17 thoughts on “United States v. Lopez | US government and civics | Khan Academy

  1. So ultimately its like he said, it was a discussion of power between state and federal government. I am confused what this had to do with Alfonso Lopez being irresponsible and bringing something with a high probability of killing someone to a school? The focus was shifted on a technicality rather than the actual issue. For the record I do agree with the ruling in that the state not the fed. should have handled this, that doesn't mean Alfonso should not have been held accountable.

  2. Thanks for clarity.grew up having freedoms that are slipping away, Thank you.info is power.wedonotconsent.peace,bless you.

  3. Supreme Court judge is an ass. Part of anti God movement. Loss of human lives is also loss of commerce.. Government will lose taxes and human resources.. Potential income earners are killed.. Who knows. Some of the kids can be brilliant scientists, business men, inventors, etc.. Isn't that commerce?

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