What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

[MUSIC PLAYING] “I love American optimism.” “They have a
pretty nice flag.” “Are you joking?” – [GASPS] “What?” “That is actually shocking.” “That’s nothing you would
ever see in Britain. That would cause,
you know, riots.” In the U.S., a large drink
in McDonald’s is 77% bigger than in Europe. That’s disgusting.” “Wow.” “Wah. [CHUCKLES] “It’s diabetes to go.” “Many common U.S.
food ingredients are banned in the E.U. Whoa.” “Adzo — what.” “Azodicarbon–” “Azodicar — — bonamide?” “Banned in Europe because
it may cause cancer.” “Mm, cancer brownies.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “It’s so cute.” “We have a baby.” “Yes.” “How long do you get
for parental leave in your country?” “The mother gets 410 days.” “The fathers as well. There’s a paternal
leave that is, I think, it’s about nine weeks.” “O.K., the number of
paid days of maternity leave guaranteed
by law in the U.S. Let’s see.” [NEEDLE SCRATCH] “Wow.” “It’s nothing.” “Oh, my.” “Like, I was right. It’s literally like,
you want to have a kid? Well, you’re on your own now.” “Well, you
de-incentivize people from having kids like that.” “You de-incentivize poor
people from having kids, because if you’re rich,
you can obviously — afford it.” “Yeah.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “You are graduated.” “Oh, thank you.” “These are the annual fees
at major U.S. universities.” “Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, M.I.T., $51,832.” “For a year?” “A year?” “I mean, honestly,
that is a bit disgusting from a
first-world nation.” “I mean, I pay 18
euros per semester.” “Yeah.” “In Denmark, it’s free.” [CHUCKLES] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SIREN] “A woman’s leg got stuck in
the gap between the train and the platform. She begged no one
call an ambulance. It’s $3,000, she wailed. I can’t afford that.” “Coming from the
Bulgaria, which is the poorest
E.U. member state, I’ve never heard about this.” “In 2015, medical bills
led to 1 million adults declaring bankruptcy.” – [SIGHS] “My dad is diabetic. And he gets really
good care in Belgium. And we don’t pay
a penny to it. It’s completely free.” “But what surprises me is
that people are not rioting on the streets, to be honest.” “I know.” “Oh, my god.” “That conversation.” “This is a toy AR-15.” “An AR-15-style rifle was
used in the San Bernardino shooting that
killed 14 people.” “The Orlando nightclub
shooting that killed 49 people.” “In the 2017 Las
Vegas shooting that killed 58 people. Hm.” “Mm.” “Washington, D.C.,
actually banned handguns. But the ban was
overturned in 2008 by the U.S. Supreme Court.” “Whoa, overturned. So somebody had the —” “Somebody thought, yes —” ” — common sense to ban this. And then they were
like, do you know what? No.” “No, we need guns.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “Americans are incredibly
friendly and hospitable.” “I wish we could be that
sort of happy and optimistic about the future.” “And the influence has been
huge, like, and still today.” “Whether it’s food, or music,
or fashion, or art, film.” “The younger
generation in America has definitely given
me hope about —” “Yeah.” ” — the future of America.” “And everyone secretly
has an American dream. So–” “Yeah.” “I mean, you know, we
can still all resubscribe to that.” “In Germany, we
don’t wave flags.”

100 thoughts on “What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

  1. America, the first world country that's not always first.
    "…disgusting for a first world nation"
    Couldn't have said it better.

  2. They are clearly impressed with the lack of progressive taxation, access to offshore tax havens, income inequality, the 22 trillion dollar debt, & military spending. America is the greatest country on Earth – repeat until you believe it.

  3. The only thing that truly disgusts me, is the mass murder of school children. There is NO ONE in America who cares about that. I mean seriously? Men with loaded guns enter schools and shoot down school kids, and everyone is acting like it’s okay.

  4. “In Germany we don’t wave flags” Yeah it well documented that country had to learn the hard way the dangers of nationalism and populist politics. Although, they have properly atoned with humility and grace.

  5. This is just showing negatives… I'm sure you could find a few remarkable negatives abiut European countries and have a bunch of Americans be equally as distraught when seeing them.

  6. Don’t Americans get health insurance provides by the nation, by paying a little amount of money every month? I mean, it’s really sad if people declared bankruptcy for hospital bills..

  7. In germany we dont wave flags… wow couldnt be less true and overall this guy couldnt be less representative of our nation

  8. what European think and you show black people. They are not European, they live in Europe but not European. I am European bcs I live in Bosnia

  9. Wow..yeah…so instead of our first priority as a Nation being THE PEOPLE, it’s really just about THE MONEY.
    And in reality, if you’re NOT FILTHY RICH, you basically DON’T MATTER!
    Makes Me As An American…SICK!
    Oh, yes..and forget about getting a good job to get money to AFFORD HEALTHCARE, because you’ll be spending the REST IF YOUR LIFE paying off getting an education. It’s like America punishes you for trying to “get ahead” but THAT’S OK, because with all these people going around owning GUNS, you’ll most likely be dead anyway. AMERICA… sounds like a lie to me.

  10. I once went to McDonald’s with my friends and this lady had just ordered her meal and she asked for a large coke…….she then got her coke and she was like “why is it so small?” in such a loud voice…….and I kid you not everyone turned around looked at her and laughed 🤭 🙄

  11. Yet we’re the best country in the world. Maybe they should take notes. Notice the girls are more masculine than the guys? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. Wtf the UK has the most overweight people in west Europe how can they come at another continent when their fatasses is sinking Europe

  13. They forgot to mention that most European countries are now bankrupt because of these generous "social" policies and we're kicking the leftists out of the government election after election. As a result the Alt- right is on the rise.

  14. This y I get angry when ppl say AnD tHeY wAnNa TaKe GuNs AwAy FrOm ReSpOnSiBlE aMeRiCaNs if we have this many shootings we’re obviously not responsible

  15. Maybe highlight good parts about US life and not all negatives. I’m 100% sure that Europe has the same amount of problems.

  16. Show American’s the total amount taxes you have to pay in European countries. They will be equally shocked. 40-50 % income tax on a medium income, VAT is between 19-25 % in most countries, you have taxes (often high ones) on cars, alcohol, sugar, fuel, electricity, roads and so on. You end up paying somewhere between 65 and 75 % of your income in tax! And the services you receive back from the state is often not great. You will often have to wait a long tome to get admitted to hospitals for non life threatening conditions and son on.

  17. The way she was holding the gun at the end had me cringing lol she was pointing it directly at him that’s kinda rude lol even if it’s fake

  18. I don't mean to sound like that guy, but why say guns and mass shootings in the pastime part of the video? A pastime here in the states is sports related. It's like saying I go and shoot large numbers of people as a daily activity. It's not true. Putting guns as a pastime is such an anti-gun thing to say. Side note: I respect people's opinions on guns in America, I just don't agree with this particular comment about it being a "pastime".

  19. As a European… our heathcare is not free. I pay 20% tax from everything. My salary, groceries, gas, heat during winter, rent, funeral, buss ticket, rain water… everything.

  20. Even Pakistan is better than the US…

    I paid 250 US$ per semester to study in the number 1 university in the country at the time PU Lahore, plus 400 US$ for room and boarding per year, that's just just 5600 US$ for the whole 4 years… Medical consultation is free at all public hospitals, and drugs are subsidized, also all female employees are entitled to a maximum of twelve weeks of maternity leave with full pay and the six-week post natal leave is compulsory…

  21. Our 2nd amendment is what makes us great. Millions of deer hunters last week and no casualties. Enjoyed the video but the end was very bias.

  22. idc what kind of bad light this is trying to paint america in, i would NEVER want to live in a european nation. we are the largest modernized nation in the world we can’t just do things the exact same way as them and i’m glad we don’t have such high taxes

  23. MIT and other top universities offers 100% financial aid which means it will be close to free for lower income students rather than state schools like Penn State that would cost around 30k for someone with a EFC of $0. The only thing is that a lot of the FGLI applicant self select themselves from applying to top schools because 1. They dont feel like they can get in. 2. They dont realize they can apply for free. 3. They dont realize there is financial aid. In my opinion, if you're gonna use a fact, you guys should have used a fact about the average loans rather than cherry picking a school

  24. This is socialist propaganda at its finest. Shaming by using peers of other countries and citing over the top dramatic statements like "don't call the ambulance because I cant afford it". Well played millenial socialist party…well played.

  25. There is a lot of bs in this video. The reason we have to pay for own health care is because we are such a big nation and not everybody pays there taxes and also our unemployment rate is high which means more people on welfare. Our unemployment rate is starting to drop though.

  26. About food … Europe and Asia also have a lot of industrialized foods too, right?
    Now seriously .. the gun part was just non-sense, obviously included for political/ideologic bias here. Guns are not banned for consumers in U.S., and still the countries with the highest levels of gun deaths are countries where guns are actually forbidden for ordinary consumers like Brazil India Venezuela Honduras El Salvador Mexico some African countries etc. The relation of gun deaths in the U.S. is definetely not linked to the fact that guns are sold normally there.

  27. It depents what they see on tv if americans are soooooo positive. i think a lot of americans in bad neighborhoods are not happy at all.. but in europe you see happy americans on tv..

  28. healthcare is very important if you cannot manage health of your citizens of your country and will force them into bankruptcy or debt due to heavy medical bills then it's worst the Scandinavia cares about such things

  29. Americans:

    make food, make it disgusting food you sell at McDonald’s or create a fast food restaurant

    Think that Chocolate milk is from Brown cows.

    Know Nothing, be stupid and not able to find your own country on a map or not able to know how your country looks on a map

  30. Jeez Americans just have no culture… and they say “white people have no culture”. I think you’re thinking of Americans lol

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