92 thoughts on “The Most POWERFUL MANIFESTATION ACCELERATION TECHNIQUE You Can Use! (law of attraction)

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  2. I use to look at cars online and build them…Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to go to the dealership. The feeling of actually buying a new car and the feeling I got knowing others were watching me thinking I wonder what car she will pick out was very rewarding. It really stepping things up. Made it feel more like the NOW instead of down the road. Picked up some brochures too. Really fun.

  3. it is done somewhere in our parallel reality!! thanks again YourYouniverse! this will definitely be added to my folder!

  4. Hey guys can I get some advise?Can I use LOA to manifest living in another country?I literally since I was a child felt a pull towards New York City…I dnt knw what it is..the subway,the bus stations.the fact that it never sleeps…I dont live near the city but I youtube nyc sounds and I immediately feel right at home..I've envisioned myself walking along the streets of new York since I was a child and had no idea what I was doing…I mean I know it sounds insane but humor me please,I dont want to visit new york,I feel like I belong there,like it's my home…Can anyone tell me if I can manifest moving to and living in the big Apple?and how can I go about making this a reality?do I believe and everything will fall into place?I'm currently 23,I've been unconsciously visualizing a life in nyc since I was about 8 or 9…

  5. Are you basically saying that if we change a memery it would change where you are at the moment and the future?

  6. This is too legit. Imagine it as if its already happened, this dawned on me one day after speaking with my ancestors they too told me to do this. It no joke accelerates.

  7. Thank you so much,what an amazing vid..by creating this type of content you are helping humanity big time..all of this is deeply appreciated..thanks again,and please keep doing it.many blessings to you.

  8. Can I imagine and try to manifest success for my husband or is it he alone who has to do it for himself. I'm a bit confused here. I have been praying for his success and trying to follow loa technique.

  9. It has been in the Bible for the longest, yet most people and church leaders overlook it as if it were only an afterthought… Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

  10. These videos are really fantastic in that don't just describe the challenges of the mind, they actually provide very useful exercise that work.

  11. visualize it, feel it& become it every moment. Wow! Its Amazing. I am indeed very grateful to you for all your insightful techniques.Lots& Lots of abundance to all of us.

  12. Thanks for this video. It helps me so much to maintain the feeling of what I want without a feeling of lack. This is a brilliant concept. I am starting this immediately,

  13. Have you ever seen someone get the physical attributes or else created in his thoughts using this technic you're telling us?

  14. Just like when I used to fucking smoking weed and hold a thought or idea for a long time and manifesting that which I thought because I changed my mindset and so I attracted that which I began to believe, I can tell the difference between this way of manifesting and the “old way “. This is more natural and detailed and throughout the old way was more intense mind stuff “crazy”. But I am getting what I wanted which I had set out years before so I just have to keep going and not stray from my path and I will surely get there Amen.

  15. I’ve had some amazing things manifest before where I’m positive LOA works. I feel like I should be in a place where I rarely experience doubt and resistance. However I’ve had moments where I’ll doubt myself and feel like all the things that manifested before we’re just coincidences. It’s so strange

  16. It’s been a challenge to KEEP the feelings of having whenever I’m around family or people I know. I’m able to really FEEL GREAT when I’m out in nature or driving. It’s taking a LOT of energy to not allow a feeling of utter fear to take over my mind and more importantly my body~my heart literally cramps up. How do I go DEEP in my subconscious mind and CHANGE my thoughts from THERE? Any advise I will do, I’ve been at this for 15 years and I’ve lost literally everything. I look at it as a need for clearing out and starting over, I’m ready to be free…thank you for this video💖

  17. Thank you, this is the technique I used. I failed my maths exams twice, even though I studied and worked very hard on them. However, before I kept thinking I was going to fail and I did because I already programmed that outcome in my mind.

    After learning the law of attraction, I started thinking in the now, such as "I passed all my exams and got top marks". I did that until i fully believed it.

    After, doing my exams again, I got my results and guess what!! I not only passed, I got top marks!!. It's all about believing that it's already done. I didn't worry about my test, as I already knew that I passed before even doing them again.

  18. Sunstar;)( Floating through space within spheres of cosmos light. All directions are ones path. (J) Son of truth;)🙏

  19. I watched this video a year ago and it radically transformed my life after having applied its content. It works like magic I still can't believe that in one year only I've attracted all the things I was struggling to concretize during more than ten years. Thanks a million for sharing this invaluable secret

  20. I remember when I bought my first private jet, properties in Manhattan and the South of France. It felt so amazing to have attained true financial freedom…

  21. Thank you, for this piece of the Law of Attraction piece that will work with the other pieces of the puzzle to create the big picture.

  22. This technique is pure gold. It has already happened. It is past and l'm happy to enjoy the feeling of fulfillment in the present.

  23. Fantastic, appreciate the info, the powerful vibrational change is quite noticeable and you completely detatch from the outcome when you realise your desires are past memories

  24. Question for anyone.
    I have memories from distant past of what I want.
    I have difficulty visualizing the blend of those memories with memories of the recent past (2-3 days ago).
    Should have work on that (the previous sentence) or work on visualizing blending an imagined scene of what I want with recent past?
    I assume the answer is whichever brings out the feelings (most).

  25. This is great. It's like you've taken some of the rather complex ideas in Stuart Lichtman's Cybernetic Transposition and made them very easy to understand! Love your content!

  26. while I was watching this, I checked the time and it was 5:55, the channel had 555k subscribers, and my battery was at 55%… is this a sign?

  27. I have to know mysself not to bhother you Ani more i mo villager and thanks for every thing raising cattle has no more money.

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