The CIA, Drug Trafficking and American Politics: The Political Economy of War

The CIA, Drug Trafficking and American Politics: The Political Economy of War

for ten years now john stockwell has been a regular guest on alternative views we first interviewed John in 1978 after he had quit the CIA and it just published a book in search of enemies in which he criticized the 1975 US operation in Angola which he supervised a CIA case officer and he provided in this book his first general critique of the role of the CIA in u.s. foreign and domestic policy in interviews with us over the last 10 years John has discussed how he joined the CIA and provided detailed accounts of his operations in Angola and Africa and Vietnam and elsewhere in the meantime John has become a peace activist lecture author screenwriter and one of the world’s foremost critics of the CIA and u.s. foreign policy during the entirety of the 1980’s the Reagan years John has been tireless in his criticism of the CIA and Reagan’s foreign policy and has lectured and written and spoken out on these topics literally all over the world so it is with great pleasure that we meet with John again today John we haven’t seen you on alternative views for some time what have you been up to this year we’ve tried several times I’ve been travelling constantly non-stop travel it finally wound down for the lecture stuff about the end of May and then I took a vacation working on a book project down south and just got back into town lots of interest out there in the world tremendous I I have invitations to lecture seven days a week and I just sort of take what my voice whilst and deep concern about Central America deep concern about the arms race deep concern about the drug problem that’s that’s clearly dragging our nation down deeps concern about the you know the truth of what our country is all about and and the values that this country professes I mean people have it laid out right in front of them that our government is has been tolerating and even encouraging drug traffickers in Central America one of the key drug traffickers in Panama Noriega it was published in Newsweek magazine saying openly quote the closing line and the Newsweek article for 10 million people to read Noriega saying I’ve got the vice president by the balls now here you have a key drug mafioso openly bragging that he has blackmail control of our of one of the two presidential candidates now this sort of thing has to have the nation deeply concerned the confusion redoubled however by Ronald Reagan going to Moscow and hugging and kissing with the evil empire with Gorbachev and and and doonesbury writing a thing about the Cold War being being dead and the appearance of a ceasefire in Nicaragua so on the one hand you have people in the peace community saying we won in Nicaragua we stopped the destabilization there President Reagan has been pressured and led and induced established from cordial relations with the Soviet Union and the Cold War is over so the battles won which is as untrue and inaccurate as some of the claims at the right was putting on us on on the other side and again one of the two presidential candidates deeply mired into the the great drug machinery let’s explore this theme for a minute John it hasn’t really been reported on the media that George Bush according to these stories at least his office had a drug ring that was delivering arms to the Contras and bringing back weapons or bringing back drugs into the United States and that Bush’s office was thus connected with crime with Noriega with drugs etc can you give a little bit of the detail of this operation of what this might portend for George Bush’s future as a presidential candidate well actually the most fascinating thing is that it has been reported a year and a half ago when the iran-contra scandal broke the major media was saying time and again George Bush is dead in the water his political career is finished I mean the New York Times repeatedly the Washington Post repeatedly because the information was out of this linkage with George Bush his key staffers with Felix Rodriguez stana nila Pangu who is running the contra air supply effort which was in fact flying drugs back up into the United States Felix Rodriguez was the man who approached the Medellin Colombian cocaine cartel to get them to make a donation to the Contras during the Boland hiatus – by continuing access to the airplanes this information was in a major major media a year and a half ago but the the tolerance of this nation conditioned to the sleaze and corruption and lies and and entire what should be outrageous activities of oliver north of the national security council and blowing off the law illegally smuggling drugs illegally exporting arms illegally running wars around the world illegally trying to assassinate world leaders bragging about it on one hand and turning around the next day and denying it the nation has just become so incredibly tolerant that that they didn’t close bush down a year and a half ago and he has managed since he had control of the republican party machine and he’s the heir apparent as vice president he’s managed to proceed and emerge as one of the two presidential candidates now if Dukakis stubs his toe Bush will be the president with the leading drug dealers bragging quote Newsweek we’ve got him by the balls they only you know there was a quote or a story in the spotlight which just came out today and it was talking about they have some information about some intercepts which the National Security Agency has which they’ve been sitting on for some time in which they have Noriega talking to people in Noriega talking specifically about his relationship with Bush and hand all and how they tied in with a drugs and the guy is just hit his he didn’t call him a wimp he called him a pimp and person all the other line said you mean a whip no I know English I said pip well but the I think the key thing that I saw that somebody pointed out some analysts said if the US media were spending as much time on George Bush as they do on the sex lives of Tammy Bakker and some of the other right-wing evangelists then the people would have a very clear idea about George Bush or if they’d spent the amount of time on on George Bush that they spent on Gary Hart sex life for example but they were clearly out to destroy Gary Hart and they did over a matter of sexual promiscuity which is not that unusual in Washington believe me among senators and congressmen and and the world of society today the drug smuggling unfortunately see the tolerance of the nation gets back it’s understandable at two levels you would think that the man the doors would slam shut on him everywhere you would think that based on what we know right up front of the public record that he would have been impeached and forced to resign immediately discussions were held about this year and a half ago that that made it into the public realm but he didn’t the reason the nation is not outraged as it should be as I see it is because at both ends of the spectrum and in between there’s a tolerance towards drugs and ambivalence on the bottom and drugs have been counterculture stuff for a long time the progressive community the hippies that you know the as an act of defiance smoking pot in between you have doctors and lawyers and business people and the engineers in Silicon Valley as the ones who can afford cocaine when the price was higher now there’s been so much cocaine under the country plus crack at the price is down then at the ultra end of the spectrum you’re talking about a hundred and fifty billion dollar industry now there’s no way that our major banks are going to allow this money to be deposited in banks on Mars or in the Soviet Union this is big business and so they’re going to be sucking the money back into the Machine as efficiently as possible which they do through these Cayman Island banks and Panama and Panama lol Antonio and San Antonio and Miami right and the money flows so the question is where is society going to go the the capitalists the people who own the banks who own the capital system obviously comfortable George Bush machinery the wheels would turn they make their money it gets it gets fascinating taking it to the other end of the line the third world’s revenge if you will looking at it from the viewpoint of Latin Americans as long as the stuff is exported up here it’s a source of hard currency it’s a lot better than selling bananas a lot more profitable to the United States bringing hard currency down to their country and if in fact it damages the US society there’s not a great percentage of people in Latin America who would be regretful considering the way we’ve exploited mark all of these years getting back to George Bush is a very important connection and that is those of us who study American power structure I have been following this and that is that George Bush was the establishment David Rockefeller etc they were he was their candidate during the election when Reagan came in and they forced Bush upon Reagan Reagan didn’t want him now they found out that of course Bush was a member of the Trilateral Commission and then when the right-wingers put heat on him during the election or the the attempt to get the nomination within George Bush quit so will I’m not a member of the Trilateral Commission anymore but since then the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg organization which is even more covert organization of the International power structure but once again controlled by David Rockefeller they reiterated just the past few days that Bush is their candidate now they also have people who are from the establishment media and they all claim there’s no such organization as a Bilderberg but particularly the right-wingers they penetrate these organs to find out what’s going on so this is one of the main things they have going for them now they put out the were they going to support George Bush right down the line because they’re not sure about Dukakis they know he’s an unknown quantity but so this unit if these groups control the media this means that at least as far as CBS and the television networks are concerned this story about Bush and his connections with these drug rings simply might not penetrate into the public I mean even if the New York Times or Washington Post as a story on page ten unless it gets on the cover of Newsweek and time and on to the front of the CBS News and is repeated ten days in a row the story doesn’t have any offense right we have to remember the Watergate was talked about before Nixon won the 70s I was lucky but obviously it was talked about but what until after you won the election that the media really got in there and started digging in plastered it every day that’s that’s what’s needed pounded in into people’s consciousness and this this is the big question is will now Dukakis is leading 51 to 39 over Bush according to what I saw on TV yesterday and and among women voters it’s 61 39 or something like that the the question of course is what’s going to happen after the conventions when they go after each other after they’ve resolved the party issues and I I would think that that we will see some of the layers being peeled off in that debate not necessarily because if you understand that we have a two-party system but it’s two parts of the same system and and they like the iran-contra cover-up last summer the the purpose of that was a bipartisan as a parent bipartisan function to maintain a public trust damage control damage control in which the Democrats allowed the Republicans to advance their agenda and the Democrats did not go for the jugular vein which would have been easy to do to impeach George Bush and President Reagan because the system didn’t want to lose the public trust it it is very possible that Dukakis will not go for George Bush’s throat even at the at the potential cost of losing the election well if there’s a head enough in the polls as he is now he doesn’t need to he has plenty of other issues that he can exploit for one thing Bush doesn’t have any real social base it’s only the Republican country-club set and multinational capital said that are really behind him otherwise that even the right wing in this country has grave suspicions about Bush they see him as a Connecticut you know East Coast sort of Republican moderate which they don’t like absolutely so this is not a popular candidate he’s had very little success in his speaking and campaigning in terms of mobilizing support the way Ronald Reagan was able to then you get into the question of where where would Dukakis lead us if he if he does if Bush comes in he’s continuing Reaganomics and he’s continuing covert action and the Secret Wars he’s trying to play the much of the echo of Ronald Reagan this is a little ironic and unfortunate when you when you consider that as was noted many times Ronald Reagan you know it was said never had an original idea in his life and George Bush is coming along trying to echo Ronald Reagan’s ideas such as they were it puts George Bush pretty far down the ladder in terms of innovation and thinking development of programs and policies but let’s take it to the other side say things go as they seem to be going and Dukakis wins will that put the world and it puts it puts the world into a situation that has me deeply concerned one of the advantages when Reagan was in office is the simplistic idealism outspoken misspeaking upfront corruptions sleaze turning on this biggest spending the money it was an overt evil if you will an overt mismanagement and overt corruption and overt brutality what we’re facing now is a situation where the the peace the people are being lulled if you will Reagan in his last year has turned smart Nancy and her astrology or someone you know they got it worked out by hugging and kissing with Gorbachev and coming up with an INF token agreement they got everyone breathing a sigh of relief and well you have to say it is better to have them talking then have them railing at each other in threatening however before the INF now the INF agreement provides for us to withdraw what is it 432 missiles from Europe and the Russians to take out a bunch of obsolete SS 20s 1600 or something like that now the the before this agreement was inked the the nuclear gang was making its arguments preparing to build and deploy two thousand more more sophisticated weapons in Europe claiming that we were weakened because of the INF agreement so what we’re facing is quantum leap forward and in the nuclear you know rush to nuclear midnight and the peace movement lulled into quiet by well we have an agreement elite leaders are hugging and kissing even if they take another step forward and go for the reduction of some of the strategic missiles it’s only to clear the deck so that they can get money to build some more they’re also saying that the new generation like you said they were in a real panic when all this came about and the Russians kept giving us more and more I’m giving us giving you more and more and more until finally we couldn’t refuse yeah because we look really really bad so immediately Kissinger and all this people had a big powwow and they came up said well you know we need not only a new generation but we need all kinds of conventional weapons to defend the communist threat and these are going to cost a whole lot more folks so that means you have blah blah blah blah the question is whether Dukakis would go along with these kinds of policies Jesse Jackson of course has been criticizing his domestic policies as simply amounting to a managing of Reaganomics in other words not carrying out fundamental economic changes and there’s no evidence so far the Dukakis does have another economic program other than managed technocratic managed tightening the belt trying to work on the deficit a little bit there are a lot of parallels between what if you read the book Dukakis the man who would be President which is which is self serve I mean it’s it’s an advocacy book but but still laying out his his mistakes in his career it’s what he’s done in Massachusetts you know he was said he was swearing he would never raise taxes he was forced to the state was going bankrupt but cutting substantially social programs and the the economic revival in Massachusetts and Boston which is pretty real a lot of that’s built on defensemen right Ronald Reagan made it possible with his military buildup is exactly managing managing Reaganomics and profiting from it then then you get into he you know it’s supposedly liberalism or progressive you find little things that have to trouble you know how far he’ll go with them I don’t know but a big political effort early in his career Brookline you know this this elite residential area that he grew up in and lives in was being invaded by you know the cruddy people who weren’t wealthy who weren’t plugged in now Dukakis himself wasn’t wealthy but still he cherished this exclusive area that he lived in so he was working very hard to keep the the scumbags out keep the riffraff out see and this of course is the principle of immigrants from the beginning of the United States once they get in and a second generation when I graduate from Harvard they want to keep the others out now what are his policies going to be for the immigrants the INF you know that all of these things that Reagan has been very upfront about I think we may be in for some some unfortunate surprises from Dukakis on these issues well not now that he won’t be pushed by Jesse Jackson he’ll go back to his usual self I think after he had the nomination sewed up I saw where he was saying well actually in a lot of ways I’m more conservative than George Bush and then I read some analyses of his years in Massachusetts in the Guardian and they were saying same things that you were saying that he was anti labor anti-gay he was cutting Social Services and he was making sure that there weren’t any taxes on the corporations or the wealthy he was just a mini Reagan in Massachusetts the flipside of the system you know that’s the truly dumb and tweedle Edie Twitty will have Twitter ly dumber he will have the the added or the asset of he has been fierce on corruption his whole political be a good honest manager a squeaky clean he has been fighting corruption he did work very hard and and gets a lot of credit for cleaning up a very rotten political machine in Massachusetts in Boston and and this this of course the the nation would respond to this in welcome this would he come out real hard on the drug smuggling and as he as he said on occasion indict all the people involved and I I’m skeptical would he rocked the boat that much i I don’t see anything in his past that if you really get to the bottom of it to me you’ve got to clear away the big banks and the Rockefellers nobody’s going to do that most in yes the most interesting thing that’s going to come out of the next month will be at the democratic convention will be to see how they deal with Jesse Jackson and this large constituency that he brings in there by all rights he should be the vice president if there were any any popular responsibilities or democracy in his two-party system we have he has earned the right at least the vice presidency but if he’s if he comes in to the vice presidency of course he’ll bring his progressive agenda there will be a lot of clashes and I’d be quite they don’t see the establishment can live very well with Dukakis they’re going to have big problems living with Jackson even if he’s compromising and trying to you know calm them and reassure them what they will probably do of course is get a conservative running mate and then it’ll be interesting to see what they can give Jackson that will keep him on board because if they betray him if they cut him off if they humiliate him then all of the the 3% whatever it is that you know that has has supported him solidly they’re not going to vote for Dukakis and his team in which case George Bush could wind up to be president so they need Jackson to win that they can’t concede a lot of the ideas he wants because it goes against the grain of their own ideologies the basic ideology of capitalist control of the system the power bloc controlling itself Jackson is a challenge there’s another curiosity about Dukakis and that is he came out very strongly about doing away with the u.s. foreign policy in regard to Nicaragua it’s a failed policy no good we gotta quit supporting the Contras yet on the other hand he said that he would not abandon first strike and a nuclear war seems like kind of a contradiction here I was so surprised to see him come out so strongly against the Contras well Dukakis mind you this association we’ve put together we’ve had we’ve been going to primary States and holding hearings and challenging the candidates okay and what is your association it’s we call it the Association for Responsible descent and it’s built around some ex-cia some ex Defense Department X state X National Security Council as well as civilian scholars who are qualified scholars into the subject and people who’ve earned credentials in other ways through writing or filmmaking or whatnot to be qualified as experts on the subject of national security to investigated the study to educate research and it tremendous energy in this thing this is the organization that has finally brought together given a home in which people like Daniel Ellsberg Peter Dale Scott David McMichael Brian Wilson john stockwell john stockwell yeah the first organization i’ve joined since i left the government they just wasn’t an organization that related to our interests and yet our interests are basic to the whole diseased aspect of our potentially wonderful system and this this group has been meeting continuously we’ve had 10 major meetings during the year wherever we could at end states where primaries were being held challenging the candidates to come now they’re in and out of time very hard to nail them down but if they couldn’t come to send someone to articulate their positions and answer questions and challenges from us and what we got out of Dukakis it was useful we did make them articulate positions on quote national security and covert policies and secrecy and whatnot you met with Dukakis or some of his with some of us met with Dukakis and we had formal public hearings in which he sent key aides to articulate his line Anna Simon Jackson the other time we were doing this way back in Iowa and since what Dukakis said we dropped the others because there they’re out of it although at one point last January some of Jackson’s advisers were beginning to say well a little bit of covert action and we got oh yeah and we got we nailed and we stopped that by saying you know you can’t have a little bit of that you know if if Jackson and they were saying well we need a more moderate image so we don’t scare people off and we said we won’t put up with that if Jesse Jackson moderates and compromises on his sympathy and protective position towards the third world then he will be absolutely chopped off by the progressive community in the world he will not be allowed to compromise and they very quickly dropped that line now what Dukakis said was was actually you know applause on his side I would say encouraging he was in Peru you know he speaks excellent Spanish he was in Peru as a young man working when the Guatemalan operation was run as he has said himself in public speeches he personally felt the humiliation of seeing his country engineered the overthrow of a functioning constitutional democracy in Latin America for for the profit of the United Fruit Company this was 1953 1954 and he said repeatedly and his staffers maintain that if he’s elected president there will be no more chilies and Guatemalans as he put so then you tell you know okay what about Angola what about Chad what about Ethiopia will he cut up all covert actions and what they do now I get part at that point he said well I’m against the Contras and you’d ask about Angola and he’d say well we’ll have to study each part of the world but dukakis his people just keep coming back and saying there will be no more Guatemala’s and no more Chile and then you say well what about the El Salvadorian election manipulation campaign will those things be outlawed as well and they say there will be no more chiles and no more Guatemalans now this is encouraging now if you add that to if you will the results of our efforts over over the is yours alternative use mind lecturing and the community at large we’ve accomplished some interesting things bill Colby my old boss who ran the Phoenix program in Vietnam that he says killed 22,000 people has come out saying that the CIA should be gotten out of the corporate action business fall together hold it it’s called a head of the CIA oh yes yes CIA director yeah he’s been well what what chart what change that because I’ve seen him on TV or you know he’s not the air – I shouldn’t do these things he said he’s saying that the CI should because it being an intelligence agency rather than an action agency yeah William Webster who’s the new director who’s saying he hasn’t said this is my policy this is what I’m working towards but he said that that we should examine the possibility of getting the CI out of covert action altogether well then where they’re not saying there wouldn’t be covert action or saying get the CIA out is apathy just sort of fre they stopped their comment at that point now the the presumption of course is that that the stuff would be done by the Defense Department and the Green Berets and they would do the covert wars and the CI would gather intelligence now this would in fact be a healthy step for the nation for one thing we might have a chance of getting some good intelligence if the CI wasn’t having to justify its own Wars of course the danger would be transferring to the Pentagon generals in charge and having them out there trying to overthrow governments and why not if that happens now if Dukakis came into office and pursued his policy about Guatemala’s and chiles and if Webster would play ball and the community mind you the block of CI pros inside who would like to go home and feel proud in front of their 20 year old college daughters who have just seen a film about conscience slitting throats you know in Nicaragua and and you know daddy are you in the CIA you know I mean this is a real problem for CI officers there is a block of people inside the CI and there has been all along that have been saying we would like to be an honorable organization we’ve been betrayed by people who want to go out and pay people to cut throats we should gather intelligence and do it well now if events evolve and let’s big if if George Bush comes in just forget all of this and if Dukakis comes in put a big question mark on it but if it did evolve in this direction then we would run into a restructuring and a lot of political infighting would the CI really give up all capability would they just give up most of it but retain a little unit that would do some things and then if you got it into the Pentagon they don’t have stations in every embassy around the world this is how the CI is managed to hang on to this capability the other people don’t have the way to send telegrams the infrastructure people train people speaking languages to do this all over the world so what you would see would be a restructuring of the DIA the Defense Intelligence Agency with it being built up at least in key countries that they wanted to destabilize around the world and see a shifting of these activities from one department to another with perhaps the CI winding up a different kind of an organization but the big question is would you know would in fact the United States policy change one iota and my suggestion is that that that like this I enough agreement we we have not stuck we’re still you know cranking out five bombs a day and and the Soviet Union is and as you know putting out bombs and more sophisticated ones all the time plus all these other nations that are trying to reach some level of parity in the mad principle mutually assured destruction exactly by 1992 the British and the French can combined or it’s estimated this is not solid figures that we’ve been able to document but about a 1200 deliverable strategic thermonuclear weapons between them we’ll see that’s enough to destroy the world either one of them and so that would put them into the mad category they could destroy us as we could destroy them the French could destroy us as we could destroy them so other nations coming into the level of the club the inner membership the upper membership where they could also destroy the world or trigger events that would destroy the world now while we’re celebrating the INF agreement the factories are turning out these these weapons of destruction at the same pace they have throughout so the peace movement vigilant and active we have to redouble efforts and it’s going to be it is harder and it’s going to be harder as Reagan and Gorbachev I got the sense of alarm of imminent danger that surely much easier when President Reagan was was railing at the evil empire and saying you can always drop some test bombs in Europe show them we mean business that’s up front I mean you would want in the peace movement to have a president that was that gauche just because it makes your case so easy to make I I’ve been on TV shows and radio shows including one yesterday in which someone was railing at me over the air saying you know I was way out of touch you know they’ve got an agreement going and why was I a die-hard and everything and yet nothing has changed they’re going to pull back 432 weapons from Europe now this person was saying see you’ve got to get tough we have to have an asset with the Soviets before we can bargain now we had 30,000 thermonuclear weapons before Reagan came into office you know we had a major asset we had enough to destroy 50 or 60 Soviet Union’s all together he came up with this program that at mellorak published and gave the budgetary figures for and everything began before he came into office and he pursued it and sold it made it effective to build and employ 17,000 more thermonuclear weapons he put the 400 Pershing ‘s and intermediate weapons in Europe and then we come up with the program to the INF agreement to dismantle the delivery systems and take the bombs back home and the Soviets as part of the agreement pull out of their SS 20s which were obsolete anyway which they don’t mean they can with their longer range missiles devastate your employees land very effectively but the quantum increase the gross increase for the world of course is what if we got 30 some-odd percentage increase in our thermo nuclear capability under Ronald Reagan and the Soviets likewise plus these other nations coming on board and anyone go ahead now well the point is that they’re claiming see this is a vindication of what Reagan said when he came into office he said you have to get tough build up your military to get the Russians to talk so I got tough I built up the military and I got them to sign an agreement the first agreement that’s ever been made that were they we really dismantled weapons but the fact is what is it what is 400 out of 40,000 it was 1% I mean they’re getting rid of a tiny little percentage of what of weapons it didn’t exist when they came into office it’s a daughter I don’t I’m more than that it’s an utter fraud get them to go back and reduce a tiny percentage of them of obsolete weapons meanwhile the Russians are coming out with their SS eighteens and emerged SS 18s and and the other evolutions of weaponry which which clearly make the world exponentially more dangerous at the end of the Reagan era despite the sign of agreement howdy and this Daniel Ellsberg said back when Jimmy Carter was in office we have a tape of a speech he gave here of course he was a former defense analyst himself at the RAND Corporation he said if you want a deterrent you only need two submarines yes because each of them can wipe out the major cities in the Soviet Union trying to go back to Dukakis what is his policy on nuclear weapons and relations with the Soviet Union there hadn’t been too much on that in the media well he’s been faulted for making some some fairly basic statements at the level of first strike capability and bargain with the Soviets which which which were in fact naive which weren’t in fact simplistic and gave ammunition to the other side that he has no experience in this field he’s saying basically we have to pursue vigorously in arms agreement and get rid of 50% of the strategic weapons and it is it is awkward because that I mean that’s wonderful 50% is half the number that could malfunction and trigger World War 3 and the obliteration of the planet but it still leaves enough to utterly destroy 10 planets meanwhile the factories are still it gets back to the Jonathan Schell book the fate of the earth you know you can get rid of all the weapons but you’ve still got the factories turning out weapons you get rid of the you close down the factories but you’ve still got the technical capability so you know that would be a wonderful first step but it would be meaningless unless we shut the factories down well what about testing military spending weapons development with Dukakis has he committed himself to significant restraints in this area or is he just not taking a clear position yet I have seen no commitment from him on cutting back on on them on the Don the defense and the reassurance and no implied reassurance you try to strip the strip away the rhetoric and the glib things that they all say I’m for peace you know wanna know this he is not beating the drums of a big defense program but if you look what at what he did in Massachusetts cutting cutting welfare cutting the social program selling out the progressive community if you will in interests of the people for the the capitalist system for the common good it does not give you any great assurance that he’s going to go after the military machine he probably will go after corruption now one thing that he it was just you know yesterday and the news is Bush was was bashing him on tax increases and Dukakis was saying that he would solve the tax problem by really vigorous laws to recover taxes that are not being paid as opposed to cutting back military spending that could solve the national deficit two years if they just stopped producing weapons yeah cutting back on the military spending and also going after the the rich the higher income brackets that don’t pay as a problem today daughter cause who our he’s going to be going after you know the great you know the people across the nation who are a little loose on paying this and paying that and and try to launch a reform at that level without doing anything at least but that’s the indication we don’t know for sure but that’s the indication I see that’s what I’m concerned John can I ask you a other question about George Bush uh to a lot of people he’s is kind of mealy-mouthed you know when he doesn’t seem to have much substance to him but he was head of the CIA how long was he head of the CIA and did he have any personal impact on it and to the CIA change direction in any way when he was head of it yeah he had he had about a year in the CIA I worked for him he you know you know in the Angolan operation President Ford fired bill Colby in November and then suddenly realized that we were still in the process of the Senate hearings and Colby was right in you couldn’t change Directors in the middle of the hearings and we were in the middle of the Angola war and the Congress was very upset about this war and so he announced without consulting Colby they released it to the paper that he had been fired and then that was on a Friday on a Monday they had to go back and ask him if he would stick around for another couple of months and only a good soldier of his caliber would have agreed anyone else in the world would have said sorry babe you know I just read in the paper I was fired and enough is enough but he agreed and he stuck it out and he took the heat and then when the program was stopped by the Congress a Tony amendment passed on the 18th of December and 75 and then we got into it took you know six weeks for them to sign it into law they brought George Bush in and he inherited the job of fending off the hostile Congress and this was where I worked for him now was not in his office I didn’t work close with him but nevertheless he was the director and we had a real rotten apple in this Angola thing because we had lied to the Congress we committed perjury we had broken the law and the Congress was very angry and they had the ammunition about to shut us down and to end to Jayla certainly it had all of the potential dimensions of the iran-contra scandal and and his job the Congress didn’t want another Watergate sized scandal and so the if they if they could be persuaded they would and he inherited the job anyway what we found was first he came into office and it led to a lot of joking because of this factor the wimp factor that this Rufus Shalit e of the phone enos of the man he he was from the first day he got there he put out a memo saying you know how wonderful it was to be on board this wonderful organization with all these wonderful people yeah and then every three days we would get another memo would go throughout the entire building telling us how wonderful we were and you know the sophisticated people this is this is childish its its campaign rhetoric kind of stuff he would also we had in the CIA I mean these people you know they go up and down they run around they go to meetings across the directors and you’d find yourself sometime on the elevator with the director or down in the gym with the director and kind of you know this was him and they had their space and you sort of you know stood your side of the elevator and kept your mouth shut but Bush would walk down the hall shaking hand I hello I’m George Bush and I want you to know I think this is a wonderful innovation and I’m really happy to be here and I really love working with people like you what’s your name and which just it just didn’t work you know he was campaigning right there in the halls it didn’t work to gain anyone’s respect one thing that came out of it apparently and reconstructing all of the details will never be done history will never give us this unless someone involved writes a good book and I don’t think they will in this case but it was during his tenure that there was the bombing in Washington circling in Washington Orlando Letelier and running Moffitt by some some CI people from the operation Mongoose the project-40 destabilization of Cuba and he’s people were Chileans who had been with a yen day government Chileans but also Cuban exiles who right we’re in X X it was the operation was run by the Chileans Dina but people were actually involved were from this Cuban exile community now this was the community that had worked for about four intense years under Kennedy and then Johnson and then johnson shut it down to destabilize Fidel’s cuba in the early days of their revolution and then johnson cut it all now when johnson it was bloody it was a big one Cronkite did a show on it dan Rather did a show on it years later it was it was hundreds and hundreds of sorties and boat raids flown and you know burning crops swine fever and hog population bombs and department stores white phosphorus grenades in schools kidnapping and murder it was a really vicious thing now blowing up airplane blowing up airplanes absolutely now when these people were cut off by the CIA under Johnson under his orders they they were set free with all their skills but also with the tolerance of the entire Florida legal structure who had been warned off all these years well this is CIA national security you let that boat of arms go through and of course those boats of arms began to go and come with drugs so when they were cut off they had the skills the Train the violence and the license and they immediately became a big mafia in Florida and went into murdering and bombing and killing and and then taking it up to New York bombing and bombing trying to bomb the Cuban mission trying to bomb the United Nations lots of bombings and killings this one Dubois shoe just came back into the country had been caught trying to fire a bazooka at a Polish freighter they had tasks for setup to study this crime problem of the Cuban exiles and concluding that it was virtually unsolvable during Bush’s tenure the CIA cut a deal with these people saying enough is enough but political you simply have to get out of the country to keep this tank cool it inside the United States and they went out of the country in September of 76 and had this meeting in the Bahamas where they form this carew organization which one month later in October blew up the Cubano airliner I was taking off from Barbados that had the fencing team in santiago santiago alvarez wife and child a filmmakers wife and child on and 76 other people now this deal the contacts that were made with bush with these people at that time Rhea Rhea Pierre when he has Don Gregg on his staff as vice president with Felix Rodriguez who was a ranking member of that Cuban community who was with Don Gregg in Vietnam and then you have chichi Quintero and the others working with with Rodriguez in the Contra program and George Bush’s son down in in in Florida going on television literally arm in arm in December of 85 literally arm in arm with ten X’s from this Cuban exile destabilization of Cuba program so this apparently is where George Bush da feat Ivy Leaguer got plugged into that mafia and they got their hooks into him made the contacts that led eventually the situation where today one of them Noriega is able to say I have George Bush by the ball see this mind you mind you the CIA had Noriega on on its payroll 200,000 he was g2 of the army and Omar Torrijos died in a mysterious plane crash and Noriega becomes the leader of the country my guess we do not have this confirmed we do have it confirmed that the CI had him on a payroll now my guess is that at that time if it was not plotted by the CIA or plotted by Noriega himself killing and Torrio’s so Noriega could take power however that happened in detail some CI case officers were writing very high in their little office of the CIA because their agent was now in charge of Panama what evolve past that though of course is Noriega has personality of his own and eventually he’s dealing with the Colombians he’s dealing with Cuba and he’s dealing with Israel and everybody else and eventually began to break the break the sea ice roads and others rules until eventually they turned on him to indict him he was sorry too many drugs on his own well the selling of the drugs that’s been done by people working for the CIA since World War two the kun min OSS station in China was actually paying its bills with heroin and then the the cumin tang that the China adds all those planes that were flying into de Beth and Burma and back into Taiwan that was part that was a subsidy of the Taiwanese economy that was part of why Taiwan flourished a lot of US aid a lot of ingenuity on their part in building factories in one Hut and a steady influx of big heroin drug money with the CIA’s Air American before that the civil air transport flying the stuff for them are the truth going to come out on this issue is there going to be more focus on it or is this just going to disappear like Watergate we still don’t know what happened Watergate I know I think absolutely the iran-contra cover-up last summer this is the proper title it’s not the iran-contra joint Committees of the Congress it’s the iran-contra cover-up that they had a damage control problem had they done their duty to this nation and to the law and to justice there is not a shadow of a doubt President Reagan would have been impeached and George Bush would have been impeached even now there’s a possibility if George Bush doesn’t win the presidency that he could wind up in jail because if he gets some way if there’s no ed Meese in there protecting their agenda then you know if you put in a real Attorney General who started encouraging the attorneys to pursue these things you bet you’re going to wind up with some prosecutions I think Dukakis will will go to great lengths to avoid going for the jugular they do not want to lose the people’s credibility they the Democrats they do caucus to lose the people’s trust in the way they would if they brought out the whole truth and impeached Reagan and jail George Bush and I assume that you’re a Dukakis supporter instead of the WAMP right Oh still Jackson well I’m I’m a jackson supporter at this point and I will probably vote this time for Dukakis against Bush I did not vote for Mondale I could not vote for him because he advocated arms and he advocated the Contra program in Central America and for whatever it was worth I could not vote for him what Dukakis does visa V Jackson and our agenda what I call the NPR listeners in this country the people who think and read and study the alternative views watch the alternative views much better absolutely now these these people in this country are represented most closely by Jackson and and if Dukakis spurns us and puts in a senator Bentsen as a running mate or someone yet more conservative and chops us off then there’s going to be a decision time what will Jackson do will he play ball this time and stick with the Democratic Party or would he perhaps split off next time around and launched a third party even this time now he obviously couldn’t get it going this time in time enough to have a major impact but see the Democratic Party there’s nothing democratic about our system are very little I mean they teach us this in school we talk about democracy all the time but even back in grade school remember where they told you we don’t you know it’s a republic you know we vote for electors who select the president and the two parties control 95% of the votes and of the election process and they structure the laws to make sure that they control it now you do have primaries which sort out the candidates but you also have on the Democratic side for example the six hundred odd super-delegates who are not yet me we’re not voted by anyone they’re just party hacks they have no more claim to to popular to democratic you know vote nobody’s voted for a mate they have no more claim to represent the people then do the party hacks and the soviet union who go in there and vote they come from a region they’re the head of the party unit in that region so they get a vote and that’s a big boy at six hundred votes if that you know if it were broken down to one person one vote in the primary system instead of the fact what is it six hundred to one the impact of votes in texas depending on whether you come from the wrong part of houston or rich ranching county in another part of texas your vote in the primaries has that much difference in clout and effect and impact how’s that can you explain yeah because because of this is what jackson was challenging and railing about in nineteen eighty four was the fact that the votes are not allocated fairly he was trying to get a reduced reduced it’s the old gerrymandering thing the system has been rigged very carefully to make sure that the right parts of town have the most impact at more delegates oh they sixty votes and in a wealthy part of town will equal one delegate six thousand votes on the wrong side of town only for one delegate and that’s across the nation now jackson has cooled it on this issue in nineteen eighty eight in 1984 he was pounding away on this issue get the votes distributed fairly and see what a difference it would make raises us from time to time as well as a super delegate issue had the the electoral or the delegate count been closer between Jackson Dukakis had they got in even or even with Jackson ahead these super delegates would have easily taken it to the targets because they’re the established near these steps and well you see this is what Pat Reuter decided not to run before she said the system didn’t permit her to run and this is what she was talking about she’d been traveling from state to state meeting with the party machinery and the party machinery was saying no there’s not any chance on the face of the earth that we will support you we’ve made that decision and so she came to the conclusion and then she was assessing how much money she could raise she could raise a little money but not enough to overpower the party and make the party accept her so she had to decide not to run on business decision well who knows if Jackson been present you might have been next head of the CIA no way you could have shut it down week ago what I sincerely hope will come out of this if Dukakis does not include Jackson as vice president is that Jackson will pull out and give us another party they’re estimating by the turn of the century one third of every citizen of this country will be of the so-called minorities if you take that and their interests added into their perceptions added into the the alternative views Watchers the NPR listeners we might very well come up with a party that would be strong enough to reverse the system the system itself to make a major impact on the whole structure of US political society

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  1. why do Americans seem to fail to realise that if u deal with drug dealers, paying for their illegal black ops, and to this day raping countries of their natural resources,and this was in 1988, wake up guys watch tyt and learn some of your politicians real aims,ie making themselves extremely wealthy and they dont give a damn about you all….

  2. ( Long Live the CIA ) it is so funny to read history about how the CIA stole gold out of Russia and also stole titanium metal form Russia to build the SR 71. Oh and the CIA made the first lithium battery. Bet you didn't know all of that? moron

  3. Wow! They hit the nail on the head… We need to get ride of the Big Banks & families like the Rockefller. Funny how the same issues continue to this day. Smh

  4. not even that basically also pay for every type of agency that fitghst any sort of drugs from dealing to trafficking. for everything.

  5. There are well known operatives from Hong Kong trying to infiltrate the New Zealand railways to continue the Mr. Asia heroin smuggling activities. I have been briefed that they identify each other by talking about battleships. Be very afraid!!

  6. Alternative News, great idea in theory!

    It may not be factual, but this is why only real TV works for me and this shit doesn't..With real TV I don't have to look at or listen to some ugly fucker who looks and sounds like like every monosyllabic barfly I've ever come across. He needs to get back to what he's good at – masturbating over teenagers – and leave TV documentaries to the pro's.

  7. Our politicians are owned by corporations which decide foreign policy & other matters, in regards to how wealthy it makes them. They will always be on the side of where the money is & don't care what they're making it off of or who they have to deal with to get it. This is an old vid. It's disheartening to see how much this country has deteriorated since. The sell-out has been complete.

  8. Is'nt it gas, the 1988, George Bush was a Teflon Don, Bush Junior was the end of any democracy, and now in 2013 the present President , whom I foolishly thought would be different, my bad!, is only a black version of the great white wealthy sharks….Mucho sad…:(

  9. To mmedefarge: That video was unbelieveable… it goes to show that the time has come to join up and get rid of money out of politics, join and see tyt show, also David Packman Show is very good.

  10. I'm American and I get it, trust me. I'm very aware of the corruption in my gooberment and spend much of my time trying to wake up the others


    Jhon Jairo Velasquez Vasquez Alis El Vijo Popeye


    This man will get his freedom soon , he was the chief lieutenant of Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar.

    Follow him on his Facebook page:

    Through his book, he recounts his life experience and his encounter with God.

    God bless you all

  12. The two party system in America are just two sides of the same coin. Heads they win, tails we lose. Unless you are part of the elite. In that case you can call "heads AND tails".

  13. congress refused to fund the contra war so the CIA allowed the contras to smugle drugs for tehyr cause . its not that complicating . im sure the CIA is doing it today in afghanistan allowing the coalition forces to push dope

  14. I don't believe that every country is corrupt. Anyway, what do you mean by country…governments, leaders, the people? You should make yourself clear before you make a statement like that.

  15. I am eyes witness of the this profitable business, Anyone can do it but only big players/ or higher ranking can get immunity. Nothing is illegal when your are the boss. The bottom line drugs profit funding help many projects, Build housing for low income/ pour, building a new city: bridge, roads, highways and building like Miami. Sure if they don't like someone or group they can fund a special militia or guerilla to do the job for instant The Contract to fight against Sandinista in Nicaragua.

  16. God Girls go to heavan and bad Boys go down to the Brotherhood . Sure we know the US Govt is involved with drugs. Sure ! You want to make a lot money ? Hook you up ! illegal wars , drugs , weapons ? Jeb Bush and those shady characters . yea ! With all the approval from the illuminati . The Bushes are calling me on my cell phone , they want to know if I want to be rich ?

  17. The description above is pretty much confirmed by Joseph Farrell in his "Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations".

  18. most americans are stupefied with entertainment or materialism. that takes care of 99.9 percent of people that can oppose government policy

  19. マトモな日本語書けねえのか。A型なんて言葉がどっから出てくる?衛星電波で殺人とか何処の未来世界だよ。

  20. In all honesty, sorry for that comment. I just wanted to point out I am in fact white, I do agree with what you were saying, but I cuss when I make points I guess. lol, I guess it does dumb my statements down a bit. Just not as much as that HAZE KOUBY character, it's really sad there are that many stupid ass people in the world, but there I go again

  21. If you care so much for white people maybe you can start by helping the more than 2million white children living in poverty in America instead of looking for silly excuses. There are many charities that would accept your contribution of $200/mo to that end.

  22. Were the Nazis talking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Why does puting the truth in type, sound like a Nazi to you haze h? Please tell me so I will know.

  23. Of course it would, if each of the 50million Americans earning more than 80,000/yr did so. But its always easier (and cheaper) to hide under some conspiracy theory, don't you think.

  24. dady bush delt coke became president his son took coke and became president could,nt even speak english most of the time both caused more shit around the world,looks like all the shit the U.S gave latin america coke bit back,fried bush juniors brain(not much to fry) but between them did a great job of causing more shit around the world,CONCLUSION dont take coke and piss on bushes dont make em president,bit dated for todays war on drugs but 80,s is where it turned nasty

  25. @Sr. Terry Burke Matches with the most cases around the world about how corrupted things can be. Everything from the politics about the fishing industries to entire countries dictatorships and lies (lies would probably appear in most of these cases as in "good is what it looks like on the outside but total garbage on the actual inside" but also an indication to hence the saying "too good to be true").

  26. you have to understand that when you look at these drugs such as extasy LSD etc theyre not the kind of drugs that are made from some trailer park laboratory.

  27. American Government Acts no differently than any other nation, We just do it better…. But on the contrary we need to treat American citizens better when it comes to Drugs and punishment…. treat it more of a health issue than criminal 

  28. The US government has gone back to the same old tricks. I suspect the war in Afghanistan or the "war on terror" was just the pretext to prize away from the Taliban warlords the exceptionally profitable poppy fields.

  29. Big Pharmacy gets its opium tar at bargain basement prices these days, thanks to our involvement and continued presence in Afghanistan, so why are the prices of opiate painkillers spiking like never before? It might be a question worth asking.

  30. Bush & Clinton worked together with Barry Seal bringing in drugs. Watch/read Confessions of a Economic Hitman. Drs have more opiate addicts than any other profession (& nurses). The media lies, period. It's funny people argue Republican/Democrat when corruption is pervasive through both. A recount put Bush in, & this guy is telling the future " if Bush gets in, he will continue with the covert wars", only covert because of medias lies.JFK wanted to get rid of the CIA, last decent POTUS.

  31. I can see how the disinformation on contra has made so many people think they understand the contra connection , the pilot for CIA who got Coke trips from Columbia Brazil got caught , he was asked to help CIA for better jail terms , seal the pilot said ok and CIA got the CIA aircraft and cash from its people in Florida , and fixed camera for a new twist in seals trips , seal got by phone the contra leaders to meet him at airport and seal would bring coke by large military type c127 and he would unload Coke for them to sell for arms , and he came and talked the contra leaders to get to back of open cargo open door and camera making a clicking sound worried seal as the Coke he

  32. The people are so much in denial cannot fathom how crooked the U.S. government is. Like Iran-Contra and the CIA bringing coke and crack into the United States and addicting all the poor blacks during the 80's, the Deep State owns Afghanistan and has created the Opioid crisis of the 2010-2020's. No need to launder money when the CIA uses it finance their military operations and black-ops research programs.

    When will America and the EU wake up??? Democracy is dead. There is no free media. The 1st amendment is dead. The 4th amendment is dead. People's rights are being eroded and the middle class is disappearing at an alarming rate. The poor will die off due to disease, addiction, and poisoning.

    We have seen the tip of this corruption before and we let it get covered up. The blinders the people have on now is unbelievable. Fixed elections, Bush over Gore, Obama was held in check by a Republican Congress and no legislation other than the Affordable Care Act got passed. Then Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Do you really think he won it? He is a buffoon and a puppet. The Deep State, created by the CIA, and enforced by the Air Force and Navy runs this country.

    Our country has been hijacked, It is run by people we did not elect, and is corrupt in the worst ways.

    We have been in Afghanistan for 15 years. Afghanistan is the number 1 producer of poppies and heroin, yet the U.S. is in a major Opioid crisis which they are trying to tell you is an over=prescription of pills, yet the bulk of the deaths are by heroin overdoses.
    The mainstream media, which is owned by multinational media corporations controlled by 6 men, are not reporting this. There are no coincidences. This is a plan.

    Connect the dots! Follow the money! Who is making all the money from the heroin in this country? Not the dirt eating Afghanis! Wake-up!

  33. I think America is 1 of the worst things to happen to The world like ever just emagin if the natives was in control of there own country. I think the world would be a better place for rezeale so I suppose u can blame England France spane.

  34. They had no idea yet of the extent of the US Governments active participation in the drug trade. This was right after the Iran Contra scandal when very few people thought that the US government trafficking drugs was possible. If anything "normies" thought that at most we knew that Nicaragua sometimes delt drugs. Way before they all realized that in the early 80s Felix Rodriguez organized Nicaraguan Contra Oscar Danilo Blandon to sell coke in California, in LA to "Freeway" Ricky Ross, at the same time that crack was discovered in South America and it was the CIA protected Nicuraguan Contras under Felix Rodriguez that helped to start the crack epidemic in the US.

  35. 2019-09-17 Homeless war veteran waiting five years for his benefits said he was greeted at the Reno airport by homeless looking for a hand out. Man from New York said Reno is just like New York now, drug deals going on outside as I type.

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