baby to him thank the poetic waiter doing gives me in the back Kingslayer you know here's I feel like the reason someone's feeling responsible for officers he turned out he always said yes to everything yeah he never stood up to he kind of let her do whatever she wanted yeah yeah that's a good point well I mean the cheating I mean they yeah she's cheated on him a line I don't think he gives too much of a shit about that but if the thing was her him being like whose baby is it and like everybody keeps lying about this baby with all the implied time that is passing on that is factually like she's a liar you're I can't even do math he's really hot hysteria no did she send a raven to him like what the fuck wait alright keys yeah keys Griffin I'm gonna move you up to you snooze you lose but thank you for the car where you calling from well after we go out there you get yourself some sleep man have a good night alright no no we go can you hear me yes are you calling us from one room away first time you are a longtime listener I mean a longtime listener first-time caller longtime Siraj got it right yeah yeah so what is there something that you want to say from person are you coming or was that after oh my god you know guys we get these prank callers on here every now and again that have these disgusting dirty mouth questions to ask and we don't fucking deal with that here on the normies we don't talk about people coming Gendry was next episode we might think so I feel like Jamie and Cersei you're gonna have a really cool in-depth conversation not in depth but like you got to show off the acting chops before that before the killing happens I mean Lena Haiti needs some some juice especially those yes I just I hope that our expectations don't get subverted I do want to see a Jaime Cersei and I do want to see cleganebowl please don't there's not a fucking cool gamble I'm gonna be one where I'm pulling in one more caller perenna Gaede are you coming down pretty gate Brenna gate calling ones like the ruh from avatar arena gate I can see you Oh what up G not much renegade calling from Wow the Big Apple the crazy Apple the big the episode the last episode when I watched it I felt really happy I was really enjoying it and I think you guys kind of had the same response but over the past week I've kind of come down on it a bit yeah thinking about it yeah and I'm wondering you guys had the same reaction and like how do you deal with that like going forward like do you feel like this show is meeting your expectations yeah so I want to speak real quick I heard so I've been I kind of go out of my way to watch things that are counter to the way that I feel so I kind of watched a lot of people really shit on Game of Thrones hardcore like people that are like super net fans these guys that make an internet career on essentially tearing down whatever popular and I really like listening to these dudes because some of their points are actually good and they're valid and it's hard to see those valid points when you're in love with something so much and I love Game of Thrones and it's hard for me when I'm watching it to see what obsessed me about it but as I think about it on the weekend ruminate it and also watch these counter it helps me to see where the actual flaws are and I don't disagree with them and some of these flaws are real and like for some things I won't let them be tarnished go at me try to tarnish in-game or infinity where I just can't let it be done I've put a wall around it and I know that there's a wall around and I'll admit that I'm not gonna be subjective about those things but Game of Thrones I'm more willing to listen because of the height that I think the show is supposed to be at so I think after it goes off I I mean this high I mean it's globe we're editing all night and then as the week goes on and I think about it more and more and more I kind of get to see it for what it actually is sometimes I give it an A+ when it's actually a b-minus this is probably the first time like the difference for me is that this is the first time I'm seeing the superfans who are saying like they're they're upset I did the boy on the post of an obvious channels that always yeah yeah didn't seem that a lot – I do think though that some people are like just jumping on the bandwagon like you said these these channels popping up with a bunch of you these newer channels like less than 10k subs with like million views and like why season eights gently and like you know it's yeah but then they're kind of going too hard on it like be critical like I feel like I've been critical of David and Dan like for a while but some people are going in too hard yeah you can call the writing lazy like why does generis think that you know this rumor is gonna spread like wildfire it's like they're like hating every little thing I'm like some of the shit can make because that's how rumors spread the only thing I'm struggling with yes so like there is a lot of hindsight thinking with these last few episodes I think like since we obviously have knowledge of the book somewhat and we've done like our own independent research and we have a pretty good you know well-rounded understanding of the story things that are not mentioned in the show I think the people that are on the struggle bus are the people that are only watching the show they don't have any knowledge they now listen anonymously people are not liking this hold on real quick I worded that badly but I'm saying like it is getting a lot of unnecessary hate and I think if you do put some thought into it like but the only thing that I'm struggling with is like the moments like where John doesn't say bye to ghosts and we're trying to give that meaning when the real reason they couldn't fucking for it that's that's the only thing that I'm that's not gonna be that important in a long way it's like the obvious budgetary things that are shaping the story is the only thing that's for any gate thank you for the call that was actually I was really good to push us to spur us on have a conversation I would move you to you snooze you lose and I'm taking one more caller after this yeah we just need to like after each we're so hyped when we're watching it and it's enjoyable to me and afterwards when you know when you have some time to digest that's when the shit comes out but then you gotta think like everybody's picking this thing apart I mean it like that what well you have time to digest that's when the shit comes out genius but also slow right out of me yeah like you're saying I cannot imagine the pressure of being D&E right now like there's nobody wanna shit on D&D but like hey these guys brought you the show like I don't care if they're fucking it up right now they might be fun hundred percent but they got you there they're still making the money rotten tomatoes they're still above the like seventy percent I'll they're still making it it's completely I don't care if he wrote Wolverine Origins they don't give a shit to people who wrote that he was half I'm just trying to enjoy it for what it is because you know we have last we have two episodes left this will never happen again in the history so I know we all need