The Conservative Student’s Survival Guide

The Conservative Student’s Survival Guide

As a professor at a major American university,
I’m well aware of higher education’s liberal bias. I also know the unique challenges that college
students with conservative views face. If you are one of those students, here are
seven ways you can turn those challenges into opportunities for learning and growth. 1) Face Reality The reality is that at most colleges and universities the Leftist worldview is the norm. Everything else is considered a deviation. This is certainly the case in the humanities
and social sciences. Even the hard sciences and professional majors,
like business, have been influenced — although, thus far at least, to a much lesser degree. Simply being aware of this ideological imbalance
is a big step forward. It will help you think critically about what
you’re being taught. 2) Seek Out Allies
The easiest way to do this is to identify the non-Left and conservative groups and clubs
on campus and to join some of them. We all need allies. And we all need friends with whom we can talk
freely. Plus, fellow independent-thinking students
can give you advice on how to navigate the Politically Correct obstacle course that runs
through almost all college campuses — and where to find the few non-Leftist faculty. (They do exist!) 3) Avoid pointless ideological battles
It’s not your personal responsibility to correct the Leftist bias that permeates higher
education. You’re not going to turn around the professor
who has no patience for your conservative views, so don’t try. It’s fine to pose probing questions, but
don’t push too hard. The same goes for your fellow students who
espouse Leftist views — probe, but don’t push too hard. Also, recognize that many left-leaning faculty
are committed to an open discussion of controversial topics. Conflicts with closed-minded professors will
happen less often than you might imagine. 4) Stay cool
If you do mix it up with a Leftist professor or fellow student always be calm, reasonable,
and respectful, even if they don’t return the favor. Think of yourself as an ambassador for conservative
ideas. Coming off as a hothead isn’t going to help
the cause. It’s not easy to control your temper, especially
when you are being falsely accused of being sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, bigoted or
racist, but that’s what you have to do. Your opponents will look for any excuse to
dismiss you as a crazy conservative. So don’t give them the chance. Remember this: the person who loses his cool
often loses the debate. 5) Choose wisely
Consider a major that isn’t inherently hostile to conservative ideas. The hard sciences like physics and chemistry
are much less likely to be politicized in part, because the material is less subjective. In the social sciences, Political Science
and Economics tend to be more tolerant of conservative ideas, if only because a proportionally
large minority of the faculty hold views that are centrist or right of center. For example, in the years I’ve taught at
Penn State University in Harrisburg, the Political Science faculty have been, without exception,
committed to teaching politics and policy impartially. On the other hand, Gender studies, Ethnic
studies, and pretty much anything with the word “studies” after it, tend to be more
ideological. I would suggest steering clear of these courses
your freshman year. Wait until you have a little more experience
and confidence before taking on these subjects. 6) Know your rights
If your instructor or even the administration targets you because of your beliefs, you have
options. Organizations like the Foundation for Individual
Rights in Education (FIRE) who fight for freedom of speech, religious liberty, and due process
on college campuses can help you. You may be in an ideological minority, but
you’re not alone. 7) Work hard
College faculty value hardworking, enthusiastic students. Period. The easiest way to win over your Leftist professor
is to do your class work in a conscientious manner. That’s your way of showing respect. Many teachers will respect you in turn. If you read the assigned materials, take part
in class discussion, and show that you understand the key concepts, chances are you’ll do
just fine. As I noted in a previous Prager University
course, “How the Liberal University Hurts the Liberal Student,” I believe that conservative
students stand to get more out their college experience than their liberal counterparts. Why? Because conservative students are constantly
exposed to dissenting viewpoints. This opposition sharpens them intellectually
and helps them grow. The secret is to be prepared. Follow these seven rules and you will be. I’m Matthew Woessner, Associate Professor
of Political Science at Penn State Harrisburg for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “The Conservative Student’s Survival Guide

  1. Oddly enough liberal women can’t deny their biological instincts and still fall for the cocky confident conservative, motorcycle riding bad boy.

    Be like that in college and you’re set.

  2. Check the web site Rate My Professor. Ignore vague review good or bad but SJW or flagrantly bigoted and racist professors will get called out with very detailed reviews. And when you graduate remember, if your alma mater has money for any grievance studies departments, they don't need your money.

  3. As a leftist, I must say that this video was probably the best that I've seen from pragerU.
    Alot of this advice is very good, and is even valid for leftists.
    I'd just like to say that for the course you choose, you shouldn't be afraid of choosing any option just because you feel like you might be unwelcome there.
    The institutions are made to be tolerant of anyone's views (as long as you do not express them too aggressively in presence of the staff) because they are supposed to be neutral.
    If that is not the case you are allowed to seek legal aid against discrimination, but be well aware of where you are in the wrong and where you are right.
    You should be allowed to learn what you like, and if you feel unwelcome by the people in the course, educate yourself on your ideology so you can properly defend it in a civil debate.
    Respect other people's opinions. It's their right to believe in whatever they want to believe in, and if you feel like they are wrong, you can always attempt to change their mind (just don't pressure them too much).
    All of this applies to both the left and right.

  4. Why did I just find this now after I dropped out of college because I had enough of liberals and didn't know how to deal with them? 🙁

  5. I went to find the suggested video "how the liberal university hurts the liberal student" and it didn't auto-populate til I got to the word "student" despite the fact there are 500K views.

  6. We don't need no education

    We don't need no thought control

    No dark sarcasm in the classroom

    Teachers leave them kids alone

    Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone

    All in all it's just another brick in the wall

  7. What is there to study in a gender studies course?!?!
    There are 2 genders. Always have been. Always willl be – end of study

  8. Opposition almost always creates a brighter mind if they actually 2 think things through informal well-articulated argument. Which reminds me of some Elementary School teachers I had and boy am I glad I had them.

  9. I remember my one year in college, my roommate was a liberal from Chicago, Illinois, he and I would debate and argue politics everyday. I think we both learned a great deal from each other.


  11. I was a conservative and majored in psychology so I spent nearly all my time in the liberal arts department and I always said the hardest part of college was getting through it without my conservative views getting me into trouble. Luckily I actually had decent teachers who would encourage debate even if it disagreed with their views. I only had one that I didn’t and I ended up having to drop that class because of his attitude to me

  12. I would encourage civil unrest since the strong survive and most leftists would find their own demise in their own ideology and most would be significantly exterminated in a few weeks. Sad but true.

  13. I'm studying to be an art teacher, and the sad reality is that, people who's in the Right side of the political side of the spectrum is demonized.
    I agree with this video, WORK hard guys, it's not impossible.

  14. Conservatives have had priviledge to be horrible people too long, it's awsome to see how they lose their power to continue damaging the world.

  15. Ok guys, I'll study IT management soon. Wish me luck, as I will go to the most SJW city to study, since it's the only option in my country.

  16. I wish to know a Republican based college that I could go to. Please help.

    My Personal Answer to Myself: stop giving people respect they don't deserve. When you fear other people you are taking away from your faith. Love everyone. The only enemies we have are the ones we create. Don't let human ideals stop you from becoming the person you were meant to be. Regardless of sides. 🙄

  17. I went right at them head on when I was in school. As an engineering student, we still had to take lunatic liberal classes. I shot down every liberal talking point that the professors put forward.

  18. If someone is screaming at you or calling you names for your beliefs, you absolutely have a right to just walk away. They aren't looking for a discussion, but how to destroy you. When Jesus was asked unfair questions before his crucifixion meant to try to catch him making a mistake, He didn't answer.

  19. Meanwhile at Berkeley


    Conservative student: So I-

    All radical liberals within two mile radius: (Unpronounceable Screeching)

  20. There are constant speeches about how women are inconvenienced in the work field, teachers who are extremely leftist, teachers who try to get an equal amount of boys and girls to take a turn doing an activity at once even though there are way less boys in the class, a club that allegedly supports all races and genders but thinks that the women's weightlifting club shouldn't be opened to boys because the people who run that club think that there should be equal amounts of both genders in sports, and even more stupid feminist nonsense within my Canadian junior high.

  21. Easier, just don't identify as conservative or liberal. Open your mind more and you will find it easier to survive. Most people dismiss everything that is not on there "sides" talking points. That is where they lose immediately.

  22. I don't agree we had to sit down shut up to long. Their bullies and so I voted Trump. You attack him he attacks back Mitt Romney McCain Bush let the left walk on them. We are not the parent of a spoiled brat. We are a citizen of America and it belongs to us too.

  23. I'm from Australia and we have a similar situation with our Universities. There is one difference between us conservatives and the left: We use common sense, facts and evidence.

  24. I’m 11 and just started sixth grade. Now that I’m watching it not sure if I need it but you never know. We all know the Left has it’s ways.

  25. PragerU: Black people, gay people, Muslims, and any other historically marginalized groups don’t experience oppression, stop trying to play the victim
    Also PragerU: Conservatives are the real victim

  26. I’m a lefty I’m a High School, and honestly I don’t mind being cool with conservatives and even a few Trump supporters (as long as they aren’t explicitly white nationalist), as long as they don’t define themselves by their political party. Like there’s this girl who makes every single post about how dumb “the libs” are and how she’s a proud conservative, and once said something on how the reason there aren’t more women in Congress is because they were all aborted, and posted a fake news article. Then she took any criticism as “closed minded leftists”. I’ve had conversations with people who have different views, you just have to be respectful and don’t assume any superiority or oppression because of your beliefs.

  27. It's good to hear this information. I'm going to school in northern New York for my business administration degree and soon will be transferring to Syracuse University for my degree in economics. I will definitely use these tactics.

  28. I don't understand people still choosing to be liberals, after all the ruining the society with terrorist attack and crimes. That's not progress. Environment saving is also not necessary, the only countries in trouble would be the war countries around the equator, where all the terrorists come from. They just want the country where you grew up in and your holidays destroyed, because they want to destroy everything that's different from their fascists cultures that migrated here, from the war countries.

  29. We should not be shamed into inaction and stopped from changing the system. To challenge it every day (albeit in a respective and calm manner) is the plight you must commit to every day if we are to rid our colleges from communist ideology.

    This exact process happened before complete authoritarian control in Bolshevik Russia, Maoist China, and the Weimar Republic – although in the latter they were more evolved and had a uniparty posing as a diverse political parties to masquerade as a democracy. Where can we see this today?

  30. I take US history in high school and I'm glad that I have a great teacher who doesn't express any political bias. One of her parents also served in the US air force.

  31. Back in 1984 we much didn’t discuss being “liberal” or “conservative” at the state university I attended. Most of my friends and I were engineering majors. Other peers were meteorology or business majors. I did however walk into a humanities class during the second semester of my junior year. The professor’s first words were: “the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket due to Engineers and scientist.” I never made it to day 2 of the class. That’s the only class I ever dropped. I replaced it with an advanced economics class to fulfill my BDRs and got an A. But as a middle aged adult and practicing engineer, I’d love the opportunity to take that humanities class with that professor now and give him some counterpoints to ponder. I wasn’t strong enough or wise enough to battle the prof then… but I bet I could go toe-to-toe with him now.

  32. First day of nursing school (in Minnesota): "go home and watch this Michael Moore movie"
    Second day of nursing school: state out loud in front of your entire cohort if you think health care is a right or a privilege.

    Turns out it was preparation for dealing with nurses as a nurse. It's assumed that all nurses will fall in line with the left so they assume I'm like them but secretly I'm questioning their thought process and helping them overcome group think. If they think you are liberal, they Will hear your opinion. Once word gets out you are an evil conservative, they won't hear anything you say ever again.

  33. This semester, as a requirement to achieve my bachelors in biology, I have to take a communications and diversity course. It’s costing me nearly $1500 for this one class that has nothing to do with my major.

    A discussion that we’ve already been assigned is to “talk about our experience with white privilege.”
    Not our opinion about it but our experience, stating it like it’s fact. Not to mention the second portion of the assignment was to discuss our feelings in regards to a series of question on class, race, gender, sexuality, and ability.

    I’m sorry but I don’t need to spend so much time and money to know not to be racist, sexist, homophobic and all those other leftist terms that are thrown around regularly

  34. I figure if you challenge the teacher he will know whose calling him out on his biases in his anonymous evaluation at the end of the semester. I like to keep my peace and give quizzical looks in the front row during lecture. I’m sure I look like I’ve just been slapped across the face with a ham steak 🥩 but it’s my pleasure to keep him guessing. Muahahahaha

  35. It's getting so bad that I'm a FAR LEFTIST, but since I have a lot of conservative viewpoints socially, I'm still anxious about college. And it's so bad that even liberals walk around campus scared out of their wits that they're going to be demonized for making one PC false move. And there is no forgiveness, either. I would like all the conservatives here to know that liberalism is not necessarily leftism. Or, keep in mind that just because someone has leftist perspectives, that doesn't necessarily make them a liberal. Liberals are cray-cray. I'm not fond of PragerU, being a far leftist; but, there are a couple videos I like. This is one of them. The colleges are getting way out of hand with liberal totalitarianism.

  36. When I was a freshman in high school signing up for classes, I thought ethnic studies was some kind of world history class.

    Boy was I wrong.

    But hey, at least I got a credit from that class.

    Lose-win situation

  37. This video is the definition of anti-intellectualism. What you were taught by your family is right, don't learn anything new.

  38. Seriously? Leftist world view?? People just go to college to learn how to get a paying job in a field of their interest. What allies? What cause? Politically correct obstacle course? Oooooh!College is scary! You might come
    out changed after you pay all that money to get lessons from experts!! If you aren’t seeking something different than what you already know then maybe just don’t try it. Stay here and listen to this drivel instead!! There’s no need to fear college if you have conservative views!! What is leftist about learning nursing, teaching, engineering, science, ROTC or medicine??? They’re just jobs at which you want to be well trained so you can contribute to your community. The only person I ever saw having trouble was a dude who wanted to talk creation in a biology class. Okay, people were nice, but it wasn’t bible study it was science. It was a weird conversation but no one said he didn’t have the right to his religious beliefs and no one was mean. The professor did have to get through the material and did test us on what he taught so after a while the dude’s arguments got old, at least during that class. Yes to working hard though. Yes to making a difference. Maybe like most polite people keep your opinions to yourself and vote instead of fearing others. Most people have the same goals, you know? Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness? If your peers are different than you, you don’t have to change unless you think it would make you a better person!! Most people meet lifelong friends, mentors and maybe even their spouses at college. Believe it or not liberals and conservatives can be friends, get married and work together to make our country the best it can be. Don’t listen to this guy. He sounds paranoid.

  39. Whenever anybody decides to call me "sexist" "xenophobic" "bigoted" "homophobic" etc.,

    I combat those labels with reverse psychology.

    "Yes, actually, I am _______. What are you going to do about it? (Label me into oblivion? OooooOOOoooh~! Scary!)"

    (You can add or subtract the sarcasm if you wish. It makes it more fun, imho.)

    If you "confirm" their ideas/generalizations about you, then they'd be proven "correct", so to speak. Thus, they'd have nothing more to argue about with you. You would leave them flabbergasted and-you would technically "win" that argument, if that's what your intention was, originally going into the argument.

  40. My major is Political Sciences, and most of my classmates (even those in upper years) are leftists. I hope I can apply this survival guide, especially the ''keep cool'' one.

  41. I don't know how to thank you for this video. I am sick of leftist ideas in my university..
    I am studying in Germany, here things are way calmer.

    But still, sickening leftist ideas rule and genuine prussian culture is left without support.

    Bad thing is, good patriotic students do not join activist organizations, because they only care of what is important, which for a student, is to study… Thus, campus politic is filled by less patriotic, leftist students.

    Conservative students tend to do important things, such as establishing a business, rather than organizing demonstration. I want to organize a counter demonstration if i had the urge, but i know that it's not important.

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    & Take A Second Look
    Early On A Tuesday Morning & Beyond 2001 will be released in Jan & Nov of 2020

  43. yeah. I work at a college.
    Only one side gets to openly bitch and bitch and bitch about Trump.
    while the other side must follow "the rules" of non-political conduct.

    one side can express their political beliefs freely. and one side has Democrat mugs and calendars sold at the bookstore.

  44. And here we have another example of the right playing the victim card. The same people who complain about left-wing people saying they're victims.

  45. My English professor is always wanting us to write argumentative essays, but he wants us to do it without doing any research, and wants us to use personal beliefs and experiences, how am I supposed to prove a point without doing research? Any kind of personal knowledge that I that I know from prior research to getting the essay he does not allow because how is he supposed to know I'm an "expert". If I could use prior knowledge or research, I would blow his essays out of the water, but it's hard for me to even get the word limit because the topics that he gives us I hardly have any personal experience with. And I believe it is impossible to convince somebody something without So what is the point of riding argumentative essays without research?

  46. "Don't study social science fields if you'd rather ignore the hard facts revealing systematic inequity of opportunity that contradict your conservative viewpoints"!!! If you need to "steer clear" of an entire field of study because of the objective fact racism, sexism, classism, and unfairly distributed wealth permeate our society and make Americans less capable of achieving the "American Dream" than Europeans, you might want to consider it's your own political opinion and not the course of study that's flawed.

  47. I am not an American, and I am not consider myself as a conservative or liberal
    but I found myself struggle in the politics class that surrounded by extreme liberal student.
    (I am a teenage lesbian and I am asian and English is not my 1st language). 90% of my liberal opinion I disagree. But
    it's hard for me to speak about my political opinion with my classmate even though on the social media.

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