If you’re struggling to manifest
something no matter how many steps you follow, no matter how hard you try, then
this video is for you! It’s all about why the law of attraction isn’t working for
you and how to fix it. If you’re new to my channel my name is Mary Kate and I’m a
mindset coach, manifesting expert, and founder of MKmagicmindset.com where
you can find tons of Law of Attraction resources and courses on manifesting. So
let’s get into it! Why does it feel like sometimes things manifest into your life
at record speed and then other times it feels like no matter how hard you try
you can’t manifest a certain thing? Why is that? What makes it different? It’s not
that one thing was easy and the other thing is hard. It”s just there’s certain
things that you might be missing in your manifesting process when using the law
of attraction. I first want to start off by saying that the law of attraction is
a law! It works a hundred percent of the time if you know what you’re doing and
know how to use it. It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t decide that you
were a good person today and so you get to manifest this or you’re a bad person
yesterday and you won’t get to manifest this. It is a law that is working at all
times, whether you realize it or not! A lot of the times you’re just doing
things that are standing in your own way and I’ll get into all of those in just a
minute, but I just wanted to preface this by saying the law of attraction is a
hundred percent real, it’s a law and it’s working in your life right now
whether you realize it or not and it doesn’t discriminate at all! It doesn’t
mean you’ll manifest something quicker if you think harder and try harder and
work harder. That’s not how it works. It is constantly working in your life and
there’s certain conditions that have to happen in order for something to
manifest. You can’t just outsmart the law of attraction if one of these things
that I’m about to talk about isn’t working then you’re not going to be able
to manifest what you want into your life. There are so many factors that go into a
manifesting process, but I think one of the biggest things is your mindset. I
know it sounds really simple “think happy thoughts and happy things will come to
you,” but there’s actually a lot more that goes into it. A big part of your mindset
is your belief system your belief system is determined by so many different
things and a lot of the reason that you have the beliefs you have right now are
things that were actually programmed during your early childhood. So if you
grew up in a household where money was tight your parents
complained about money, then there’s probably a lot of negative beliefs about
money that have slipped into your subconscious mind and they’re part of
your belief system. So you first have to start off with where your beliefs are
about whatever you’re trying to manifest. if you’re trying to manifest a lot of
money but you have beliefs that there’s not enough money, or your struggle with
money, then it’s not going to manifest into your life. You have to start with
where your beliefs are. Whatever you’re trying to manifest, you have to have a
strong core belief about and one of the best ways to find out what your belief
system is about what you’re trying to manifest is to take a journal and write
down all of your thoughts and beliefs. Anything and everything that comes to
your mind whenever you’re thinking about what it is you’re trying to manifest.
Write down every single thought and belief and from there figure out how you
can heal and fix those beliefs and turn it around so that you have a more
positive belief and outlook about what you’re trying to create. Once you’ve
gotten clear on your beliefs you need to be so sure that you’re going to manifest
what it is that you want that you have complete unwavering faith that it’s
already yours. I talked about this and one of my other videos on how to
surrender, but you wouldn’t ask for something you already have. Think of it
that way. Your belief has to be so strong that what you are trying to create is
already yours. You have to believe without a doubt that it’s going to be
part of your life that it is a part of your life. If you have any questions
whatsoever it’s not gonna happen for you. If you want $50,000 think from and act
like the version of yourself that already has it. You have to have complete
unwavering faith that it’s yours. I get so many DMS in my inbox saying I’ve been
trying to manifest this, and I’ve done this, and I’ve worked on my belief system
and it still hasn’t manifested. If you’re still wondering why something hasn’t
manifested, then your belief system just isn’t strong enough yet. You shouldn’t be
looking for where it is and why it isn’t here yet.
You should already know that it’s already yours and that’s it. You just
have to have complete faith that what you want is already yours. Unwavering
faith! And if you’re still on the lookout and wondering why it’s not here yet then
you don’t have faith yet because you wouldn’t be looking for something that
you already have. Claim it as yours and be done with it. Believe it and be done with it. This brings me to another thing that might be holding you back when you’re
trying to manifest something and that is focusing on lack. A lot of the times
people who are focusing on lack don’t even realize they’re doing it. It’s one
of those things that you might not even realize it’s happening until you look
back and realize that’s what you were doing. Let me just share with you a
really quick example of something I came across recently, I have an Abundance
Programming Meditation on my channel if you want to check it out, it’s a 20
minute meditation and it’ll bring you financial miracles in one week.
I’ll leave a link up here and a link down below, but in one of the comments
somebody had told me they were listening for a week and nothing happened for them
and I immediately replied to their comment and said that in order for it to
work you had to have unwavering faith that it’s already yours and you can’t
focus on it not being there yet. So he was focusing on lack without even
realizing it, and right after I commented that he sent me another message saying
as he was typing that message he received an unexpected financial miracle.
So if you’re focusing on lack you are standing in your own way. If you’re
focusing on the result of it not being there yet you’re standing in your own
way, so you can’t focus on lack. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re focusing
on lack but if you’re super focused on the fact that what you want to manifest
hasn’t happened yet you are focusing on lack and you need to turn around your
belief system and claim it as yours. Believe that it’s already yours stop
looking for it to come because that’s only preventing it from coming into your
life! Does that make sense? If you expect it to come, it will come. If
you’re looking for evidence of when it’s gonna come, and how and everything,
you’re gonna block it. Focusing on lack is such a big issue that I see with some
of my clients, and a lot of people that message me and it’s one of those things
that you consciously have to work on a lot of the times you really don’t even
realize that you’re focusing on lack but when you’re looking for evidence of it
happening and evidence of it not being there yet that’s focusing on lack
another really important factor when it comes to manifesting and the law of
attraction is timing there is such a thing as divine timing and a lot of the
times when you’re trying to manifest something you wanted that record speed
we live in an era where everything is lightening instant fast you can post
something on Instagram you can order groceries to your door in an
or you can Amazon Prime two-day delivery everything is instant gratification so
because we’re so programmed that way now a lot of the times when you’re trying to
manifest something you expect lightning speed results right now like tomorrow I
want to manifest a few thousand dollars tomorrow it’s gonna happen tomorrow
today you have to stop focusing on the timing it’s not up to you when the
universe is going to deliver something to you just trust in the divine timing
that the universe will deliver to you what you want in the right time when
it’s meant to come to your reality when it’s meant to happen for you things
can’t happen for you unless it’s the right timing so for example if you’re
after a relationship and you’re constantly wondering when this person’s
gonna come into your life it’s not up to you to figure that out the universe will
deliver this person at the right time at the right moment just trust that the
universe has the right time you don’t know what you don’t know you don’t know
if it’s the right time in your life you might feel like you’re ready for
something but you’re not and like I said it always goes back to mindset you have
to be in the right mindset to perceive something so a lot of the times the
universe won’t deliver something in the right time until you have the right
mindset that’s why you always start with your mindset and your belief system your
mindset in your belief system set up all your results it’ll set up everything
else for you stop worrying so much about the timing and as long as you have a
strong belief that what you want is already yours and you’re not focusing on
lack at all all you have to do is trust the timing it’s not up to you to control
the timing as long as you firmly believe and affirm that it’s yours
it will happen don’t worry about the time it’s not up to you one of the best
affirmations you can say is I trust the divine timing take it off your own
shoulders it’s not up to you to control let the universe do it saying sit back
and surrender surrendering is another big important factor when it comes to
using the law of attraction and manifesting I know there’s a lot of
steps and a lot of information but trust me if you get all of these right things
will manifest into your life much quicker and easier and one of these
things I guarantee you is probably holding you back at this very second so
the sooner you can recognize it the sooner you can turn it around so when it
comes to surrendering I also have a video about this I’ll link it down below
and link it here sorry for all the links I just want
to share with you all the knowledge so if one of these things is holding you
back you can find out more but surrendering is so important and it goes
hand in hand with timing once you do all of the steps once you’ve focused on your
belief system and gotten clear on what your beliefs are and getting clear on
what you want to manifest and once you make sure that you’re not focusing on a
place of lack and standing in your own way and after you decide to trust the
timing it’s time to surrender I always say don’t surrender until you fully
believe it’s yours once you fully believe it’s yours it’s so much easier
surrender I always say you wouldn’t ask for something you already have so once
you’ve done all these steps stop asking and surrender and Trust the timing they
go hand in hand surrender and Trust the timing it’s no longer up to you you
can’t make anything happen trust the universe to deliver what you need when
you need it the law of attraction is a law and it’s not something you can
control all you can do is follow the steps and
make sure you’re not blocking it once you’ve acknowledged all of these steps
you should be in alignment being in alignment simply means matching your
thoughts behaviors and actions it’s basically thinking from and acting
like the version of yourself that already has what it is that you want how
would you behave how would you think how would you act think of it in those
simple terms alignment brings things into your reality I always say where
your mind goes the universe shows if you agree with me leave me a comment below
where your mind goes the universe shows while you’re at it give this video a
thumbs up if you’re enjoying it so far trust me I get it I’ve been studying the
law of attraction for well over a decade and I know how frustrating it can be
when you’re trying to manifest something and it’s just not happening for you I
work with clients every single day to get their breakthroughs when it comes to
manifesting and these are the biggest issues I see that come up when
something’s not working so your belief system focusing on lack letting go of
the timing surrendering and being aligned will all be factors that
determine how quickly and how efficiently you can
things into your life which one of these things are you struggling with I would
say the most common one is probably lack and I think guilty of it too you feel
like you followed all the right steps and you want to manifest something and
then you’re just sitting there like waiting and praying and hoping it’ll be
there and waiting and praying and hoping and that like I said is actually
blocking it from you because you just have to believe it’s yours and surrender
simplify your manifesting process but like I said at the very beginning of
this video start with your belief system if you
don’t fully truly believe that you can have something it won’t manifest into
your life you have to have complete unwavering faith so until you get there
keep journaling keep meditating keep writing things down and keep figuring
out how you can get your belief system turned around to believe that what you
want is already yours everything you’re trying to manifest will happen at
different speeds at different times it’s all up to the universe and the right
timing all you can do is be in alignment and trust that what you want is already
yours and get out of your own way the universe always provides the law of
attraction is always working just trust the process and try not to get
frustrated it’s always going to be an ongoing project you are consciously
creating your life and that is a powerful thing to realize so enjoy that
control make it fun and enjoy every second of your manifesting process I
really hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up
leave me a comment below I read every single one and I love hearing from you
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magic mindset comm you can find tons of Law of Attraction resources and if you
really want to dive deeper into your mindset work I have my course abundance
Academy and there’s mindset workbooks in there and lots of really good stuff so
be sure to check it out as well I will see you next time


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