100 thoughts on “The SECRET to MANIFESTING MONEY EASILY! With Law of Attraction Guided Visualization (Meditation)

  1. Very nice visualization technique Jessica !Works well at helping obtain that state of being .Greatful for your work in kind service to others .
    Much Love Jessica!Thank you !

  2. Hi Jessica! A few weeks ago, I began meditating on the "energy of money" and how this Divine money energy is seeking expression in and through me. Money is seeking ME! Shortly after that, a friend at work shared an idea with me. He suggested that every night, I take only the $5 bills I have in my wallet and put them away in a envelope. Keep in mind, I had been trying to get in the practice of saving money but was having a hard time with it. Within a few weeks of putting away "only" the $5 bills, I've accumulated over $100.00. This new habit felt completely effortless but here's the "kicker"… I had been wanting to give to a charity I really believe in on a monthly basis but "it didn't appear" that I could fit it in my budget and now, I have money to do that! The shift in my abundance consciousness has been amazing.:)

  3. Being practical and delusional at the same time is the ART you need to apply the LOA. This channel is the most consistent, resourceful and creative one I know for learning and fine-tuning the ART and this vid is one of the best. Thank you Jessica for being this source of abundance.

  4. This is a phenomenal way to approach the subject. I was easily able to visualize EXACTLY what you were describing. I expect abundance.

  5. This is useful. I am intrigued what experiences Jessica and her son have had since starting this Channel with Manifesting their own goals?

  6. Thank you Jessica for the training i feel great this wonderful morning which am blessed to listen to you thank you God….

  7. I especially like the woman's voice on this video and also the way she personifies the elements of abundance. That does give a more personal connection to it all. And possibly May allow manifestation to occur more easily, or quickly, or efficiently.

  8. Hi Jessica!
    So wonderful! So powerful!
    We know everybody the very powerful mantra:
    "Hold the vision! Trust the Process!"

  9. I can manifest large sums of money, problem is I have to give it to my boss and he gives me a small paycheck in return. How can I get around this?

  10. Hey Jessica! I just bought this meditation and I’m wondering how long I should do it for? And if I should listen to it more than once a day?

  11. Thanks a lot for the idea. It complitely demystifies the manifestation of a large amount of money… This is so helpfull!

  12. hi , this is for the first time that my imagination has felt the Nature and the money so closely and having to talk with it was like a miracle!!! I have made it around me and gratitudal to b bestowed to be so rich financially and physically!!! Thank you

  13. i have it now.. thanks to our universe .i am so rejoiced and energized awakened and see and hear beyond physical. my main intention is happiness for everyone lets all be happy starting this moment

  14. Now that was one of the best videos on relationships with money I have ever watched. "Money is a friend that truly wants to help me experience the best life possible. Once it helps me, its off to the next family to help. Allowing new money to visit me. Which will Bring in a whole new experience of abundance to me." That is such a beautiful concept and went right into my sacral chakra. WoW!

  15. OMGOODNESS! OMG! OMG! THIS IS IT!! I AM MEDITATING ON THIS VIDEO for an hour today, see y'all don't understand…. I have had to sleep in my car & my truck off & on with my youngest son that has special needs. I am in the process of adjusting to the new normal of my life since my youngest son passed almost 9 years ago, with a host of traumatic experiences I have had buried for years, two divorces over 14 years ago as I am recovering from the effects of poor choices I have made, with a few psychological and physical challenges over the past few years. This video is a Divine SHORT-CUT TO MY BIGGEST ISSUE that has been affecting my Stability and Ability to get things done & complete my healing process!! GOD BLESS YOU BILLIONS!! THIS SITE HAS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY!!🙏🔥🙏 #NAMASTE

  16. 5:53 Thank you Universe for selecting me to host abundance. I am happy and grateful for this opportunity

  17. As crazy as it might sound, after watching this and another video from the same channel, I feel like most of the answers I was looking for are now here! I find it difficult at times to simply visualise, perhaps I need more guidance in doing it but this feels so good and I cannot wait to put it into practice. Peace and love for everyone out there

  18. What if I say instead of me going to work I am going to go receive money because money loves me and I love money too. Job doesn’t feel like job! money is like guest I am going to go pick them up! and keep them safe and treat them just like u would treat any guest bec they are visitor!

  19. Jessica,You are a "Light",and truly have a special gift,even your voice and the way you speak are so calming,intelligent, and easy to understand,Thank You and your son for making these videos,I look forward to the next one, (can you do one on healing)God Bless you!:)

  20. The topics being covered by Your Youniverse are very interesting being much of a great Help.Especially the Lady"s voice is so clear and I thank God for such a talented voice.she is cool an distinct.she explains in a cool empathic tone.Many thanks to God and to you.I wish I knew her name.God bless her.

  21. One ☝️ of my favorites on your channel … saving it on my favs ! I listen to most of your videos while I’m biking …. I’m missing out on all your great visuals ! I need to change that ! 😁

  22. Thank you so much for this. I love this channel and you for creating it. Always know that this work you do is necessary and appreciated. 😊

  23. Thank you so much for the video this is what I have been looking for I have a huge grin on my face watching and listening to this thank you thank you thank you

  24. I felt so much better listening to this….exactly what I was looking for ..I visualise perfectly and your voice is so peaceful to listen..
    This is the Sign that I am attracting money in abundance✨✨✨✨

  25. Wow, I really felt this. I've been trying to manifest extra money for over a month now. I've tried different methods with no results. As vivid as my imagination is, visualizing on my own hasn't worked. But with this, I really felt a shift and by the end I felt a magnetic pull. I feel like that was confirmation. It's mine now. Thank you God!

  26. I have a question..Do we need to do visualisation Everyday? The reason why I am asking is because once we visualise, we have to let go and have faith in the universe that it’ll manifest into our life? However, if we do it Everyday, how can we let go of our intention if we keep doing the visualisation almost Everyday if I am supposed to do it that way?

  27. You have no idea how much this has helped me. Thank you! What a breakthrough.
    This will help me manifest $400k investment for my business within 20 days. I'll comment again when it happens.

  28. Great presentation.
    You have provided a simple, relaxing and powerful way to manifest money.
    I have been looking for this. I will practice it daily. Thank you, and God bless you, me and all

  29. I won a guess how many lollies that are in a jar at work and I was so happy 😂 I’ve also been entering to win money from the morning show every day! this might be a sign ❤️😂

  30. Each video I watch is my favorite and every video after, becomes my favorite and so on. Thank you.  (hugs)

  31. THE ABUNDANT MONEY: "can i live with you?"

    ME: HELL YEAH!!!!

    i was struggling soooo hard to see and feel … and … activate my senses for my money tree and raining money visualizations. i stopped trying. didn't want to force it. THANK YOU YOUTUBE FOR RECOMMENDING THIS VIDEO. i wish it only had the visualuzation. but no complaint…..

    NOW i shall listen to this, and the money meditation by Abraham, EVERY MORNING AND NIGHT (and throughout the day, as i receiveRECEIVERECEIVE

  32. I've been watching these videos ALL year and this is by far the best. I even became a member of your website because this has worked SO WELL for me. I love it! Thank you! It has really changed my perspective on how I should feel about and handle $$$.

  33. Awesome.. sure hope it works! ive been struggling with gwtting loa to work for me in magic money FORREEVVERRR!!!! It's time for something to give, or ima freak the fuck out lmao

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