The United Swing States of America – Arizona’s Grisly Body Donation Scams | The Daily Show

The United Swing States of America – Arizona’s Grisly Body Donation Scams | The Daily Show

When we die,
we all have different ideas of what we want to happen
to our bodies. Personally, I want my ashes
to be scattered over the pool of a Trump hotel,
out of respect. But for many people in Arizona,
the afterlife is very different than what they expected. Ronny Chieng has more,
as part of our new series, The United Swing States
of America. ♪ ♪ If you’re gonna talk
about Arizona, you have to talk
about old people, because they’re everywhere here! See? (clears throat)
Which brings me to death. Not… no, not yours. Obviously, you still have
a long road ahead of you. And here in Arizona, people
thinking about the afterlife are choosing something new:
whole body donation. More and more people
are choosing to forego, uh, traditional burial and just
donate their bodies to science. There was a 20% increase
in the number of people donating their body
right here in Arizona. That’s about 47,000 people. CHIENG: To investigate,
I hit up a popular spot for the old folks
to see if body donation really was all the rage. What do you want to happen
to your body after you die? I’d consider
whole body donation. Have you considered
whole body donation? Yes. I have it already set up. So, you seem pretty old
and close to death. What do you want to happen
to you after you die? I’m gonna be donating it
to science. What made you…
think of doing that? Um, I have no living relatives. Who’s gonna bury me? Any friends? Uh, yeah,
they don’t care about my body. Well, maybe they should care. Because when I turned on
the news, I discovered this. Scandal involving a body
donation business in Phoenix. The owner accused of selling
bodies and body parts. TV REPORTER:
Essentially running a chop shop for human body parts. CHIENG:
A human chop shop? These were people, not cars
you strip down for parts. I turned to a team of lawyers
trying to end this horror. So what the (bleep)
is happening in Arizona? People are getting people
to donate their bodies, and telling them that they’re
gonna treat the bodies with dignity and respect. And they were sold off like you would sell off
the parts of a cow. And then, ultimately,
the FBI raided this organization here
in Arizona. So what did the FBI find? There were, um,
coolers and freezers of disarticulated body parts. You know, a cooler of, um, arms,
a cooler of legs. They found heads. They found the torso
of a large human male with the head of a small female
sewn on the top… All right, okay.
We get it. Enough already.
Jesus. Anyone here have a puppy
I can pet for ten seconds
just to clear my head? And-And they found
a giant, uh, bag of penises. They found a bag of dicks? Yes. It was referred to as, “a large bag of male genitalia.” -So it was a large bag of dicks.
-Yes. I’m-I’m scared to even ask, but what were they gonna do
with this large bag of dicks? Well, we really
can only speculate. We know that some of it
may have gone to the black market
in Southeast Asia for something like penis wine. Okay, I’m from Southeast Asia. I’ve never heard of penis wine. -What is it?
-I-I think it’s wine that has a penis in it that’s supposed to make people
more virile. That is disgusting. I thought so. Is it red or white? I didn’t even get close enough
to it to even… What kind of flavor profile
is this? -Is it nutty?
-I didn’t taste it. -Does it have notes of foreskin?
-I, I… Can we move on?
This-This is a serious case. Oh, yeah, that’s right, Holly. We’re just gonna mention penis
wine and not talk about it. Well, this case
is about the harm that was done to people
and families, not about penis wine. CHIENG:
She’s right. People thought they were
donating their bodies for research to find cures
for diseases. But instead it was real-life Invasion of the Body Snatchers. How are they gonna fix this? We need regulations. Licenses, for example. You don’t need a license
to deal with dead bodies? -Correct. -You need
a license to do nails. You need a license to fish. You need a license
to drive a forklift. Pay your money, fill out a form, and you’re a medial director. That has to change. This is (bleep) horrific. This is not just
an Arizona problem. It’s a nationwide problem. And if you think it’s not
happening in your backyard, -you’re mistaken.
-Okay, sorry. Can we just go back to the
penis wine for a second? Do they stomp on dicks the way
they stomp on grapes? Are they squeezing out the penis or are they just fermenting it? I don’t know. And I’m really not sure
I want to know. CHIENG: No one should have
their dead body violated or their genitals turned into
a tasty beverage. If people are gonna donate, they should
at least know exactly what they’re
getting themselves into. They need to know the truth. Until Arizona
puts regulations in place, all we can do
is offer competing services. Introducing, Just give me your body, and
we’ll take care of the rest. ANNOUNCER: With us, you’ll know
exactly what you’re getting. We provide services such as… You turn into a human
ventriloquist dummy. You’re used for
Weekend at Bernie’s sequels. Literal body pillow. Seat filler at the Oscars. ANNOUNCER: Those are just some
of the many things we can do. Sound horrifying?
You betcha. But it’s also perfectly legal
until Arizona changes its laws. ANNOUNCER: Give me your body. I want your body. ANNOUNCER:
Ronny Chieng is unlicensed and has no experience
in this field which is not a problem
in the state of Arizona. So avoid this service
altogether, and do your research
or donate to medical centers. (cheers and applause) Ronny Chieng, everybody. And, uh, here’s some good news: Those lawyers just won the case and got awarded $58 million
for all of the victims. -Which means,
-(cheers and applause) Ronny Chieng, you’re rich.

100 thoughts on “The United Swing States of America – Arizona’s Grisly Body Donation Scams | The Daily Show

  1. Funny how the Chinese guy is investigating American chop shops while Americans are also investigating Chinese chop shops 😆

  2. i wish people would stop pretending that we live in some kind of sane world where anything makes sense or anything is believable despite the ever-expanding mountain of evidence to the contrary


  4. i work in the med device industry and do cadaver studies and honestly after doing a couple studies your perspective changes a lot, even after seeing this I would probably donate.

  5. Give your body I run a business. It's a pizzeria. 🙂 , If science need your body for something. I would like to see some evidence first. Church do something, interrogate, interview, and so on.
    It's a mockery of God. Do you understand what tomb peace means

  6. Trevor!My country (India) is burning.The Citizenship Amendment bill has left our country in pieces.Students protesting especially from Muslim Universities across the country are being persecuted like terrorists.90% of media channels aren't reporting anything.Please cover this and let the world know.There are currently internet blackouts in various parts of the country.Please Trevor!Show our plight!!

  7. My family member was part of this. The guy who was CEO didn't even get jail time. The guy is going to declare bankruptcy so no one is ever going to see that $58 million. My family might end up getting $100 a year from this guy. My mom was at the courthouse most days. It is an awful situation. He won't see justice.

  8. It's nice to see the woman call him out about the severity of the issue. the show sometimes just fail miserably at making things funny, while doing serious topics, with distasteful joke. and god these guys are not funny. it's like watching a 20th century over acted out asian comedy film.

  9. I live in AZ. When my uncle passed away, he wanted to donate his organs. Of course my aunt agreed. The procurement team never asked her what she wanted to donate (this was back in the 80's) and so when they returned my uncle's remains for the family? Nothing but a torso. Obviously, the family was not able to have a funeral. Arizona has been f-ed up four a very long time.

  10. The saying "You play like a bag of smashed dicks" has a whole new meaning now…..😔😭☠

    But all jokes aside this is really f-ed up!

  11. I also want my body leftovers thrown out from a plane over some of Florida Mans Hotels Pool, his Doral or Golf Clubs…but I don´t want to be burnt, just throw the body parts please!

  12. This happened because no one can afford a funeral/burial. Maybe address this issue? Donate body to science is a free disposal.

  13. Sooo… my husband wants to donate his body to science but I want to donate mine to a body farm – we don't want to cremate b/c it's bad for the environment & cemeteries are a waste too.

  14. I helped take care of my bf’s g-ma the last couple years of her life. I knew she wanted to donate her body to science, and her daughter wanted me to sign the form. When I looked up the company I saw the article these lawyers are referring to and was horrified. We live in AZ and I could not sign it. She was upset and had someone else sign it. Now I have to think about g-ma’s legs being cut off by some guy, with a saw he bought at Lowe’s, being thrown into bins with various other body parts and shipped to other countries. A lot of the time the parts are useless by the time foreign doctors and scientists get their hands on them because the company doesn’t even care to refrigerate them or prevent contact with other parts that have diseases. And the monopolizing company makes a huge profit. I used to get on my knees and carefully wash, dry, and lotion those legs because her skin was so paper thin and I didn’t want to bruise her. Lois lived her whole life helping people, and wanted to continue to do so after her death. She deserved better.

  15. Tell you what's WORSE:
    Harvesting from LIVE HUMAN BEINGS, because of their religion.

  16. So lawyers won money for dead ppl who cant get the money cuz they are dead and have families that didnt care enough to properly bury them?

  17. 58 million dollars for dead Victims. No, 58 million dollars for alive lawyers and relatives who hated the victims when they were alive.

  18. Yeah, I need to know what's up with the penis wine….. MANY more questions need to be asked and fucking answered. I don't give a fuck if you don't want to know – I. NEED. TO. KNOW. ….. NOW!

  19. John Oliver did an entire episode on Last Week Tonight about Medical Director, Coroner and people that handle autopsy’s across America. Incident after incident after incident where people’s bodies are stored in weird and bizarre locations. WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE. Medical Examiners I think is name of episode

  20. I dont want to donate any part of my body. I dont care about people who wants to live after me. And while we at it, fuck climate change too.

  21. Arizona code says you can receive a permit to move a body but need a doctor to certify they're dead before you move the dead. Yes, a fridge full of parts is bad but what about all the doctors and hospitals that signed these permits? How are they not liable? Our Arizona county recorder kicked a bunch of people off voter registration. Where's the story on that? 🙄

  22. And then it turns out the bodies are being consumed by Hilary Clinton, Epstein, and the Trumps because they are vampires.

  23. Arizona is not my idea of a swing state. As a Californian who had to spend five years there (for work), I can tell you that Democrats are as popular there as axe murderers.

  24. It's exactly a Chop Shop after you donate your body you have no rights on where it goes. It take your lungs, kidneys, heart, liver, and even body tissues and sell it in the black market

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