Why doctors, lawyers, artists back the Hong Kong protests | Understanding Hong Kong

Why doctors, lawyers, artists back the Hong Kong protests | Understanding Hong Kong

My name is Angeline. I’m a solicitor
here in Hong Kong. And in our free time, myself
and a lot of colleagues, we go and assist
people who are arrested because of the protests. My name is Alfred. I’m a cardiologist
in a public hospital. Many of these injured
protesters are actually afraid of getting medical help
from the established system, so they have nowhere to go. So they came to us. My name is Rebecca. I’m a social worker. I sometimes go to the
front line and talk to people that are preparing
themselves to get arrested or be beaten by the police. It’s about 8:00 in the evening. There was a protest this… earlier today on
Hong Kong Island. So a bunch of people
were arrested. There were some clashes
around Causeway Bay, Admiralty and Central. And now, I’m outside
North Port Police Station because we know that a
few people were arrested. And we’re here to check who
is in here and who’s not. Myself, I think I am in
a privileged position, not in the sense of
being from a very well off family or
whatever but in the sense that I have fewer concerns
than some other people. I don’t have family
in the mainland China that I can get threatened with. I feel like it’s
a duty on my part. I’ve mostly sacrificed sleep. But you know, that’s
really nothing compared to what people on
the street are giving up. As doctors in the public
sector in Hong Kong, we have already quite a heavy
workload from our daily work. Many a time, you have to
stay up until 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning to
pick up these hotlines and arrange accordingly
for these patients. There was this girl
that we engaged online. We actually engaged
her on Telegram. And she was telling us that
she was very distressed and she had conflict
with her family. And she told us how sad she was. And her biggest issue is that
her father in the police. She’s out there every
night protesting and got beaten by police and
got tear gassed by police. And then back home, his dad
won’t understand anything. And his dad will just say, all
the protesters are rioters. So at the end, she
had to move out. And she lived in a
hotel and she actually lived in a hotel for two
weeks before we can reach her. And she was just broke by then. We’ve done marches
for ages and ages. We’ve done marches with
a turnout of 1m people. And that evening, Carrie Lam
just went ahead and said, oh, the second
reading of the bill will continue on Wednesday. If it weren’t for
people surrounding the legislative council
on the 11th of June and on the 12th of June, the
bill would have been passed. I mean, that’s something
that we have to admit. The Hong Kong government
just didn’t listen at all. It is a bit radical
for me to say this, Even though we may
disagree with their means, we have to admit that we are
now enjoying the results. Many of these professions
have found their own role in supporting the movement. I think this is very
important because this is not a single battle. This is a very long war
that we are going to fight. It takes probably more
than one generation, and it takes more than
just a few thousand or a few hundreds of protesters
fighting at the front line. It takes the wisdom
of the elders and the energy of the young
people to win this war.

100 thoughts on “Why doctors, lawyers, artists back the Hong Kong protests | Understanding Hong Kong

  1. What’s with all these pro-China comments? Do they not see over a quarter of the population peacefully protesting and the government not listening??

  2. Hong Kong is condemned if it got people like this. Even if the protesters managed to get what they want, without the Central Government support, Hong Kong is doomed. They can win the battle but lose the war. Simply stupid..

  3. You are all very brave and courageous women…I admire and respect you…What a truly heart warming display of humanity!…much respect…and respect to all women on the front line👍🙂🎭♥️💕🧸🌍👍

  4. Why they back the rioters? Look at their age. These young people started off their education in HK and being brainwashed by the education system and their teachers to hate China. They are all spoiled brats and are very arrogant looking down on China. They thought they're Americanized and never knew what their parents went thru. Anyway, they'll face the reality of life very soon.

  5. That girl should listen to her father. Those who destroy mtr, vandalize shops, throw petrol bombs, beating up police and those who disagree….. they are RIOTERS AND TERRORISTS.

  6. So the government threat every protests who has families in China? It seems to me that this is anti China protest and hongkonger dispise Chinese, including their Chinese families. But let’s say, OK, Chinese government do threaten them and will put it in action. The Chinese government will do thing to their Chinese families in China even they have nothing to do with the protest ? It sounds a bit crazy to me.

  7. What I see is they are supporting violence, why try yell "I am from Mainland" or "stop the violence" then see how you are treated by those who you support and see how their democracy works?????

  8. These accomplices helped other rioters to commit violent crimes are also partners in crimes. They are criminals, not hero & the idea must not be romantcised.

  9. 多谢你们有智慧的年青人 你们不帮我们的这一班抗争者就没希望了。这是一件很重要的事 因为港人面对的是十几亿无知的陆人

  10. Does not give the real reason why they support the protestors without mentioning these protestors threw gas bombs and damage the whole city! At least many police got wounded too

  11. The British Administration did not forget about the Extradition Treaty with Taiwan and China…..
    It was left out on purpose…..so that Hong Kong and Taiwan can be a safe haven for Separatist movement members who commit Treason in China can hide out before moving them out to other countries…..
    Remember how all the activist got out of China after causing such a Chao in their Country during the Tianamen Square incident…..?!

  12. FT, you are really ignorant and shameless!

    For months, the extreme violent and masked Hong Kong rioters have been attacking the police with bricks/petrol bombs/sulfuric acid/steel bars/home-made bombs and robbing their weapons, storming the legislative buildings and police stations, setting fire to public and private places, vandalizing public and private properties, paralyzing public transportation and airport, damaging railways and roads, kidnapping and limiting the freedom of others including journalist, gang-attacking and robbing anti-violent citizens, attacking and insulting family members of the police and digging their ancestor's graves, burning the national flags, waving their ex-colonizer's flags…. If these Hong Kong violent masked rioters commit these same crimes in the USA or UK or anywhere else, they may not even have a chance to face the law alive!

    These masked rioters in Hong Kong do have the right to have their own believing. They also have the freedom to voice their point of view. But they don't have the right to not allowing other's believing. They also don't have the freedom to do things that are against the rule of law. The criminal acts of these Hong Kong violent masked rioters are not acceptable in any country around the world. They are just pure criminals.

    If the family member of these so-called doctors, lawyers and artists get burned by a petrol bomb thrown by a Hong Kong violent rioter and they still say that the thrower of the bomb is a freedom fighter, then I will agree with what they lied!

  13. I was in HK for a week due to work. I hated the violence and arrogance of youth on the streets. Was so happy when it was time to leave

  14. Thank you for compiling this video; this diverse group of professionals shared their reasons for helping locals without yelling and destroying public property. Alfred described the solution best – it'll take generations to solve this problem.

  15. So in Hong Kong you have stupid lawyers, doctors and artists. The demonstrators destroy, burn and beat up people and you called yourselves professionals? You guys are faked.

  16. I saw video that under covered cops arm with hand gun threw gas bomb; distroying metro station while the station was in lock down situation. There are also police brutality against citizens especially towards youngster and girls were captured in video as well.

  17. The Hong Kong Police tried repeatedly to frame the protesters by setting fire, throwing fire bombs, and vandalizing the subway stations. The entire protest movement has been nominated for Nobel Peace. It’s also emulated in Catalonia. Our House just passed the HK Democracy and Human Rights Act. Our elected officials weren’t fooled by the HK Police’s attempts to frame the protesters.

  18. Too one-sided, not a fair interview. There are more than 5 million peace-loving who DO NOT support this RIOT but too scared by voice out.

  19. Let these people go down with Hong Kong. If Hong Kong continues to do this, their economic will be doomed。 By that time, let us see who will continue to support them。

  20. Protest by all means but when you throw petrol bombs, burn MTR, BEAT up drivers , smash cars, extort money from residents and block roads, DONT EXPECT KINDNESS FOR YOUR EVIL WAYS.

  21. LOL at the ignorant accusations of "one-sidedness"
    I can tell none of you know the difference between Rule of Law, and Rule by Law.
    Collect your 50 cents and get out.

  22. These rioters are so violent and destroyed private properties. There are even IED bombs involved which is a hint of terrorism. This movement is not peaceful at all and it’s completely out of control. Rioters beat up people with different point of view and ignore role of law.

  23. How ironic that these protesters fight for ‘freedom’ when they are actually taking away freedom from other citizens who disagree with their view. They destroy public transportations and private properties which hugely threaten capitalism and rule of law.

  24. Why? Because the educational system in Hongkong is a vicious indoctrination system of hate and racism.
    These interviewed "professionals" are the hardcore of the current riots in Hongkong. They are CRIMINALS…..

  25. Romans13:1 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.”

  26. Because they are lossed souls that's torn by an identity crisis! They'll live to regret their actions one day! Lawyers and doctors breaking their vows to fight for justice and save lives! Disgusting

  27. This is another example of bigotry journalism.
    If these ignorant rioters expressed their request peacefully, they won't get beat and arrested.
    You play fires, be ready to get burnt. You play water, be ready to get wet.
    Colonialists era is over, western press still dreaming to make it resurrect.

  28. I am not a Chinese. Looking at these people destroying their once beautiful city is so disgusting. They are willing abandoned their mother land, culture and value. Embracing those characteristics not belong to theirs, how to earn respect from other races.

  29. China waited 150 years for the return of Hong Kong and would not easily let go. China needs not sending tanks to Hong Kong, just sea, land and air blocked, are Hong Kong people can depend on umbrellas, masks and wearing black shirts to survive? Think very carefully.

  30. Hongkong people are so brave to protest against CPP.
    CPP is anti-human, harmful to the world and should not be existing on earth 🌍.
    Money or soul, wake up….

  31. Salute to all the lawyers, doctors, nurses, social workers and other professionals who help the protestors. You help make Hong Kong a place worthy of the young people's sacrifices. History will remember this.

  32. Not need to safe these trash rioters, let them dies at their own home. No brainers. Educated one as dumb as the lower class hk rioters.

  33. Bias selection of interviewees who are probably failures in their field. Many professionals are against the protestors and rioters.

  34. Some of them protest because they do not want their pay drop to the pay level of mainland Chinese in 2047. They are looking after their pocket books.

  35. Cannot imagine that such highly educated group of Hong Hong citizens will speak out like this and support the riots action. What the world Hong Hong has changed to this …

  36. There are many perceptions of Cantonese Hong Kong on the national and international level that do not fairly embody its complex cultural elements which truly make it distinct from other areas of China. There are quite a number of cultural details, language, and social activities that are good for foreign visitors to be aware of.

  37. Highly educated but pathetic. They think they stand on a moral high ground but actually they are so naive and don’t know what they are supporting

  38. The controversial proposed Bill is very clearly Rejected by Hong Kong across all ages, professions and other walks of life.

    The Police in cohoot with mainland agents and triads ….. Are even more inhuman.

  39. You are yellow skin but you think you are white skin. Asked the older generation how the yellow skin were enslaved and brutally treated.
    You don't know yr past. How ignorant and stupid. Go and live in USA or UK and leave HK which is China your Motherland. STUPID!

  40. Shame to those so called professionals !!!
    Did you all see those protesters do to MTR, the Maxims restaurants! Being young cannot be an excuse for all the vandalism.
    What those for when government already repealed the extradition law.

  41. Do these professional know that their care and supports to those protesters and riot, fighter fighting against the police, would encourage more and escalating violence from both sides. Those young people are damaging their future. Let's face it, they cannot overturn HK government. HK always belongs to China, it has returned to its admintration already 22 year ago. China is certainly not letting HK to be separate from China. These so-called professional people (lawyer, doctor and social workers) are simply distroying the young people's future by supporting them instead of telling them the truth. Right and wrong and breaking the law is certainly wrong!

    Make a simple example, a begger smell full of beer asking for money, if you give him some, he is not going to get some food to keep him warm and keep healthy, he is going to get more beer to get more drunk. Same as drug addict.

    So these professionals should persuade those protesters to not to waste their life and their future, and not getting themselves hurt.

    As the government has already said the bill is dead in July and officially took the bill back in September.

    In conclusion, these professionals are consuming other people's life. I don't extacly know what purpose they have in mind, but they are in fact very low mortal standard.

  42. Not all lawyers and doctors support them, they're just the loudest. Also they're brainwashed by the education system and pro-riot newspapers.

  43. Another proganda and nonsense from the west media. They could say whatever they want but they could do nothing. China is now big superpower. I dont think China care whatever the west say.

  44. Your help and assistance to the rioters are aiding and abetting the anarchists. Essentially you are destroying law and order and hurting everyone in this one beautiful and peaceful city. How could you possibly be so blind and ignorant in harming your own fellow citizens and the infrastructures that took years to buildup? Arsons, assaults, attempted murders, and many other criminal offences that are just numerous to mention. Your own children will one day revolt against you simply because you have set an example and plot the path they will follow.

  45. If they just protest I think this still ok, but they annoying public activities and broke public facilities, they want freedom but take other people freedom right, sorry have no any sympathy for them, being hit by police is risks they have to take, don't blame the polices. They let police hit them then blame the police this is loser's act

  46. This video is trying to say that there are a lot of supporter for protesters, but none of these people say why they support, why they think it's right to support…maybe they don't know either, maybe they just hate China, so anything against China make them feel good

  47. I guess HK doesn't seem to have a good bar association for their legal practitioners. Listen to what Angeline Chan was saying in 3:50 – nothing, but unprofessional.

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