The lost world | Vote for democracy

The lost world | Vote for democracy

In life nowadays We googled the reviews before we go to try the food in a restaurant. Photos on the real estate website are always so good We still inspect houses before we decide to buy or rent. We tend to compare the functions and price match before we buy expensive goods And in relationships We chose not to trust people who’re not honest and never fulfill their words. We sincerely hope our children are not hanging around Or even get married to this kind of person. I cannot let my daughter marry someone like this We try to choose everything in our life wisely. We love to have the right to choose for ourselves. If you enjoy making decisions for yourself How about doing the same thing for the country you’re living in? We googled the reviews of restaurants we like to try Why not Google the candidates and parties who we don’t know much about? Like how you compare the functions and reviews online. You can check how those politicians have done in the past and what they want to lead us to. Living in a democracy country You get to decide who’s working for you And if you are not happy about who’s on now Something even better is that you can also become a politician and giving people better views Paying attention to politics is showing that you’re cool enough to tell the world what views you are standing with. And it is never too late! I’m going home to vote! And You?

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  1. 1:39台灣有一個叫投票指南的網站,會把候選人的資料都列出來,是一個用來研究候選人的好工具(零時政府(g0v)做的)

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