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  1. Amongst all of my concentration pod casts, this gives true life to the behavior and breakdown to abundance, greater consciousness, highlighting better self worth… THANK YOU

  2. Blessed are those who believe though have not seen it. they shall inherit the kingdom. My God has already conquer the world and in obedience with Him what ever i ask in His name shall be Given. Vission is the things u have seen and it will happen if you will response on it. change into a better and grandest version.

  3. I'm not suggesting any particular existing religion's or indivdual's version or concept of God but Where is God and its relationship / connection to us in all this?

  4. I have been changing my reality by changing my thoughts!!! It's amazing to realize we have been created to create!! We are limitless… This has been Life changimg

  5. Every now and then I get the sensation that I am exactly the same as God deep down on the inside. That my personality is not the real me but it never lasts for very long. This video makes me think that maybe that sensation is true. Maybe deep down we are all limitless and identical to God. Maybe each one of us is a little piece of God. This lines up with what Jesus taught.

  6. I like the info in the video and the upbeat-ness. But somehow the upbeatness makes the IMPACT of the INFORMATION less effective. Like there isn't enough room in between sentences to allow the viewer to ponder on its implications before the next sentence begins.

  7. Govern means control and the etiology of the word ment is Latin meaning mental/mind, but it was actually spelled mente, so to throw us off, the “e” was removed = Government. T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) know that the secrets to the universe are energy, frequency and vibration, which is what our mind is!

    We are creators, but have been convinced that we are powerless through mind control techniques via the media, subliminal messages, synthetic medications, vaccinations, poisons raining down on us and sprayed on crops, genetically modified foods, music, etc! All those things render us dumb, compliant, complacent robots that don’t have use for the mind’s power, but only a sole purpose to follow and worship the system’s sinister dictators (who know how to use the law of attraction) like lost, dependent puppy dogs.

    The thing is, The Universe is neutral, meaning, what you vibrate you will create (attract); as above so below. The unbelievable, horrible things we see and hear about are created by this law of attraction and it goes the same for lovely, beautiful, kind, things as well. T.H.E.Y know this and that is why this 1% has it all and dominates, because they play with magic and have convinced us that we don’t have that very same magic and sadly, most believe them, which is why so many sleep walkers (unawakened beings) will fight tooth and nail over Trump, Obama’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s, etc, when they are all just different masks on the same face representing the same things, all the while creating illusions to confuse the masses. They know how the universe works. In addition, T.H.E.Y manufacture scary, horrible violent acts to create fear in us, so… if we are vibrating fear, what do you think we are creating due to the law of attraction? Depression, anxiety, fear, poverty, violence, anger, discord, apathy, dependence, loneliness, etc. WE create / attract what we are vibrating within. And if we vibrate fear and depression, which then create physical ailments, WE end up partaking in their billion dollar medical and mental health infrastructure/scam that harms us even more and makes them even richer.

    How convenient that wars are masterminded by the very same people that know how to fully use the law of attraction and why they fund all sides of war to make money off our affliction that they create. If we do not tap into this knowledge (power), we will continue to be used as pawn for their food/power.

    Keeping us shackled mentally, insane, poor, and at war with ourselves and everyone else is profitable. A thriving, sovereign, enlightened being does not create wealth, because to that being, who recognizes that they are their own God, money is hot air and they realize, that everything that one needs is within. We have been made to grasp at things outside ourselves like salivating, hungry, empty, spiritually depleted ghosts. What if our perceptions are merely misconceptions created by the media’s deceptions? Real eyes (our third eye) realize real lies.

  8. One of if not the final words Jesus spoke on the cross was… "Father forgive them (my murderers) for they know not what they do". Why did Jesus say this? In the flesh we have become ignorant to the reality of our true nature, which is love and divine spirit.

  9. This transformation begins in a split second. Happened to me 5 years ago…Thanksgiving weekend. Everything begins to change when you truly see yourself.without excuses or preconceived limits. Long story short…it redefines you.

  10. I have thought up the idea of attracting wealth in to my life. After a few weeks it’s working. I’m booking more sales than my coworkers. I’m meeting up with very wealthy people by chance. My income has increased. Think it get it.

  11. This is one of the videos I am turning into one long “I Am “ affirmation. Dollars want me is another one. Best narrator around.

  12. I'm currently living a dream spell that I have casted as a mantra actually multiple mantras one after the other stacks of realities on top of each other. Life is good if you say so. Remain in love radiance focus on your breathing control it know it. As you think to believe know it as yours. Be still and lay in the sun. The Sun is the source of giving. May we all become enlighteNed beings. In' lakesh… I am another yourself.

  13. when he talk about 'all fear left him as there was nothing left to loose..' thats what Yeshua means when he say 'one must first die before one can be free' or something of that nature. i can confirm that!

  14. Well I suppose technically if one goes about having positive beliefs and positive patterns then they would naturally expect positive results. Personally I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to clean up our brain and our guts in order to have a healthy brain you have to have a healthy gut. No amount of meditation, retreats, and others alike will be very effective with a brain heavy with toxic metals, pesticides, parasites and the list goes on. I enjoy these type of videos but they have never really helped me in the past 6-8 years. I’m now working on my gut and brain, then we will see what this type of video will do for me.

  15. Damn I am that man described at the beginning of chapter 1. I don't even know WTF I want anymore… Where's my Tiny Electro Magnetic Field?! BTW – it might not seem like it at the moment, but I'm an optimist. I highly believe in our greatest miracle: our consciousness. Mind over matter! The world / universe always reflects on what we ponder most about. Be intuned with your higher selves. Take that freedom!

  16. 10:20 Psychical Physics https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.531707/page/n5

  17. Life is much more simple than what people think because of the false beliefs we were taught to keep us in bondage for power hungry people who want full control. Take charge as the master of your universe

  18. Use your talents !!!
    The things you enjoy and come easy.
    Don't ever let you withhold your talents and passions !!!

    It's already inside you.

  19. Unfortunately I have been to the other side..i won't go into how I experienced death..it was truly a reborn again life changing experience ♥ I'm a firm believer we never truly die..our energy or soul passes on to another body everytime we check out..I'm assuming if we focus deep enuff we can prepare ourselves for each and every new beginning of all life's..i love you all my brother's and sister's from another mother ♥ god speed on your spiritual journey's ♥

  20. One of the main goals in life is raising your vibrations to a higher frequency and u will see the world for what it is blessings brother and sister

  21. I've always wanted to be a public speaker for Femininity, Confidence, LOA, and so on but I am too scared and think that I am not the right person and dont know enough. Please help with advice 😇😊

  22. Nothing you see will lead you to believe what you already know to believe without seeing it. Times are scheduled for events to unfold. We are hiding behind our knowledge to escape. When the time comes we will awaken. The future has the past with no exsistance to explain aside from imagination. But these are just words that come from just that. Are they not? For the questions are always answered in this state of mind. Some must hide it from the medication block.
    Eyes without a face

  23. What book is this you mentioned by sw truump called cyclical physics?? I've searched for it but haven't found it.

  24. Your subconscious is where the vision needs to be held. Your subconscious is the inner reflection to the outer world. It is the core or core processor. It's not only that you need a vision but also your words and thoughts and desires have to align to the vision. Garbage in, garbage out. That's why TV programming was the greatest achievement the reality spinners came up with. I dont like the term universe when speaking of the field of causality. It's more in line to say our solar body. That's is where the electro-magnetism resides.

  25. My 105 year old grandmother was absolutely correct, when she told me the meaning of life…. to live. Just to experience lifes lessons.

  26. The original name of the Law of Attraction is the Law of Correspondence. 2nd of 7 Hermetic Principals. Thought is the focus an Feeling is the Energy! Thought in the mental plane an Feeling in the Spiritual plane. Step 3 action in the physical plane where thought an Feeling manifest..

  27. Here's to unlimited realms of possibilities residing in the mind along with striving for continuous growth and improvement 💕

  28. I bumped into this video today. Can someone please tell me what is the title of the music which was played in the background?

  29. Purely simple teachings. We live in a mystical magical world only to expand our consciousness to that of the greater creative consciousness. "We can only behold that which we Are. And Are that which we behold". Evelyn Underhill – Mystic.

  30. Believe in yourself and take on your own role and rely on what you believe and grasp the positivity of whatever passes you in life, no particular image is forced what so ever, you have your feelings and they are meant to be it’s only how you interpret them then your find your path

  31. I keep reminders of the things that have come to me from my imagination to help me remember the different stories of the ways that they came to me. It's pictures that come before my eyes that cover what I see with what I imagine that let's me know what is on the way and then I know when the time has come and the way is clear how it will be or sometimes it's just found. I still wonder what the limits might be because of the world around me. I hear many say that all the world will change as I believe it will in my imagination. I wonder if it has already or if I could ever know for sure but I'll keep reminding myself to always imagine the best for all people and never hope for vengeance rather than redemption. ✌💞

  32. Not to be negative but I listened to a lecture by Manly P Hall where he explains how he knew a Women who came to him for help saying she spent her whole life teaching people to create their life through positive affirmations but in the end was dying of stage four cancer. He explains to us be careful what you wish for because you might get what you ask for and it might be the end of you because we all know what we want but heaven knows what we need. This reminded me of Wayne Dyer who spent his whole life teaching people the same thing but died of cancer as well… I feel like our methods for asking should be in check such as when we ask we should include the words if it is good for me and if it's not we should ask the giver to replace it with something that is needed and is good. People need to realize this power is best when you learn the rules and a good start would be to check out the prayers of men and women of God like his prophets. These prayers are available and you will not find anything selfish in them because remember anything selfish is black magic according to Manly P Hall. Thanks for reading and God bless and lastly I want you all to know this life is not supposed to be a holiday. There is no such thing as outer peace only inner and that is the great secret. Peace

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