100 thoughts on “The SECRET of the Subconscious Mind That Leads to INSTANT MANIFESTATION! (law of attraction)

  1. LOVE THIS!! I teach everyone I know about what you teach me!! LIFE CHANGING!! Thank you so much! As always Bless Up 💗

  2. This "Coming To Jesus" moment when you realize it's ohhhh soooooo simple….
    Just tuning in to the right frequency of The Universe and realizing that your self constructed Ego IS the road block that has been keeping you from full alignment with the greater whole. Stop inhabiting the space of "I Want" and start intending to live inside the house of "I Have" .

  3. Once you achieve the best for yourself , remember to help others do the same for themselves. X

  4. Ive been doing this over 2 years now. Im not any more financially better off, or healthier. In fact I am lonlier than I have ever been and my current job pays less than any job Ive had in many years.I have lost my family and feel completely alone in this life. No amount of positive thinking day after day and meditation and listening to these videos has made any changes. I feel as lost now as I did before i started doing this.

  5. This is what magick really is, controlling your subconscious mind, but most people will never truly achieve this…

  6. No words…..just WOW, WOW, WOW. THANK YOU to the God-in-me. THANK YOU REVEREND IKE for planting the seeds. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this knowledge with the world. This knowledge needs to be spread across the poor countries. How did we get it wrong????

  7. What about SYMBOLS, ARCHETYPES,
    Emotion is part of the equation, the power. Imagery, imagination or sigils are ways to communicate directly.
    Subconscious is womb
    Emotion is the power
    Symbols or imagination PENETRATES the womb
    Masculine and feminine

  8. I repeat: "The language of the subconscious mind is emotion." SO, if you don't like how your lenses are focused, ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE IT …." You are the photographer….AND NO PHOTOGRAPHER LIKES BLURRY PICTURES (MAYBE SOME DO). I SURE DO NOT.

  9. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing video, it is making a massive difference to my manifestations already. Once again, thank you XXX

  10. Question for visualization, anyone that can help, thankyou!!!! So do i see myself kinda like a movie, or do i see it though my eyes, say for abundance, do i see myself with tons of money, or do i see through my eyes tons of money, winning the lottery would i see myself standing sit a huge check? Or would i hold that check and see through my eyes, looking at the people around my congratulating me and taking pictures?, or do i do both?

  11. I have been practicing the LOA for years and read as well as watched many videos. No one every said it was an emotion that will manifest your feeling. This blew me away, I cannot thank you enough the results in your thoughts when associated with an emotion are immediate. peace my friend…

  12. As a Christian I’ve been following LOA for 2 years. Every video, every energy and chakra healing, tapping sessions, talks on this whole subject. THIS singular video I’m going to use with the self harming teens I counsel on Instagram. I have mental illness, and not the smart kind. I don’t get a lot of stuff, and your videos all just hit the mark every time and has increased myfsith and my feeling of inclusion in the world. I have personality disorder so my suicide issues have always been severe. And then I found you. This video is spectacular I just sent it to my family saying there will be a test. Thank you for being free of charge as I navigate my mental illness to heal myself and help others. You have no idea the impact you’ve had on my and my families lives. Dramatic. True story 🤜🏻🤛🏾

  13. 1 Corinthians 15: 3-4 For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He
    was buried, that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,

  14. 4:20 amazibg how my mind took me out of reality and into what i truly desire. Never felt somethibg like that before.

  15. Could someone please tell me what is a higher vibration? Do I get on a machine that would shake me like a washing machine vibration to get a higher vibration?
    Please make it plain!

  16. Thank you, for these new thoughts for my subconscious mind. I am already asking how I can, get the things I want and wjat will it feel like to be… Thank you

  17. want to see the results of emotional subconscious programming ?
    female body builder, 135 pounds, puts 250 pounds over her head

  18. I bet you some people read the title and give it an instant dislike and never actually listen to the video. they are totally losing out. you don't feel it work until you actually try this. it works…every time.

  19. I warmly recommend Abraham Hicks -videos for all of you <3 It is very beneficial to understand the scientific truth about LOA, but Abraham Hicks helps to understand also the emotional part and gives amazing practical advice as well. And uses also "holy humour" with his (her) teachings,

  20. This one's a good one stop being positive thinking on the up-and-up when you run into a situation where people are saying things and don't let him get your you saying that positive side and sometimes you know thanks do block us like certain things in society like certain government stuff but sometimes there's ways to work around it or if you can compromise with yourself too kind of loophole it maybe I just and positive side and things look up listen to positive music like it's kind of funny but what's it called like a kind of like some Green day some stuff like that like some just up and leave not so sad stuff don't listen to the sad stuff cuz I don't bring you down listen to the good stuff take time out to collect your thoughts in the dark think about things when it comes to something that happens run in the spare the moment that first spot that first reaction take that and go with it because that's usually the right reaction if you second-guess yourself a question it that's where you go wrong and you'll be question yourself over and over and over again and you'll be stuck there always go with your first instinct just make sure it's not influenced by a judgment from somebody else make sure it's a pure reaction

  21. Mahalo to the 1 Who shared these Words. Captivating Words to a Listening Soul. Priceless Teaching. 😘

  22. I've could have bin a better person if this was out back then . thank you for the chance to change for a better future to build …. ✌

  23. Your voice is magical Lee. Love it! The energy and vibe you bring to the videos are deeply moving and impactful where it helps me to ground myself and set my intentions to where I need to be. Thank you so much.

  24. “What if I was always abundant and all my needs were met? How would I Feel?” Find the feeling and hold on to it. Change the lens and produce the feeling you are seeking.

  25. Every day my mind conquers me in the end. One way or another.
    I have very few moments in the day where I’m actually just existing without even thinking about a blink

  26. What if I was already abundant and affluent than opulence with a lot of evidence what would that look like today? Overflowing abundance? What would it look like for the love of my life to show up ready to show his love and earn my trust again? Would it be cool if you got bold enough to call me or to show up somewhere that he knew I would be? What would it be like to record a platinum single out of nowhere this month? 🦈

  27. "There are no problems, there are merely Opportunities for Improvements"
    – Fredrick W. Smith
    Founder and Chairman of the Board
    circa, 1984

  28. All the Objects that we See, are Already a Very Short Time in the Past, Light Takes Time to Reach the Eye. But Imagination is Not Fixed in Time. peace 🎼🎧🎼👌

  29. The subconscious mind becomes one with the conscious mind. Therefore you are complete and whole. It becomes one mind or yin and yang coming together as one. Material and spiritual. In this realization. The spiritual realm controls the physical realm. Therefore your spiritual thought can do anything and everything

  30. OK, let's say you want to be able to drink a bottle of wine every other day without ever getting any hangovers whatsoever, or any other ill effects. Let's say it's a very fine red wine, organic, Fairtrade labelled and with 13% alcohol. Let's say it's simply because you find the taste of it irresistably delicious, especially together with organic quality food. Is that possible to manifest with LOA? Or, more to the point, do you have any example of anyone who has achieved something similar to that, or some other "borderline immoral" manifestation, with LOA? I'm very curious to know the answer.

  31. "the DOMINANT emotion …"

    "FEELING gets the blessing" and "FEELING is the prayer."
    feelings are EMOTIONALIZED thoughts. what we PRIMARILY AND MOSTLY F E E L, and stay FOCUSED ON/CONSCIOUS OF = the key …

    oh, and, be ok with how shit is now.

  32. No joke. I just meditated and did a manifestation process desiring money then went on to watch this video. My husband at work just texted me. $2.00 appeared in his work truck.

    For those who say $2.00 who cares I say to you. The universe does not make a distinction between $2.00 or 2million.

    Believe. And you will Receive. Namaste fellow travelers. May your journey be filled with joy love light health wealth prosperity and abundance.

  33. My intentions and desires are slowly manifesting but today the old program is attempting to take over and it’s scrambling my mind. How can I fix this? I’m aware of it completely but I’m not sure how I can go back to yesterday or last night when I was in a different state of mind

  34. Coming back and listening to this two years later is like WOW, I've grown, ive come really far, learned a lot and have gotten really better at manifesting and mastering my thoughts, feelings, actions, imagination and subconscious mind. I am truly grateful 🙏😊😁

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