What Is The Best Way To Get Involved In Politics?

What Is The Best Way To Get Involved In Politics?

Hey guys, welcome back to Think Tank. Hannah Cranston here with Sebastian Ridley-Thomas who is a State Assembly member, a millennial and part of Generation WOKE. So that kind of leads to my next question. How do we stay WOKE?>>Yeah.>>Right, you said this was a huge wake up call for us, this election and going into this transition. And the things that we’re seeing transpire right now, but how do we stay WOKE, how do we stay active? How do we stay political, right? Because right now I feel like everybody and their mom is political on my Facebook, but how do we turn that into action?>>Realize that this is the long game and as the philosopher Kareem Abdul Jabbar said on MSNBC the other night->>Yeah.>>This is a fight that is about the vote. Because elected officials, including me, you respond to voters.>>Yeah.>>Those are your ultimate concerns is each and every one of the people that go out to vote and then how communities vote. So if young people are concerned about particular issues that get their goat or that raise their attention, you must vote and you must encourage younger people to vote with you. In the immediate you gotta make sure that you’re registered. Secondly, you gotta understand where your local offices are and if there’s an election in 2017.>>Mm-hm.>>For example in the City of Los Angeles we will be electing a mayor. We will be electing half of the LA city council as well as a city controller and a city attorney. What does that mean? If you care about fire service, police service, your utility bill, your quality of life.>>I care about my utility bill. Let me just tell you. [LAUGH].>>Then you gotta make sure that the people who will oversee that system->>Right.>>Are accountable to your concerns whatever they may be. We’ll also be electing numerous of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education.>>Right.>>In several states, New Jersey, among them we will be in Virginia, we will be electing governors in 2017. So if you’re a student who lives in one of those states, New Jersey, Virginia, and I think there are two or three others states that have, I think Kentucky as well may have a gubernatorial race. Then you’ve gotta pay attention to those things. Then there are a couple of state legislatures, believe it or not that are elected in odd years. And the reason why some of them do that is because they want lower turnout because they assume young people will not engage.>>Guys don’t let those assumptions be right, stay engaged. And as we’ve seen a lot of these protests around the country.>>Yes.>>What are your sort of thoughts on that as a politician, right? What do you think about that and how can people sort of use that momentum and that anger to fuel, like I guess, fuel action?>>Everyone assumes that these protests will dissipate.>>Mm-hm.>>I think this is an opportunity for Generation WOKE to prove that this is but the beginning. This is a real awakening and arising to a level of consciousness that says, I’m an adult, I am civically engaged and I will not stop until they put me in my grave because that’s how important it is. All of the decisions that are being made today are gonna be the ones that you and I and your viewers are gonna be dealing with for the rest of our lives until we are too old to do anything. And most of us are gonna live until 80, or 100 years old if we take good care of ourselves. So, what does that mean? I’d say that everybody needs to be a member of the American Civil Liberty’s Union.>>Mm-hm.>>If you are.>>ACLU.>>The ACLU, they got 7.2 million in donations after Donald Trump was declared the victor of last Tuesday’s election. They need 100 million more to fight bad decisions on the Supreme Court, federal judgeships, appointments, violations of constitutional rights, protections, the undoing of President Obama’s executive orders.>>Mm-hm.>>And the general deterioration in the relationship between government and the governed.>>Yeah.>>And they will be a leading organization. If you identify with an infinity group, the groups that we do, I’m African-American, I joined the NAACP. If you’re a woman, maybe the National Organization of Women or if you care about reproductive rights, Planned Parenthood, becoming an individual member. If you care about women Democratic candidates being elected, Emily’s List.>>Right.>>There are many institutions. If you care about business and you’re of African American descent, maybe the Urban League. If you are of Latino descent, maybe MALDEF, the Mexican Education and Legal Defense Fund. If you care about children’s issues, there’s Children’s Defense Fund. There are all of these organizations that stand up for children’s rights, the future, equal access to education, healthcare, equal protection under the law, public accommodations. All the battles that we fought, that really our grandparent’s fought, they are all back on the line.>>Yeah.>>Unfortunately because of the decision of the electorate and because of the 100 million people that did not vote. Well now is your chance to stay WOKE and stay involved. He just listed a number of these organizations that are really doing really great work. So instead of commenting, instead of liking, instead of watching the next video, I would like implore every single one of you right now to go join one of these organizations. Become a member, whatever it is that you’re passionate about please, please, please do this. Stay WOKE, follow Sebastian on Twitter @SebastianMRT and we’ll see you guys soon. [MUSIC]

52 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Get Involved In Politics?

  1. Most of the people act ignorant or just "mainstream media Brainwashed" and prejudiced individuals amid my conversation with 'em(Based upon my experiences, I can certainly say this for sure).

  2. Here's the best way to get involved in politics
    1. Only get your info from either mainstream media or leftist YouTube channels. Don't even think about doing your own research or agreeing with the right because that's just fake news
    2. Go to a "protest" whenever/where ever you can you don't have to know what it's for but that doesn't matter because your just going to be yelling love trumps hate and taking sweet selfies for the social media
    3. This is probably the most important. When someone tries to debate you and they have an opposing argument just call them racist sexist mysogynistic xenophobic islamaphonic patriarchal white male supremacist, works everytime. Even if heh aren't a white male.

    Follow these steps and before you know it your name will be on the 2020 presidential ballot

  3. GENERATIONWOKE that Avery catch i also agree on that when need make her voice 👂 hear lot more have have great day peace to Avery body on her will most people on her

  4. sebastian have great day day peace 💘 you come on show edication ure generation. not gave up and choice thing we can maybe real do change political climate stronger independent intelligence human being

  5. have great day peace 💘 Hannah and Sebastian happy holidays to you both and Avery body on her happy holidays to you to

  6. one way could be by actually knowing the powers of each member of your government and stop virtue signalling on social media to remove this echo chamber from current political discussion

  7. This election is a great wake up call. For 8 years you stood by and said nothing negative about Obama. The man who made more mistakes and created a country that is worse than it's ever been. And now you can blame …..whom? Where were you all for 8 years on climate change, homelessness, racism, and the many wars we are fighting? Do you think 60 million people wanted a change from this inactivity?

  8. I love topics like this but u want to hear an everyday person like John or the British guy and this guy is kind of boring

  9. generation woke? How about generation dumbass? Half of these damn teenagers protesting are basing their entire argument off the mass media, and not actually doing their own Research. They can't make their own opinion and go with the flow as sheep. They are far from "woke".

  10. This video is just a dumb attempt to get people especially the young naive generation to support the Liberal Marxism side without even understanding both sides of the issue. This Millennial Snowflake generation must be taken down. This type of indoctrination needs to stop.

  11. get involved in politics ?
    just be born into the right family or sell the fuck out though your lobbyist whores, that's how every politicians get elected these days. Find a cause, like "save the planet" and then make it into a pyramid scheme.
    Or if you like lowering the cost of wages just flood the market with excess people and call it solidarity.

  12. bunch of bollocks, reject the government, dismantle the government and form a stateless society where power is distributed

  13. I asked four Minnesotan political figures about the importance of participating in local politics…

    and I learned A LOT.


  14. Well I can say most things he's talking about is being a democrat. What a load of shit. All these organizations they are talking about support Democratic values.

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