Trump Warns Facebook on Crypto

Trump Warns Facebook on Crypto

what was that tweet what was the complaint well basically Donald Trump is finally weighing in on Bitcoin he says it's a basically creating value out of thin air it's interesting almost that's he we haven't heard Donald Trump weigh in on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies until now but he also specifically targets Facebook and it's Libre initiative says that a Facebook wants to become a bank it has to sign up as a bank and fall under all the regulations as a bank so it is again interesting that he is targeting Facebook given that there is all the other political noise around Facebook and privacy concerns and also Facebook's role and say the 2016 election there's a lot of stuff going on around beyond just this issue but it is interesting Donald Trump finally voicing his an opinion on cryptocurrencies and Facebook next week right it's gonna be in DC they're gonna be dealing with lawmakers there what sort of questions do you think that some of these lawmakers are to scrutinize when it comes to the company well one very you know reasonable arguments are question that politicians are raising right now is you know if we can't trust Facebook for privacy for our personal data can we trust Facebook with our money and that's an interesting question that's an open question I don't know the answer to that question that's something that Facebook is gonna have to address and that is something that clearly Facebook is going to have to be able to convince regulators and overcome that question to be able to move forward with this then the market really hasn't the Bitcoin hasn't really moved yeah yeah you take a look at the price chart for Bitcoin it takes actually a little bit higher after the comments but you know no more so than the usual price swings that we see on a given day in Bitcoin so it doesn't really seem like there's much of a market reaction to this at the moment

46 thoughts on “Trump Warns Facebook on Crypto

  1. This is very dangerous…. Giving a heavily biased entity like Facebook the power to control financial transactions.

  2. If trump targets nba 2k for its Virtual currency I’ll vote for him fuck it get the toxic loot boxes and crates out of games already

  3. Can we trust FB with out money when we cant trust them with our data? THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUSLY A GIGANTIC NO, YOU IMBICILE!

  4. Companies like facebook have become the modern Nazi party. They want to silence those who to not follow there ideology. We see freedom of speech being torn down by these companies and they suppress some while promoting the ones that believe the same as them. Power corrupts.

  5. Trump is after Zuckerberg because he's a white man. Trump claims that he is invading his privacy, but Trump is doing it as well using the dark web. Facebook users need to read the terms and conditions. I don't recall giving the government consent to monitor me. I don't need Facebook in order to determine what Trump has been up to. Signed the straight white woman. It's called the Art of War.

  6. The Zucc is just bypassing having to run ads, this way he can directly take all your money lol

    Those cyborg lizardmen sure are smart, I tell ya.

  7. “You posted something that violated our terms of service and are unable to access your libra currency and make any transactions for the next 30 days”

  8. Trump, dabbing the sweat from his brow, realizing a future with a small loan of 85.47 Bitcoin in it.

  9. Zuckerberg better make up his mind what Facebook should be:social media platform, or publisher? Media platform, or a bank? Which is it, Mark? Because if you don't decide, it WILL be decided outside of your fiefdom.

  10. So, like, a limited number of "coins" or "points" are issued, but those coins or points are dividable to INFINITY. What a SCAM. Will gold be traded by the ATOM or by QUARK, or STRING? No such thing as "fixed" when something can be portioned to infinity.

  11. Jared K: Daddy, we have to go after cryptocurrency.

    Trumpy Trump: Are they a Democrat or Hispanic?

    Jared K: Both daddy.

  12. This racist lying bankrupted conman should no doubt boost cryptos simply by criticizing it, having the nerve to call cryptos fiat which is exactly what the u.s. dollar and other currencies are, backed by absolutely nothing. Am gonna buy more xrp. Thanks trump

  13. The fucktard who deosn't even pay taxes thinks he can talk about regulations. Fuck off orange fatty small hands.


  15. Facebook blatantly censoring anyone who's right of che Guevara what you think they will do with the power of control over currency.

  16. 60mil voted for 45. At least one million or two of those have either used crypto or see it as useful. He lacks tact & strategy,, can't afford to lose voters when you won with slender margins

  17. Trump continues to insert himself in to other businesses….he wants to pick winners and losers. He's a good looking, stable Genius.

  18. This will open everyones eyes to being property to the USofA and that’s how “they” own enough people to meet criteria to become a charter. Remember this every time you check YES under …are you a US citizen? You identify as property

  19. So analysts say the problem with cryptos is scale and adoption so downplay the ability the technology has for social good. Then rejoice when Facebook attempt to rollout a "cryptocurrency". Then have major concerns about privacy when FB want to move forward (and reasonably so). So we're back to square 1.

    Sidenote: blockchain has to be marketed differently to have any success. Lots of definitions that nobody knows the meaning of

  20. What's really interesting about that Tweet is how it reads like an adult wrote it. All kidding aside, I strongly suspect it was written by someone on his staff.

    The grammar is correct. It's not vindictive or petty. It reads more like a valid criticism than a schoolyard threat.

    Cryptocurrency isn't really my area of expertise, so I'm not sure where I stand on this subject. But it's kind of sad when I'm so used to seeing Tweets from the President of the United States that read like bathroom graffiti, it's eye-opening when a Tweet actually reads lucid and mature.

  21. As long as FaceBook is in the " Banning " game, and deciding who and why people can post on their platform… that is a HUGE conflict of interest. FB has banned people.. which means they could not use said currency.. defend against any defamation, etc. If they have your currency, and they decide all of a sudden you posted a meme, or violated some arcane rule… you have no recourse. Like it or not, FB should not be banning, limiting, censoring people like they do. The only people they would end up allowing to use this currency would have to be totalitarian in views with their ideology. It's a much bigger issue than just privacy.

  22. No regular Christian American owns any big banks. Just really small credit union, which is Not a bank, it's a credit union. Weird. So called a Christian nation dont own any big banks.

  23. Libra's way of producing value is technically illegal. It's printing currency instead of treating it like a resource. It's legal to find gold, it's not legal to print your own money.

  24. Flex your power King of USA. They have no authority , only great power.

    Eliminate this filth. Give our kids back their self esteem and value.

    Also , bring creation back in school.

    It's truth and will be divinely backed.

    All your enemies will be under your feet as long as you do what's right.

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