The Government’s War on Interns

The Government’s War on Interns

Hello internet! You’re watching Mostly Weekly and I’m intermittently Andrew Heaton. Interns! The muse of Hollywood studios who like to
ask: what if an intern was a hilariously out-of-touch
old dude? The answer is hijinx. This summer millions of students across our
great land are working in internships. How do I know? Because we asked our Mostly Weekly intern,
Clint, to do some fact-checking and some work around
the set. And according to his research, the US has
8 bajillion unpaid interns. So why do people love unpaid interns? Because the labor is cheap, if not a bit unreliable. Fuck! We’re proud of you Clint! you’re doing- Shut up! Companies want cheap labor and college students are willing to work for
the experience. And job seekers are willing to work for free in order to get a foot in the door at a company
they like. But many companies are eliminating their unpaid
internship programs altogether. Why? Because most unpaid interns are illegal. In fact, the exact wording says: “The employer that provides training derives no immediate advantage from the activities
of the intern; and on occasion its operations may actually
be impeded.” So. in other words, you can hire an unpaid
intern, you just don’t let them do anything helpfoot. Clint- I think maybe you misspelled “helpful”
in the teleprompter buddy. No, Clint, don’t be like that! Why you gotta… I’ll let you come in at ten. Here’s the thing: I think two consenting adults should be able
to do whatever they want with or to each other and that includes internships. Unpaid interns meet a network of people you could only meet through the wonderful
world of work! And finally understand the movie “Office
Space.” References. References are an incredibly valuable way
to find work you can only get by having work experience
in the first place. Back in the days before unpaid internships, I used to give my own number as a reference and pretended to be my own former employer. Oh ay, Heaton was a great guy. Eye for detail, all that stuff. Uh, knows Microsoft suite and… haggis. All right, that’s the bagpipes, got to go Braveheart to you. Well my word! Andy Heaton’s a tall drink of water that never had no drug charges. Another benefit is work lessons Without an unpaid internship, where- uh, hey buddy, you got your finger on the lens, could you
take, could you move your finger? You just moved your fingers up, that’s not
doing anything, Okay, I’m just going to work around, uh Work lessons! They’re important, you can get them from unpaid
internships. There are also a suspicious number of congressmen who have unpaid interns but ALSO voted to increase the minimum wage but ALSO use unpaid interns. Hey Clint, don’t walk in front of the green
screen. You’re not my dad! So for them, it’s fine to work for $8 an
hour or zero, but nothing in between. Hashtag: congresslogic. Look unpaid internships aren’t ideal, it’s better to get paid, I know. But it’s also better than not having any opportunities
at all. Wanting to ban unpaid internships is like
wanting to ban hot pockets because we don’t have both hot pockets and
pizza. And, let’s at least consider things from
the perspective of the employer. If the government forces an employer to pay
their interns, what possible incentive do they have to hire
a twenty-something nobody for eighty-something days? That’s not even enough time to figure out
how to work the fax machine. Or in Clint’s case- facts. I love ya buddy! Shut up! Weirdly, working for free can be an advantage
for someone looking to get experience. But companies face increasing legal scrutiny
to hire them, which is why we should legalize unpaid- Hello? Hey Clint, buddy! Well, how did you get there? I… cut the blue wire?

71 thoughts on “The Government’s War on Interns

  1. I know some interns who do really hard and legit work. They're not just coffee makers. I'm talking I know a guy who does calculations for an engineering firm and if he screwed something up it could mean massive project failure. Interns should at least get paid a few bucks an hour or in paid in some form

  2. I look forward to these Heaton videos. Good material, excellent points, fun stuff. But he forgot the legal disclaimer… No (or only one) intern was harmed in the making of this video.

  3. But you can't deregulate interns either, otherwise companies WILL exploit their work, because that's what companies do. They want people to work for the lowest price possible, preferably for free.

  4. Aren't free internships supposed to be about "In exchange for free work, you give me free relevant training"? Not just unskilled BS like sending faxes, making copies, buying coffee and doughnuts? If you're getting good real skill building training I see no problem with unpaid internships. But anything less sounds incredibly predatory. If you need the work done, you gotta pay someone.

  5. Unpaid internships exacerbates income inequality, only children of wealthy people can afford to work for free.

  6. if employers want experience they should provide it, why do people constantly put companies before, well people?

  7. At three minutes the best joke was hey it's better to be a paid intern than a non-paid one, but, being a non-paid intern is better than not having a job at all. ha ha Straight out of Friedman's playbook, getting carried out of a steel plant missing limbs or dead is better than having no work at all.

  8. heh nope. The kinds of companies who need interns can afford to pay "college-educated" individuals (ie. not without skill) at least a minimum wage. I mean.. either that or let them sleep on your couch and eat your leftovers because how else you expect these kids to live, kids who have already been kicked out of the house to go to college and live life in the big city. huh huh? nope.. pay them.. you can afford the pennies it costs to invest in someone you might want working for you in the long run anyway.

  9. My maternal grandfather learned his trade as a carpenter in an apprenticeship. He built the houses he lived in and built my paternal aunt's too. He made his living that way.

  10. I never went to college and instead worked a ton of unpaid internships. 25 years old now and I have a great paying job in IT.

  11. I don't know how I'm going to be able to cat-burglar a solid network of high-achieving workaholic rich folk without getting caught if I can't stake them out using free internships to get key passes and passwords and pins and shit… this fucking sucks. I like working for free, it's the best way I can negotiate my value as a land-pirate. If people like me can't do that, bitcoin's going to take a dive! XD (This is just for entertainment purposes, it is not an admission of guilt.)

  12. temporary job+ $0/HR + work experience = unacceptable
    4 years of time and effort -10s of thousands of dollars + no work experience = good?

  13. And what happens when you have rich kids whos parents are paying $20,000 for them to get a one year internship at a law firm? how do ordinary people compete with that? (one of my friends friends was actually doing that).

  14. My response towards internship offers is:
    1) there is no such thing as a free lunch
    2) I have big boy/girl responsibilities such as bills and rent that I have take care of.

  15. I mean if companies want offer unpaid internships I know I won't take them because I already have expiernce from a multitude of past paid internships. I know I have a leg up where a lot of other people don't and I think to level the playing field it is fair that others also get a chance at gaining expiernce and if they need an unpaid internship to do that then they should be able to.

  16. The problem with Interns is it excludes poor people, it's fine to work for bugger all when mommy and daddy sub you.

  17. internships should be legal and do able but they should not be treated like slave labor that gets you no where.

    if you
    1.learn nothing
    2.get no references
    3.does not get your foot in the door for a job.

    basically if you waste 3 months getting coffee for someone and get nothing in return I think it's no ok and that those college kids should be able to sue for some money.

  18. Internships are really bullshit. I am not going to file papers and get coffee for you. I am here for work experience. Company's have a tendency to take advantage and fail to hire employees if they can get a intern to do it for free.

  19. Hey, that's my problem, I don't get hire because I don't have experience and I don't have experience because nobody hire me.

  20. Reading people's comments have definitely told me that many people's brains have atrophied from lack of use since they rely on people to tell them how to think….

  21. Why would you work for free? You could work elsewhere, start your own thing, study, or collect unemployment benefits. It's not really training, the company has no incentive to hire you afterwards. Unless the fair market value of an intern's work is actually zero, they could instead just "hire" the next sucker for free. Real companies invest in training their workforce.

  22. There was a while expose about how interns increasingly are learning nothing, no networking, no useable skills. These companies literally just use these kids to make coffee and make copies and do labor anyone out of high school could do. It’s basically slavery for rich people. The children of independent wealthy families so they can get their foot in the door and be part of the club. The average person can’t afford not to work and very few people can actually partake in internships

  23. Minimum wage really push the students out of the market and into unpaid internship. If companies don't have to pay for interns, they will treat them like a free commodity, not letting them do much real works and training as those things take effort from full time employees. If the government let the market decide the value for internship, the process becomes simple. Companies use wage as expectation to the student who will work to fulfil that expectation. Interns will work harder because they are paid and companies will teach them better because they are an asset now, not a free commodity. If there's a fear that minimum wage will destroy low skill labour employees standard of living, just create another class of contracts as internship that excludes those type of jobs to "protect" low wage labour. No minimum wage enforcement works in many countries, it helps employers and employees to be flexible and have better negotiation. Why can't people look beyond their personal interest to see the whole picture, everyone has their incentive and balancing it is the best way to advance our society.

  24. The problem with unpaid internships is that to many companies have taken advantage of this. Running errands or going to Starbucks instead of learning the job

  25. There is research that shows unpaid internships don't raise income or result in work later. i.e. effect is salient

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